How many times did Snape protect Harry

Why is Professor Snape so against Harry Potter when he is supposed to be protecting him? [Duplicate]

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In the Harry Potter- Series is known to have Professor Severus Snape trying to protect Harry.

The reason is that he fell in love with Lily (Harry's mother) as a Hogwarts student. But she was having an affair with James Potter.

Knowing immediately that Harry was Lily's son, Snape devoted himself to protecting Harry during the middle to final years when Harry was at Hogwarts.

But as we know, Snape, Snape hated Harry for the first few years and deducted many points from Griffyndor.

Snape hated Harry, but in the first film during the Griffyndor-Slytherin Quidditch game, Quirrel is said to have tried to kill Harry by throwing him off his Nimbus 2000. But Snape intervened with a counter-curse to save Harry.

Snape even presided over the second match of Quidditch to make sure Quirrel didn't do it again. That was in the book.

But I don't understand Snape's motivation in the early years of hating Harry Potter.

But over the past few years, Snape has shown that he cared for and protected Harry without hesitation.

Why did Snape hate Harry from the start? ?

Specifically said:

"I'll make sure you two or three get disfellowshipped the next time something like this happens again."


I thought it was because Harry reminded him of James who bullied Severus in the past (as shown when they tried to train Harry to get Voldemort out of his mind) and in the end won the heart of the woman he did loved? I'm pretty sure he's only protecting Harry because he's Lily's son and his love for Lily is greater than his dislike for James


The books give a much better picture of this relationship than the films, definitely worth reading.

Mayuresh Khare

Probably because James saved his life once and he hated all looters and many Hogwarts teachers know that. Perhaps he continued the trend of hating potters even after James and Lily were long gone.