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the 100 most annoying riffs or how do I torture salespeople

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Hello 550!

As an enthusiastic family man with 2 children (drums and electric bass ... where do you have your shop? ;-) ..........) I have to disagree with you! The parents you described are far from being the worst !!!!!! The worst are those who seek advice from you at 140dBA while their plagues are tearing your shop apart, then go out of business ("marmot - we'll come again later") and then buy cheaper for two times from the sender - or come back and with you want to act according to the motto: "actually this is a used instrument"
These are the worst! You have my deepest sympathy (especially now in front of X-Mas!) - you can't play that much stairway!


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Hi Uli!

Yes, what you are describing is unfortunately a bit of everyday life, but you can deal with that, noise is a lot more stressful, -)))
Fortunately, I only do it temporarily now, because the shops have been rebuilt and the acoustics are now even "better" than before, in other words: a gently knocked crash cymbal shakes you through in the next room, -))))

As for the action: there are the following funny stories: Papa strolls comfortably through the shop, while the boys make themselves at home in the drum department. After 30 minutes of consultation with the seller regarding an Epiphone Broadway, the discussion comes to the price. violin should cost X. Dad totally outraged "What ??? Pah, they are available in the store for Y!" Then the seller without hesitation "Ok, you can take it with you for Y, I'll quickly get the suitcase and the documents" Papa on it "Uh, no, uh, I have to look again first, uh, I might come back later, stuttering stutter "
A real classic!

What funny things happen to you in the music department, I prefer not to write here, -))))

Take care!