Why is nobody sending me a response to inquiries

[Blog Parade] These 6 behaviors particularly annoy me on Facebook

I'm a fan of the blue giant. This is not a question.

I don't like to be as active on any network as on Facebook. On the one hand, my target group is present there and, on the other hand, I can actually cultivate friendships there - even in “timeless times”.

In the meantime I mainly use Facebook for professional reasons: networking, exchanging ideas, accompanied groups, new inspirations, marketing and so on.

And the more I deal with my own kind (bloggers, marketers, podcasters), the more often I notice things that I just find terrible. And in this post I would like to finally talk softly. It's good that Björn Tantau gave exactly the right impetus with his blog parade.

Rub your hands and off you go!

Friend requests without accompanying message

Podcast-Helden is a project that is gaining momentum. I think that's a good thing, of course. As the range increased, so did the friend requests and at first I felt like a rock star. Usually I then asked the "inquirer" in a private message how he or she had come across me and thanked me politely for the friend request.

Only in the rarest of cases did I get an answer.

And let's be honest: who does that ?!

Sometimes I got a short answer like: "We have 234 mutual friends and I thought we'd network and sometimes!". At least one answer. I've also asked people where their mutual friends overlap. But for heaven's sake ... you attribute a message to that.

Now I get several inquiries a week and I've stopped listening. If I don't have a message in my inbox, these “friends” are muted immediately or not even accepted.

Dear people, if you send other people a friend request ... then write a message! This can go away, but it shouldn't become the rule.

Page invitations from strangers

Based on this, the following thing that annoys me. I accept someone's friend request, don't get an accompanying message, but a few days later I'm supposed to like his or her fan page.

What shoud that?! Why do you do that ?!

This is neither networking nor marketing!

And even if I hit the Like button ... if I am not interested in the site, I will not follow it any further and unsubscribe.

I expect to be contacted BEFORE I should like a page.

Sometimes I present podcast heroes to new contacts, I'll admit that. But these are contacts that asked me, so I assume that they generally like my work. That is a gray area, but still morally justifiable for me.

No point in invitations

Sometimes I'm supposed to like a fan page or join groups that I have absolutely no relation to. This is even worse than the previous point.

Most of the pages that are presented to me still have something to do with marketing, coaching, etc. in the broadest sense. I can somehow understand that.

What I can't understand is why I'm using the site "Brandenburger Local TV" get presented to like ?! Or why I am the event "Discover the true femininity in you and unleash the power woman that you really are" should visit ?!

Did the operator of the fan page or the organizer simply invite ALL friends and not bother ?! Even if you can't see which city I'm from ... you can see that I'm a man.

The thing about local television in Brandenburg was invented, actually it was a different city, but I changed that for reasons of anonymity. I want to replay the conversation here after I received the invitation:

I: “Do you really think that I am the right target group for Brandenburg local television? I come from the Rhineland. "

???: "You don't have to like it."

I: "Do not get me wrong. Is there a connection with me that I haven't seen before? Maybe it was intentional and something should be noticed. Or did you just invite everyone who was on your friends list? "

??? did not write me an answer

I: "I thought to myself…"

ZACK - off the friends list and blocked!

Heavy headlines WITHOUT added value behind them

"This man wasn't thinking of anything bad, but when he read this post his breath caught" or similar are typical headlines from heftig.co. I think you've seen them one time or another.

The thing is, these headings work. I use them a lot myself. Not quite as blatant, but you can build tension in the title.

But what I see more and more often: The title invites you to read because it is very sensational and creates tension. Most of the time, all that is hidden behind this is empty talk, banal talk and little added value. Traffic to your own blog should be generated via the title and it works ... in the short term. In the long term, this concept is doomed to failure because nobody likes to read and share whiskers and senseless babbling.

Please let us bring added value again! Good content that solves a problem! You're welcome!

Vaguebooking - a bad habit that hopefully will not become fashionable

You don't know vaguebooking ?!

Well, there is already a word for it. 😉

Someone does vaguebooking when they publish cryptic, vague and one-line posts that have only one purpose: get questions and get bogged down! Would you like some examples ?! With pleasure.

"Oh man! Now only a glass of wine helps! "

"That this has to happen to me of all people"

"I knew that you can't rely on some friends ..."

Honestly. If you are a marketer, blogger and podcaster with your own kind, then you should be reasonably professional, right ?! So why should I share something with my professional contacts that oozes with my own need ?!

No, then please only with close friends and not in a professional context. And ... well, actually you shouldn't do that at all.

Submarine group members

And here we come to my personal favorite on the subject of “Most Annoying Facabook Users”: submarine group members

I already briefly described this species in one of the last articles and I never tire of denouncing it again today. Pretty much every Facebook group of a certain size has this type of group member.

It's the people you never actually see. They don't introduce themselves, they don't comment on posts, and they never help. They only appear from time to time, post their own content for self-presentation and then disappear again. Then you can no longer hear or see them until they have their own stuff and want to show them off.

Ladies and gentlemen, that's not how you behave in a group. In my opinion, this has nothing to do with “social”!

I have to make a demarcation at this point. There are these "quiet readers" who usually do not introduce themselves and only consume ... that is still okay. But self-promoters are just cheeky and completely annoying!

That is why I have set up a rule in my groups! There is one day of the week on which advertising and self-presentation as a comment is possible under a certain post. All further advertising will be deleted immediately and the unteachable will be banned.

You will see that these waters are unsuitable for submarines and they are disappearing again. 😉

A request

Xing is a platform that, from my point of view, is self-destructing because only advertising is pushed there. It was different a few years ago, and Xing was still fun for me.

Now, at least once a month, I think about closing my premium account.

I don't want Facebook to suffer a similar fate. So let's get back to social behavior, added value and interaction with one another. So to what a social network should be.

In this sense!


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