What does the guardian of my brothers, sisters mean?

Translation of "broeders" in German

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Brothers brothers brother


Veel van mijn broeders hadden less geluk.
Many of my brothers it has not fared so well.
Onze gevallen broeders en zussen vinden sneller belichamingen than we hoopten.
Our fallen brothers and sisters find covers faster than we'd ever hoped.
We can do ours broeders give een goed leven.
We have everything for ours Brothers to enable a good life.
Breng onze broeders wat hen toekomt.
Bring ours Brotherswhat is due to them.
Ik kan mijn broeders niet aangeven.
I can mine Brothers not betrayed to the police.
Guest, ik ben niet de hoeder van mijn broeders sock.
Dude, I'm not the keeper of Brothers Sock.
For jullie, broeders en toers.
This is for you, brothers and sisters.
Sebastian Cremmington en zijn broeders been opgepept.
Sebastian Cremmington and his brothers cheer on their team.
We zijn broeders voor het leven.
No matter what, we are forever brothers.
Ik wreek mijn broeders who are new to Xiangyang.
I will be mine brothers revenge that fell off Xiangyang.
Ik lost the against it broeders.
I have nine that day brothers lost.
Ik wilde bij mijn broeders zijn.
I need to be near mine brothers be.
De broeders menen dat hij vooral zichzelf heeft bevoordeeld.
The brothers think he is of great use to himself.
Onze broeders every moment can come.
Our brothers should join us at any moment.
Afghans and Pakistanis zijn as broeders.
The people in Afghanistan and Pakistan are brothers.
We zullen hoe ever broeders to stem.
We'll see who yours brothers choose.
Not bad a couple broeders in secret kamers.
Not just a few brotherswho come together in secret.
Yes, maar broeders camperen rivet.
Yes but brothers don't go camping.
En mijn zwakkere broeders reward me.
And my weaker ones brothers reward me with gifts.
We waarderen hen as verre broeders.
We appreciate the Vulcans, our distant ones brothers.
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