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The most expensive currency in Europe. The most expensive currency. Where to buy rare types of currency

The American dollar is very popular, but it is by no means the most popular currency in the world. The money of some Asian countries in the territories of which there are large oil reserves are valued significantly higher. There are bills from other corners of the planet that are superior to the dollar in terms of cost.

To familiarize yourself, we recommend considering the ten most expensive currencies that are valued as highly as possible around the world. It goes without saying that the cost of money and its liquidity are completely different concepts.

Kuwaiti Dinar.

Many could not even imagine that the most expensive currency in the world is a dinar, which is located in Kuwait. There are large deposits of oil on the territory of this country, hence the national money of Kuwait and very valuable today.

Statistics show the number of millionaires in the state in a ratio of 1:15. As for the general population, this indicator reaches 3 million people. Leading positions cash Kuwait withdrew in 1961, but prices increased significantly in 2006-2007.

Interesting: The indicators are much higher than in many other countries in the world, while the influx of immigrants remains at a very high level.

Bahrainsky Dinar.

Second place is the currency unit of Bahrain, which is a small Arab state on the island. The country's national currency from 1966 to 1973 was used as the main in the emirate of Abu Dhabi until it was completely changed to dirham.

Bahrainsky Dinar takes the second line for the same reason. The country is small in size with well developed oil industry. Cash bills have a pretty interesting design. They are clearly depicted, representing cultural monuments with an attractive ornament.

Omansky Rial.

In the third position, the currency of Oman is ahead of the high cost. This state is located in the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula and is small in size. Oman Rial came in 1974 in the 1: 1 ratio of the Indian rupee. It should be noted that it is not much inferior to the previous contender.

The exchangeable monetary unit is the bayza, which is a thousandth of a rial. There are inscriptions and numbers on banknotes. On the one hand they are written in English, and on the other hand - in Arabic.

For your information: Not everyone is capable, but interesting ideas make it possible to get a high income in the first stages of their implementation, in which their implementation is addressed under the right approach.

Jordanian dinar

It is difficult enough to explain what reasons this national currency Jordan is fourth. Despite the not very well developed economic system, besides the availability of the budget deficit, the Jordanian Dinar continues to be one of the rather expensive monetary signs in the world.

Banknotes are characterized by the original design. On the one hand shows portraits of Kings who lived in different periods, and on the other hand - the main architectural monuments with a particular historical era. On the bill in one dinar the rebels of the riding camels are recorded, which carry a national flag.

Pound Sterling

The fifth line is fixed behind the psychic currency, which from the end of the 17th century is one of the leaders in the world market. This is a pound sterling. It did not lose its previous positions even at this time when the American dollar was able to absorb almost the entire currency market.

The pound sterling is one of the major currencies in the forex market. Banks of some territorial units that are part of the United Kingdom produce invoices of their own design. This refers to the financial institutions of Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Sixth place is occupied by the official currency of the European Union, which is also recognized by the national currency unit of some other countries. However, these states cannot influence the monetary activities of the European Central Bank. You can also not appoint representatives to the administrative bodies.

The cashless payments have been made in the euro since the beginning of 1999 and cash banknotes have been introduced in complaint since 2002. A special graphic symbol was chosen from surveys. From the start it was suggested to consider two main options out of ten possible.

On a note: There is information that has grown several lately. To ensure that you can learn about statistical data.

Dollar Cayman Islands

Not the most expensive currency in the world, but one of the most significant enough is the Cayman Islands dollar. The money kicked in sales in 1972 when a UK Currency Council was formed. International financial institutions are located on the islands.

First released four banknotes of 1, 5, 10 and 25 dollars. However, in 1981 two more loans were added. In the curve appeared 100 and 40 (now 50) dollars. De la rue is involved in printing money signs.

Swiss Frank

In the eighth place there is a currency that is used for calculations on the territory of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Frank first appeared in 1798, when there was still a Helvetic Republic. At the same time, however, at the same time as the removal of an independent territorial unit, derived from sales and a currency symbol.

Switzerland Money has a very unusual design. Images on them are not horizontal, but vertical. This immediately progresses once you factor in bills. The banknotes show portraits of well-known Swiss figures.

