How is your uncle

Translation of "dein Unkel" in English

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Of which has your uncle no idea.
Urbain Randal is your uncle.
Has overnight guests your uncle not pleased.
To your happiness is your uncle... brother-in-law Phil here.
Well, lucky for you your uncle... brother-in-law Phil is here.
Well done Johnny, Bob is your uncle.
Even if your uncle and I sometimes argue, we're brothers after all.
even though your uncle and I fight sometimes, we're still brothers.
Although I your uncle am, we have never eaten together.
As your uncle, I never really sat down for a meal with you.
That is to say, yourself your uncle will take care of it.
That means you can call your uncle and they'll take care of it.
That got you your uncle sent!
How much had your uncle well?
How your uncle, you too have a certain taste.
Like your uncle, you do have a certain amount of taste.
And this is your uncle Andy.
If it is your uncle no one can punish him.
Darling that is your uncle Stanley.
Doug, your uncle said you earn twice as much as you do now.
Doug, your uncle said you could make double what you're making now. It's just that I've been at i.P.S ...
Jerry, this is it your uncle Leo.
Ignace is your uncle? - I saw that right away.
If I did not now that it is your uncle, I'd guess it.
It is quite possible that your uncle Elijah is sleeping upside down here.
I've seen no evidence that your uncle Elijah doesn't sleep here, hanging upside down.
Maybe he stuck and your uncle behind.
You sound like your uncle Pallas.
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