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What is luca?

luca is a solution that enables fast, data protection-compliant contact management and contact tracking for private meetings and public events, for shops and restaurants, while integrating the health authorities and significantly simplifying their work.

How does luca work?

At its core, luca is very simple: luca has three central interfaces - the host, the guest / user and the health authorities. As a guest, I log in to the app with my data on a mobile device. luca generates a QR code that changes every minute and is assigned to my device. With this “pass” I can check into locations - regardless of whether it is a weekly market, church, restaurant, shop or family gathering. All the "host" needs is a cell phone with the luca app. I check in with my host via scan and am automatically logged out, for example, when I leave the location. If an infection occurs, all guests at this location who were there at the time in question will be informed. At the same time, the health authorities are informed, which then automatically have access to the data of the other guests. The app also offers a contact diary. Here I can see where I was and when for up to 30 days - exactly the contact diary recommended by virologists like Christian Drosten. We also have an analog key fob. You can check in securely with luca even without a smartphone.

Where is my data?

The generated data is decentrally encrypted and is also divided between three interfaces: host, guest and health department. If the data has to be decrypted by a health department, this decryption must be released at least once - either by the guests or by a host: in. Hosts, organizers, operators, ourselves or third parties do not have access to the data at any time. The encrypted data is stored in Germany by a provider certified according to ISO-27001.

Who can read my QR code by?

Your QR code can only be decrypted by the health department - and only to trace back infection chains. Organizers: inside or other people cannot read or decrypt your data.

I am planning my birthday party - can I also use the luca system privately?

Yeah sure! You can set up your private meetings in the luca app. Your guests can then easily check into your meeting. To do this, they have to scan the generated QR code with the luca app. Private meetings are not shared with health authorities and are only a reminder, so you can use this function even if your local health authority is not yet equipped with the luca system.

I don't have a smartphone, can I still use luca?

Yes. You can enter your contact details using a contact form at the organizer. Your data will then also be encrypted and stored inside illegible for the organizers. You can generate a temporary QR code via the web app. You can access the web app via our website. It will also soon be possible to order an analog key fob with a QR code.

Can I use luca without the app?

luca works best with the app. However, if you do not want to or cannot download the luca app to your smartphone, you have the option of logging in via the web browser. Visit luca-app.de and select Web App. Enter your contact details and have your personal QR code generated. Show this to your organizer and let them check you in. Analog key fobs will also be available soon.

Do I have to download an app?

Yes and no. The best way to use luca is with the luca app from your app store. If you cannot / do not want to download an app, you can also use luca in your web browser (web app). If you do not have a smartphone, you have the option of checking in with your organizer using a contact form.

Can I share my QR code?

No! You cannot take a picture of your QR code or share it with others, as the QR code changes every minute. In this QR code, only the contact details of a single person can be transmitted.

Can I print out a QR code and use it for check-ins?

No. The code in the app changes every minute and the code in the web app is not intended for printing. It's about the security of your data. There is a contact form for people without a smartphone. Analog key fobs will also be available soon.

Can others use my QR code?

No! Your QR code can only be used by you, as only your contact details are linked to it. In addition, your QR code changes every minute and can only be scanned in the latest version.

What is the difference to the Corona app?

luca is a solution that enables fast, data protection-compliant contact management and contact tracking for private meetings and public events, for shops and restaurants, while integrating the health authorities and significantly simplifying their work. Thus, luca is a good addition to the Corona warning app, but it cannot and does not want to replace it.

Do I have to provide my correct details?

Yeah yeah It's also about the health department being able to reach you if necessary. Only if we work together to fight the virus can we continue to visit our favorite restaurant and meet up with friends. So please always provide your correct contact information. Telephone number verification is also carried out when registering in the luca app and the web app.

What is the optional geofencing?

Geofencing enables the automated triggering of an action by exceeding a limit. We only use geofencing if a user actively switches it on in order to automatically check out from event locations. If a host / organizer / operator creates a luca location, he defines a radius for this event location. If a guest now leaves this radius, if he has previously asked the smartphone to do so, he is automatically checked out and has left the event. If the guest goes back to the venue, they must be checked in again.

What is this history?

The history is like a contact diary. All your check-ins and private meetings are saved there. If you are infected with Covid-19, you can share your history with the health department. The health department decrypts this data and informs the venues you have visited. Private meetings are a reminder and are not shared with the health department.

Can I use the luca app even if luca is not available in my region?

Yeah sure! If you drive to a region where luca is available, you can check in with your app and the responsible health department in the region will inform you if you have had contact with an infected person. However, you cannot share your history with your responsible health department. You can only pass on your luca history to the health department orally / in writing. You can also create private meetings in your luca app and keep contact lists. You can then use this as a reminder if you need to contact the health department.

Can children and young people use luca?

luca is generally available to young people aged 16 and over from the app stores. Children and adolescents who are younger than 16 years can also use luca, but only after consultation and with the consent of their legal guardians. We recommend that legal guardians configure youth protection mechanisms for the purchase of apps, which among other things ensure that children and young people can only download suitable programs.