Rainbow Six Siege is paid to win

From the very beginning of Rainbow Six Siege, the Ubisoft Montreal development team knew we wanted to do something different. Something you wouldn't expect from a Ubisoft title. By focusing entirely on delivering a great online multiplayer experience, we have made a commitment to treat our game as a service and therefore to invest in it for the long term. We didn't envision a game that you could play through and “win”, but one that you would come back to on a regular basis. In order to be able to guarantee this, we will actively support Rainbow Six Siege with the improvement and balancing of the gameplay (including detailed patch notes), with events, competitions and four major content publications without a paywall regarding the game content.

A select team of 80 people will take fan feedback to heart and monitor gameplay stats. This ensures that we always offer the best possible gaming experience and also create opportunities for the community and the game to grow. The operator system, as well as the multiplayer and terrorist hunt game modes, are designed to meet the demands of an evolving game and to expand them.

One year, four “seasons” with content. No paywall.

As the year progresses, new content will come in the form of “seasons” that coincide with ranked gameplay. During the year we will be releasing:

  • 4 new cards (playable in online multiplayer and terrorist hunt mode).
  • 8 new operators, with new primary and secondary weapons and a special device.
  • New cosmetic items
  • New game modes, events and / or activities.

Maps and modes will be available for free and directly to everyone. New operators and weapon designs can be unlocked with the currency "Reputation" or with R6 credits (more on this below). The only new content that will only be available when you purchase it will be a small number of premium weapon designs that are purely aesthetic and have no gameplay impact. For a competitive multiplayer game it is essential that there is no separation of the community or that “pay to win” mechanisms are introduced. We hope that in this way we can get our community to stay united and engaged for a long time to come.

** Reputation and R6 credits


With the currency used to unlock new content, we wanted to strike a fair middle ground for players who like to be rewarded for their playtime (prestige that is earned) and for those who prefer to buy content right away (R6 credits which are bought). Finding that middle ground is difficult because we don't want players to ever feel compelled to pay for anything. So how does it all come together?

Look at

Reputation comes from almost everything you do in Rainbow Six Siege. For example, by completing situations and terrorist hunt games or by participating in online multiplayer matches. That will be the base currency that will be used to advance in the game. It can be used to unlock operators, weapons, or weapon designs. Watch can also be used to unlock post-release content. Here are some of the gameplay factors that will affect how much Reputation you earn:

  • Win or lose a match.
  • Eliminations / assists / resurrections.
  • Ranked matches are more prestigious than unranked matches.
  • Eliminating teammates has a negative impact on reputation received.
  • Daily challenges or certain actions - like watching tutorial videos - can also earn you reputation.

R6 credits are the optional currency that you can buy on the platform you are playing on. R6 credits allow you to purchase Reputation Boosts, which allow you to earn Reputation faster during gameplay, and a few select premium weapon designs. You can also use them instead of Reputation to unlock new Operators. There are 5 package sizes available for publication: 600, 1,200, 2,670, 4,920 and 7,560 R6 credits. The larger packages contain more R6 credits per euro.

How much does it cost to unlock post-release content?

Nobody has to unlock new maps or game modes - they are immediately available to all players with every new season content release. With regard to the rest of the content that will appear after publication, we are still fine-tuning the game economy a little. Nevertheless, we want to give you a little impression of what you have to do to unlock new operators and weapon designs.

Every operator that appears after the publication can be unlocked after around 25 hours of play. That equates to around 25,000 reputation. According to the data we have, the average shooter gamer plays their favorite shooter around 8-10 hours a week. This data is also in line with what we found in the closed beta. It should therefore take a maximum of two to three weeks to activate an operator. There are around three months between the individual content seasons. We hope, therefore, that players with average playtime will have no trouble amassing enough Reputation to unlock both new Operators as soon as they are released. In addition, you can get automatic access to an operator by spending 600 R6 credits (€ 4.99). Please note that the initial 20 Operators that will be available upon launch can be unlocked much faster using the standard progression system (500 Reputation for the first Operator in an Anti-Terrorist Unit, 1,000 Reputation for the second, etc.).

With gun designs, we wanted to make sure there was something for everyone. Initially, five different design ranks will be available for purchase and we will expand them after launch. Ranks 1 through 3 can be unlocked with Reputation, while Ranks 4 and 5 require R6 credits. Some Rank 3 designs can be unlocked with Reputation or R6 Credits. These weapon designs, as well as other cosmetic items that may appear in the future, are for aesthetic purposes only and have no effect on gameplay.

What to expect from Rainbow Six each season

For anyone wondering what this themed seasonal content will look like, here's a sneak peek of what's going to be released in the first cold months of 2016:

  • 1 new card
  • 2 new operators from a new anti-terrorist unit, with new weapons and unique devices.
  • Some weapon designs of all ranks
  • Gameplay improvements

The idea behind these releases is that each of them has a significant impact on the evolving meta-gameplay. They open up new operator combinations and countermeasures, as well as new environments that must be mastered. We're excited to see what you'll do with the new gameplay elements, and we'll continue to introduce new modes and events in the future.

** The release is just the beginning


The launch of Rainbow Six Siege on December 1st is just the beginning of what we're up to with the game. We believe this will be a long-lasting game and look forward to continuing to support it as the Rainbow Six community grows. We can hardly wait for the first step of this journey in the coming month and want to see how this playground develops over time with your help. If you want to talk about the game or give us feedback, the best thing to do is to come to our subreddit or our forums. Thank you for your support so far and see you soon.