American dollar

It becomes clear that the US currency unit is not the most expensive currency in the world. It only takes a ninth position in the ranking shown. However, with the help of the American dollar it is possible to pay for various goods and services in almost every country on our planet.

US cash bills are official payments in some other countries. There is a rough statistic that you can see that 80% of the settlements around the world are done in American dollars. The banknotes show portraits of US presidents.

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Libyan dinar

In the tenth position is the Libyan dinar, which was introduced into the official calling in 1971. Covers are presented in several versions exhibited in different years. Absolutely all banknotes on the front have a filing strip that runs from top to bottom.

Until 2002 all cash bills Hang up a gray-blue gamut. However, some of them could see the yellowish and greenish hues. For new samples, they are distinguished by bright colors. The text on both sides of the banknote is written in Arabic.

Let's sum it up

It is understood that the currency rate depends on many economic factors. It changes significantly every year, so the most expensive currency in the world can last less than high positions after a while. Everything will depend on the adoption economic decisions. within the states.

Despite the presence of many Asian currencies, money is best kept in stable units. Examples of such are American dollars and euros. They are the most fluid.

What do you think, which currency is the most expensive in the world today?

The majority believe that the pound sterling is the most expensive currency as it turns out, but it is not.

Especially for blog readers, we have compiled a list of the strongest currencies in the world (from January 20, 2020).

So the most expensive currency in the world ...

# 1 - Kuwait Dinar ($ 3.29)

Currency Code - Kwd..

1 kwd \ u003d 3.29 usd (Kuwaiti dinar to dollar).
1 kwd \ u003d 202.94 rub (Kuwaiti dinar to ruble).

The most expensive currency in the world - Kuwaiti dinar (in terms of the dollar and the Russian ruble).

Kuwait is a small country with enormous wealth. The high cost of their currency is explained by the significant export of petroleum products to the world market.

Thanks to the stable economy, Kuwait is one of the richest countries in the world thanks to the highly developed industry of oil production and exports.

More than 80% of the country's income comes from the oil industry, as black gold mining is easiest here and accordingly the cheapest compared to other countries.

Until 2003, the Kuwaiti Dinar was pegged to the dollar, but in 2007 the government decided to peg it to a basket of multicity.

In addition to a very stable economy, Kuwait is a country with almost no taxes and very low levels of unemployment.

# 2 - Bahrain Dinar (Bahrain Dinar) ($ 2.66)

Currency Code - Bhd..

Course of the Bahrain Dinar:
1 BHD \ u003d USD 2.66 (Bahrainsky dinar to dollar).
1 Bhd \ u003d 163.78 rub (Bahrainsky dinar to the ruble).

Bahrainsky dinar is the second value of the world's currency.

Bahrain is an island nation in the Persian Bay with a population of just over 1 million people. As in the first case, the main article of this country's income is the export of black gold.

Interestingly, the Bahrainsky dinar is pegged to the dollar rate and has not changed in value in relation to the dollar for the past 14 years.

# 3 - Oman Rial (Oman Rial) ($ 2.60)

Currency Code - Omr..

Course of the Oman Rial:
1 omr \ u003d $ 2.60 (Oman Rial to Dollar).
1 omr \ u003d 160.17 rub (Omani rial to ruble).

Oman is a country on the Arabian Peninsula. Thanks to its strategic location, it has a developed economy and a high standard of living.

Omansky rial, like Bahrainsky dinar, is pegged to the dollar.

Interestingly enough, the purchasing power of this currency is so high that the government has to produce paper bills denoting 1/2 and 1/4 of the rial. In the picture above you can see a 1/2 rial.

# 4 - Jordan Dinar (Jordan Dinar) ($ 1.41)

Currency Code - Iodine..

The rate of the Jordanian dinar:
1 JOD \ u003d $ 1.41 (Jordanian dinar to dollar).
1 IOD \ u003d 86.86 rub (Jordanian dinar to ruble).

It is quite difficult to explain the high cost of the Jordanian dinar as the country is not particularly economically developed and it lacks essential resources like oil. Even so, a Jordanian dinar costs around $ 1.41, which makes it one of 10 most expensive currencies in the world.

