What are the best watches under 1000

The 25 most wanted watches under 1,000 euros

Wanted: good and cheap

Watches in the entry-level price segment are very popular. Why? While the price spiral of some brands continues to turn upwards, many watch lovers are looking for a cheap watch that is not only allowed to eke out in a safe. We wanted to know which cheap watches are particularly popular and have compiled the most popular mechanical watch models under 1,000 euros in German-speaking countries. Because even in the lower price segment, the buyer can get individual designs, high-quality cases, rotating bezels and small complications such as the date, day of the week or power reserve display. But there is more: the most popular models include professional diving watches and even a chronograph with an automatic movement. With the help of the world's largest online watch marketplace, Chrono24.com, Watchtime.net determined which watches under 1,000 euros are the most interested in buying - that is, where, among many millions of clicks, the specific inquiries from watch fans from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are bundled. The data refer to the entire year 2020 (January up to and including December) and include both new and used models. The models shown here are representative of the entire watch line.

# 1 of the most wanted watches under 1,000 euros: Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver’s

Seiko took first place with its diving watch Prospex. The Japanese watch brand is known for its good value for money. So it is understandable that the diver's watch, which costs 650 euros Prospex Save the Ocean Automatic Diver’s is at the top of the favor of watch buyers. The SRPE33K1 meets all the requirements of the diving watch genre - from a unidirectional rotating bezel and brightly lit displays to water resistance of 200 meters. Diver extension and In-house caliber included: 4R35 That means simple but reliable Automatic movementthat ticks in the 44 millimeter steel bowl. Manta rays - a species threatened by fisheries - glide over the structured dial, which shimmers like seawater. Seiko donates part of the proceeds from all “Save the Ocean” collections to organizations that protect the world's oceans.

# 2 of the most wanted watches under 1,000 euros: Seiko Sport 5

Second place also goes to the Japanese. They have been around since 1963 Seiko 5 Sportswho lands in position two. The name said it was program, because the number stood for the five properties that characterized the timepiece, which has been equipped with a new spring and shock resistance: an automatic movement, a day and date display, water resistance, a sunken crown at four and a robust case as well durable bracelet. The watches in this line are mechanical, robust and available in a wide variety of designs. The current Seiko 5 Sports 'Street' has a 43 millimeter, black coated stainless steel case with a unidirectional rotating bezel. The case is pressure-resistant up to ten bar. This is ticking behind the dial automatic caliber 4R36. It enables the day of the week and the date to be indicated at three o'clock. Cost: 299 euros.

# 3 of the most wanted watches under 1,000 euros: Seiko 5th

The complete top 3 of the most wanted watches can be found under 1,000 euros Seiko decide for yourself. At Seiko, prices start extremely low: You only have to pay 129 euros for one Seiko 5 output. For this you get a classic three-hand watch in a 37 millimeter stainless steel case, the In-house caliber 7S26, hardened plexiglass, a screwed glass bottom and a stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp. In addition to the time, the Seiko 5 also has a weekday and date display at three o'clock.

# 4 of the most wanted watches under 1,000 euros: Tissot T-Sport PRC 200 Automatic Chronograph

Tissot took fourth place with a model from the T-Sport collection. The fact that it is a chronograph makes the model doubly interesting. The Swatch Group brand requires for the pictured PRC 200 Automatic Chronograph just 965 euros. For this you get a stainless steel case, metal strap, water resistance up to 20 bar and a tachymeter scale. This works inside the 44 millimeter sports watch Automatic caliber Eta C01.211. The stopper is available in three different dial and strap versions.

# 5 of the most wanted watches under 1,000 euros: Hamilton Khaki Field

With Hamilton, the second Swatch Group brand lands in the top ten. In our overview it becomes clear how well the brands of the Swiss group can act in the price war and use the synergies within the group. The pictured Khaki Field Titanium comes with a 42 millimeter titanium case with black PVD coating. The material not only ensures robustness, but is also extremely light. The three-hand watch, inspired by military watches, has a dial with the classic 24-hour markings that are common in military watches. Thanks to Superluminova, this is easy to read in all lighting conditions. This works inside the 42 millimeter titanium case, which is covered with a black PVD coating Automatic movement H-10that on the Eta C07.611 based on 80 hours power reserve. Cost: 945 euros.

