Do you love your sister

Translation of "you your sister" in English

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Bring you your sister to the train station?
We all know why you your sister married to Jiang.
Yes and after that I want that you your sister put to bed.
I know how much you your sister loved.
I'll get you a visitor badge tomorrow with that you your sister can see.
But I'm going to go tomorrow morning to Ellis Island and get you a visitors pass to see your sister.
After that you can you your sister see you again.
Sheldon, why ignore you your sister?
As you your sister manipulate.
I wouldn't be amazed if you your sister would have killed.
Wouldn't surprise me if you killed here.
Has you your sister asked about Sunday?
If you your sister you want to save, you have to.
Maybe could you your sister ask them to write a recommendation for Meadow.
Has you your sister left all alone?
But now that I know how much you your sister love, i want 75.
You promised me something when you your sister stabbed.
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