# 5 - British pound (£ 1.32)

Currency Code - UK POUND..

The rate of the British pound:
1 GBP \ u003d 1.32 USD (pound sterling to dollar).
1 GBP \ u003d 80.18 rub (British pound to ruble).

It was the British pound that everyone considers the most expensive currency in the world, but as it turns out - it's only in 5th place.

Incidentally, British colonies produce their bills that are visually different from the bill issued by the Bank of England, but quoting 1 to 1.

So there are still: Scottish, Northern Herland, Maneski, Jersey, Guernysk, Gibraltar pounds as well as a pound from the island of St. Helena and a pound from the Falkland Islands.

Funny, but the indigenous British don't always want to take "other" pounds as payment.

# 6 - Cayman Islands Dollars (Cayman Islands Dollars) ($ 1.22)

Currency Code - Kyd..

Cayman Islands dollar exchange rate.
1 KYD \ u003d USD 1.22 (Cayman Islands dollar to US dollar).
1 kyd \ u003d 75.01 rub (Cayman Islands dollar to ruble).

Cayman Islands are one of the world's finest tax residences. These islands made for hundreds of banks, hedge funds, and insurance companies.

Thanks to its routing between tax shelters, the Cayman Islands dollar costs about $ 1.22.

# 7 - European Euro (European Euro) ($ 1.11)

Currency Code - EUR.

Euro rate:
1 EUR \ u003d 1.11 USD (Euro to dollar).
1 EUR \ u003d 68.31 rub (Euros to rubles).

Considering that the euro currency has lost about 20% of its value over the past year, it is still one of the strongest in the world.

Its power has been partly explained by the fact that it is an official currency in the 17 European countries, including several economic "heavyweights".

In addition, the world is the second backup currency, which includes 22.2% of all world savings (in dollars - 62.3%).

# 8 - Swiss Franc ($ 1.01)

Currency Code - Kflector.

Swiss Franca course:
1 CHF \ u003d 1.01 USD (Swiss franc to dollar).
1 CHF \ u003d 63.61 rub (Swiss franc to ruble).

Switzerland is not only one of the richest countries in the world, but also one of the most stable. Your banking system. Known for its unwavering "banking secrecy".

In addition, their high-tech goods are valued worldwide.

Pay attention to the original appearance of this invoice. This is the only currency of the ones I've seen that sees "perpendicular".

# 9 - US dollars (US dollars)

Currency Code - U.S. DOLLAR..

Dollar rate:
1 USD \ u003d 0.90 EUR (Dollars for euros).
1 USD \ u003d 61.58 rub (Dollar to ruble).

Because of America's leadership in the world arena, its currency has achieved the title of "World Reserve Currency". In other words, you can pay dollars in any corner of the world.

# 10 - Canadian dollar (Canadian dollar) ($ 0.75)

Currency Code - Kair.

The rate of the Canadian dollar:
1 CAD \ u003d 0.75 USD (Canadian dollar for US dollar).
1 CAD \ u003d 47.14 rub (Canadian dollar to ruble).

The Canadian dollar is the fifth largest global backup currency. It is often referred to as the "luni" in honor of the bird featured on a $ 1 coin.

Filled in from dozens

Due to the dynamically changing economic and political situation in the world, the currency in this ranking is difficult to stay in this ranking, so here is the list of currencies that came out of the top ten for the previous periods.

Australian dollar (Australian dollar)($0.68)

Currency Code - AUD..

The rate of the Australian dollar:
1 AUD \ u003d 0.68 USD (Australian dollar for US dollar).
1 AUD \ u003d 42.35 rub (Autraral dollar to ruble).

Interesting is the fact that the new range of Australian banknotes, as in the picture above, has a tactile function (Braille) to help the visually impaired community determine the denomination bills.

Azerbaijan Manat (Azerbaijan Manat)($0.59)

Currency Code - Azn..

The course of the Azerbaijani manat:
1 Azn \ u003d $ 0.59 (Azerbaijan manat to dollar).
1 Azn \ u003d 36.30 rub (Azerbaijan manat to ruble).