# 6th most wanted watches under 1,000 euros: Junghans Max Bill

A German watch also made it into the top ten of the most wanted models under 1,000 euros. And also a design icon: The Max Bill designed by Bauhaus student, architect and designer Max Bill in 1961 for Junghans. The two purist basic designs - with and without hours - have remained practically unchanged to this day and are particularly popular in the Bauhaus year. The 38 millimeter one Junghans Max Bill Automatic with the gold-colored PVD-coated stainless steel case costs 945 euros. That takes care of the drive automatic caliber J800.1 based on a Eta 2824.

# 7th most wanted watches under 1,000 euros: Seiko Presage

Almost half of the watches in the top ten are from Seiko. It seems as if only the Swatch Group brands are an alternative to the Japanese in this price segment. Originally developed only for the Japanese market, the three-hand Cocktail Time watch introduced in 2010 found fans all over the world. So in 2017 Seiko decided to introduce the Presage collection based on this model. The Presage automatic with the in-house automatic caliber 4R57 has a central power reserve indicator and a pointer date on the sub-dial at six. And that at a price of just 529 euros.

# 8th most wanted watches under 1,000 euros: Citizen Promaster

Again a Japanese watch brand can inspire watch fans. Citizen can be with the diver Promaster Automatic Diver score. The saltwater-resistant titanium makes the timepiece not only robust, but also a real flyweight above water. The model is certified according to ISO standard 6425 as a professional diver's watch and with its water resistance up to 20 bar as well as the screw-down crown and the unidirectional rotating bezel are perfectly equipped for a dive. The diver's watch has the crown on the left side of the stainless steel case. So she is better protected during dives. But the position is also an advantage for left-handers, because when worn on the right arm, the crown can easily be turned with the index finger and thumb of the left hand. That takes care of the drive Automatic caliber 8203. For 399 euros you can put the watch on your wrist.

# 9th place of the most wanted watches under 1,000 euros: Tissot Le-Locle

Rank 9 starts again Tissot. The Le Locle Automatic Gent from Tissot is a classic three-hand watch. At the same time, this is the brand's purchaser. The clock is with that Eta automatic caliber C07.111 which is called Powermatic 80 by Tissot and has a running time of 80 hours. The 39.3 millimeter stainless steel watch, equipped with sapphire crystal, mineral glass bottom, date display and steel bracelet, costs just 515 euros.

# 10th most wanted watches under 1,000 euros: Mido Ocean Star

Mido completes the top ten with the model Ocean Star. In the front ranks, there is a balance of sportiness and elegance. The cheap diver's watch is with Automatic caliber Eta C07.621 equipped with a running time of 80 hours. With the day of the week and the date, there are also two useful functions on the otherwise plain blue dial. The unidirectional rotating bezel is also blue, accents are set by the orange tip of the second hand and orange lettering at the six. Luminous material on the dial and rotating bezel ensures good legibility. Thanks to the screw-down crown, the 42.5 millimeter stainless steel case can withstand pressure of up to 20 bar. With a stainless steel bracelet, this Mido Ocean Star costs 940 euros.

The rankings 11 to 25 of the most wanted watches under 1,000 euros

In addition to the top ten, we analyzed 15 other places and found that the variety of brands in this price category is limited. The ranking clearly shows the market power of the Swatch Group. The top 25 of the most wanted watches under 1,000 euros are divided between just eleven watch brands, with four brands of the group (Certina, Hamilton, Mido and Tissot) appearing in the overview and taking a total of 13 (!) Places in the ranking. It shows how strongly the Swatch Group brands can act in the price war. The Japanese watch brand Seiko is also represented very successfully with four models. In addition to Junghans (2 models), Sinn can convince as another German watch brand in this price segment. Otherwise, Frederique Constant, Davosa and Alpina can still prevail among watch fans in German-speaking countries.



Where the data comes from


The article “The 25 most wanted watches under 1,000 euros” is based on data from Chrono24, the global marketplace for luxury watches. With over 400,000 available watches from over 3,000 dealers in over 100 countries and around 20,000 private sellers, the portal reaches around 7 million unique visitors per month (as of January 2021). Chrono24 combines the largest global range of new, used and vintage watches with an extensive service portfolio that allows buyers and sellers to process their transactions in a trustworthy environment. The data refer to the period from January up to and including December 2020 and include both new and used models. The models shown here are representative of the whole line.

Continuously updated article, originally posted December 13, 2013.


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