What is a limp cookie

2000: Slack cookies, great thirst - Limp Bizkit

The band's name is as stupid as their career is steep: Limp Bizkit is derived from limp biscuit - in German: flabby biscuit. The name of the album is even more stupid: "Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water". One hundred percent meaningless.

The music, however, with which Limp Bizkit began its global triumph from the end of the 90s, in order to reach the top with their third long player in 2000, is something completely new: a mix of hip-hop, hard rap, guitar boards nailed together to form walls of noise, DJ- Scratches and samples from the computer. Seasoned with 33.33 percent coolness, arrogance and provocation each. In a nutshell: Nu Metal.

In retrospect, however, it is confusing that in the genre pot “Nu Metal” bands like Korn, Slipnot, Deftones, the rather confused System Of A Down and even old grungers like Puddle Of Mudd with their colleagues from Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and BOD be stirred together. Anyway, the crossover thing went like hot cakes in the late 90s and early 00s.

Between puke and Mr. Ultrcool

This was not least due to thirst. Fred by first name. Tattoo artist by profession, front man for Limp Bizkit. A guy between puke and Mr. Ultracool, who always seemed a bit infantile with a red baseball cap and three-quarter shorts. He provoked, threw around in fecal expressions, like to beat up colleagues from other bands with fists and colleagues from the pop genre with words.

Who ended a concert after 30 minutes because he was no longer in the mood. On the other hand, it shone as an advertising icon for skate and sportswear brands. In other words: a guy who got his charm from contradictions and self-presentation.

Finally, what a coincidence, another sex tape appeared on the Internet showing Fred Durst doing physical exercises with a blonde. He didn't need any of that at all. The debut album "Three Dollar Bill, Yall $" sold millions of copies. The successor "Significant Other" was a No. 1 in England.

Then "Chocolate Starfish ..." came first in the USA, England and Germany. The five single releases all cracked the top 50 in this country.

They are all considered genre classics: "Take A Look Around", "My Generation", "Rollin '(Air Raid Vehicle)", "My Way" and "Boiler": a truly remarkable hit track. Five songs, loaded with energy, rock hard and yet with catchy tune potential. Limp Bizkit hit the nerve of the times with the album.

Softened and unispirated - the temporary end

But after the departure of the artistic mastermind Wes Borland (guitar, vocals), who had borne the brunt of the songwriting, Limp Bizkit went downhill in 2001. The band doesn't want to think of anything else. In 2003 the musical low point: “Results May Vary” contains the band's biggest single hit with the “The Who” cover “Behind Blue Eyes”, which is well worth listening to. The song, however, comes across as soft, uninspired and arbitrary.

The provocateurs of yore appear at "Wetten, dass ...?" In the Saturday evening program. Fred Durst turtles with Britney Spears. The fans turn away. When the band is booed (on tour with Metallica), Durst breaks off the performance after six songs - you treat yourself to a break that nobody knows for a long time whether it will ever end.

It ends in 2009, when the brawlers Fred Durst and Wes Borland find each other again. The band goes into the studio with the original line-up. She stays there for almost a year and a half. In April 2011, “Gold Cobra”, Limp Bizkit's sixth studio album, will be released, which at least in parts can tie in with “Chocolate Starfish. . . ”, The stroke of genius from 2000.

But to be honest: Only die-hard fans will say that the rock world still needs the limp cookies from Florida today.

The charts for 2000:

Big Brother isn't just a TV topic in 2000. The inmates of the first season, especially Zlatko and Jürgen, try their hand at pop singers - with sales success. A former homeless cook from Austria is even more successful. Gerhard Friedle alias "DJ Ötzi" alias "Anton aus Tirol" delivers the party cracker of the year. Carlos Santana leads the album charts with “Supernatural”. (Source: media control)

1.Anton from Tirol feat. DJ Ötzi: Anton from Tyrol

2. Rednex: The Spirit Of The Hawk

3.ATC: Around The World

4. Bomfunk MC’s: Freestyler

5. Bon Jovi: It's My Life

6.Zlatko: I miss you like hell

7.Santana feat. The Product & B: Maria Maria

8. Zlatko & Jürgen: Big Brother

9. Ayman: My star

10. Britney Spears: Lucky