To see Azerbaijani manat on this list on this list is of course amazing, but the currency of this Middle East is just a little bit cheaper than the US dollar.

It should be noted that the local economy is actually quite strong and the unemployment rate in the country is low.

Seborg Laigino?

Have you ever heard of currency under the name of Seborgan Luigino (Seborgan Luigino)?

This currency belongs to the virtual state of Seborgs Principality, which is located on the border of Italy and France. Luijino mainly circulates at the local level and is not considered a payment tool in any other country.

But what is interesting is the local course from Luijino 1 SPL \ u003d 6 USDThis could make this currency the most expensive in the world if it were officially recognized outside of the principality.

Thus, despite the huge value of SPL, Liuijino cannot take first place in our list of the most expensive currencies in the world.

High cost currency symbols of a strong economy?

It is known that currencies are not particularly successful states in reducing costs. However, when all is well with the economy, we can hardly see the opposite effect.

In practice, in practice, there have been very few cases where the currency cost has been continuously increased. The reasons can be different, but most of the time the state itself is not profitable to strengthen the currency, as the population begins to actively shift the funds instead of spending them.

Thus, the high cost of the currency only speaks that inflation processes in the country are under control.

For the purposes of this article, it should also be mentioned about Japan and its one of the strongest economies in the world. At the same time, the cost of the Japanese yen is very small, $ 1 \ u003d ¥ 108.74.

Information on the greatest value of currencies is unlikely to be used by investors to create investment solutions. In this case, it is better to take into account the most stable currencies.

By the way, did you know that it was impossible to use the images of banknotes without the inscription "copies"? Learn to obey laws, comrades!

Each country has its own national currency unit in circulation. The list of world currencies in the world is very wide. However, it can be divided into several basic groups. For example, there is a currency of European countries, Africans, countries of North and South America as well as Asian countries, Australia and Oceania. In addition, the list of world currencies can be divided into two categories: the most expensive and cheapest cash units.

What affects the cost of the currency?

One of the main indicators regarding the cost of the currency is the presence of a strong and well-developed economy. It should instill confidence in partners and investors invested in government securities. It also has great impact minerals and their exports in the country.

If you carefully examine the rating list of currency countries in the world, you can see that the strongest and most expensive is monetary sign Arabian Peninsula. Even so, this currency is of little interest to the rest of the countries. This is because it depends directly on the oil. And the natural resource It can run in a certain time. Accordingly, the export country's income will also fall.

Why is the price of the currency falling?

Vietnam currency is dong. The name of this monetary unit is translated as "copper" or "bronze". Despite this name, the banknotes themselves are made from special water-repellent paper. This makes them wear-resistant.

The third place on this list of the world's currencies should be placed. Well is a unit of currency used in circulation in the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe. This state's economy is kept on the tourist business, and coffee and cocoa are growing.

On the fourth position is a well-known to many Belarusian ruble. Often it is called as a "bunny".

The fifth position on the list of the cheapest currencies in the world is the rupee, which is used in Indonesia. In the local dialect, the unit of currency is called "Perak". But her official name was taken from

Freely convertible currencies.

Some of the most popular currencies that are accepted for dealing with the world are dollars and euros. Despite their popularity, these currency units are roughly in the middle of the list of the most expensive bills in the world. At the same time, the euro is slightly ahead of its employee structure.

These currencies reserve the whole world thanks to the most stable and developed economies of their countries.

The full list of the world's currency names is on the official websites of companies engaged in business buying / selling and currency exchange.

Have you ever wondered what currency is the most expensive in the world today? Many of us wrongly assumed that pound sterling. But as it turned out there is no.

leader In the ranking of the most valuable global units, the missing "black gold" is kuwaiti dinars.Roven 1091, 33 tenge or $3,34 . The high cost of their currency is explained by the enormous export of petroleum products to the world market.

the site presents to your attention the selection of the most expensive currencies in the world, which you will surely be surprised.

