What are some post divorce success stories

7 comforting thoughts to help you out after a breakup

Even if it feels like the world is going to end, it's pretty clear: it won't. It will pass at some point, even if it seems to be inaccessible at some point.

To everyone who would like to bury their heads in the sand: it will pass. AND: There are also some things about a breakup that will make you strong. So keep your head up. You used to be happy too, before your ex stepped into your life. And if you give yourself a little time, you will see light again at the end of the tunnel. Certainly.

1. You are not to blame

Whatever happened, block out the thought that it was your fault. It always takes two people when a relationship doesn't work. There are a thousand reasons for this, but it doesn't help at all to worry yourself about it. The day will come when you realize: It's better this way. It wasn't good the way it was. Don't get ready for something that was unavoidable. And stop thinking the situation over and over again. It doesn't get anywhere. And you know that.

2. Take control

When a relationship fails, it's hard not to fall into the usual vicious circle of seeing everything in life negatively at once. Everything is bad. EVERYTHING is unimportant. Stop! This is exactly what you shouldn't be doing. Be in control of your life. Don't let it slip because you're in control. You just don't notice it right now because you're making yourself so small and exhausted.

Do not deal with someone (your ex!) That you cannot control, but start things that you can control very well. That will give you strength and support. Start your new chapter in life. Because it started a long time ago. Don't stick to your old daily routine, in which you will notice again and again that your ex is missing. Change your day so you can fill in the gaps with new experiences. Be it a new hobby (or an old one that you've never had time for) or a new project you're working on.

3. Separate yourself from things that weren't good

Seeing the break with their old life as an opportunity is something that most lovesick people will not want to hear. But it is so. You start a new section and redefine the parameters. Everything that has bothered and frustrated you recently will now be removed from your new life plan. And if you're honest, it wasn't always gold. Much of it just looks so wonderful right now because you glorify it in retrospect. But one thing is clear: you will later significantly correct your view of the past again (and shake your head at your current way of thinking).

4. Gratitude is the best weapon to get back on your feet

When you are at the bottom, it can really help to list everything that is good and beautiful in your life. And gratitude for these things will help you to get up again, to open your eyes to the life around you and also to accept things that are good.

5. Don't close your eyes

There are so many interesting people in the world. Don't close your gaze just because you're in trouble right now. Anyone who is ready at some point to plunge into the world of dates and new acquaintances will seize their chance to find a perhaps much better, happier partnership. You dare. You can always pull the rip cord if it's too early for you. But give new people a chance.

6. Go out and see the world - alone

One of the best tips to get out of the deep hole is to travel alone. As much as you may be afraid to leave your familiar surroundings because you could be lost and sad in the distance. It is understandable to think that way. But what awaits you in the distance will open your eyes to new things. It will provide you with new impressions and you cannot escape this stimulus at all. It's an adventure. And you can do whatever you want.

Traveling alone as a woman can give you a lot of power and confidence. You can find your own center again and gain distance from your old life. You have no idea how clearly you can sometimes see when you are a few kilometers away from home.

7. This is the best opportunity for time just for you

Those who are in a relationship often disappear into a "we" and "us". You put yourself back for the common partnership. That's absolutely fine, as long as you don't lose yourself in it. That is why a breakup can also be a good moment to check: "Where am I? What do I want? And: What do I no longer want?" This is important. A way of adjusting yourself again.

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A breakup is and remains hard, but the sudden break in your life is - sounds stupid, but it is - also an opportunity. And that doesn't mean looking back and analyzing what was why and how. The view should be directed to the future. So instead of rummaging through old memories, photos and love messages, you should meet loved ones, try new things, cut your hair (clich├ęd) - no matter what: the main thing is that it inspires you and brings you out of your depths.

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