Second row Precedence bahrainsky dinar..
1 BDD \ u003d 873, 22 tenge, or $ 2.65

Bahrain is a small island nation in southwest Asia. The base of the country's economy is allowed to take into account the mining and processing of petroleum products, the provision of financial services and construction. 1966-1973 this money was the national currency of the United Arab Emirates. After changing the United Arab Emirates dirham. Bahrainsky dinar appeared on the market in 1965, then replaced the Persian Gulf rupee. There are no restrictions on the export and import currency. The position of the currency in the country is so stable that residents prefer to pay only dinars, ignoring dollars and euros.

On the third Place is located. omansky rial..
1 OMR \ u003d 854.84 tenge, or $ 2.60

Today the Oman currency is quite expensive and very freely convertible currency unit. In many ways, this is due to the fact that the sultanate, along with other Persian Gulf oil producing countries, is a non-oil exporter, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait.

On the fourth Place is located. Pound Sterling.
£ 1 \ u003d 468.96 tenge \ u003d $ 1.43

The pound sterling is a unit of currency that is the national currency of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Great Britain), including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The pound sterling was in most countries of the world in XVIII and XIX centuries .. The severe economic situation in Great Britain after the Second World War and the strengthening of the rule of the United States of America in the world economy led to the loss of the status of the most important pound sterling Currency.

In mid-2006, it became the third-sided reserve currency after receiving a splash of popularity in recent years. In addition, London remains the second largest in the world's largest financial center which gives some world prices. In particular, for example, most of the world operates under gold contracts, the price of which is established in the London fixture, and this particularly concerns the physical supply contracts.

The currency and credit markets, particularly in Europe, which are geared to the Libor rate, also installed in London. Often times, the UK stock market is the only good alternative to the American stock market to attract. common share capital. because there is more liberal legislation and lower housing costs has valuable papers on the exchange.

Fifth Takes up space. Jordandinar
1 JOD \ u003d 465.06 tenge or $ 1.41

Jordanian Dinar is another expensive and demanded world entity that supplanted the Palestinian pound in 1949 and was actively used in international business transactions. The influence of the American dollar is spreading into the Jordanian dinars and this can be explained by high costs, although the Jordan's economy is less developed than Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Sixth The line of ratings occupied Gibraltar pound.
1 GIP \ u003d 451.54 tenge or $ 1.43

It is sometimes referred to as a straw. This currency is mainly used in Gibraltar, where the Spanish and British currencies were originally used. It should be emphasized that Gibraltar is the overseas territory of Great Britain, disputed by Spain, in the south of the Pyrenean Peninsula. The course of the Gibraltar pound is tied in a ratio of 1: 1 and the high cost of the currency.

On the seventh Place - Euro.
1 EUR \ u003d 403.71 Tenge \ u003d $ 1.23

This is a monetary unit of more than 340 million Europeans. The euro went into cashless circulation on January 1, 1999, and in 2002 banknotes and coins were introduced in cash. One of the main advantages of the euro is to reduce risks associated with exchange rates, which it can easily invest in countries. The creation of the Eurozone greatly increases the investment field, free from the risks associated with the exchange rate. With the introduction of the euro, banks charged banks by banks on transferring funds from one currency to another that were previously charged with individuals and with commercial organizations .. Although the savings of this with any operation are small, taking into account of many thousands of operations, it results in a significant increase in the resources rotating in the European economy.

Eighth The place is firmly fixed dollar Cayman Islands.
1 CI $ \ u003d 401.25 tenge or $ 1.2

In other words, this is the monetary unit of the oil area of ​​Great Britain in the West Indies (Caribbean Sea). The Cayman Islands dollar was introduced in appeal on May 1, 1972, replacing the Jamaican dollar. As of April 1, 1974, the Cayman Islands dollar is pegged to the US dollar at 1 CI $ \ u003d 1, $ 2. This monetary unit is highly quoted on the world currency market. It should be noted that the offshore financial services sector is one of the main components of the Cayman Islands economy that is a famous offshore. This country's economy is based on the tax structure that creates investors and foreign citizens a wide variety of ways to invest and protect assets.

Ninth place It went Swiss franc.
CHF 1 \ u003d 342.07 tenge or $ 1.04

The Swiss franc is a currency and a legitimate pay slip for Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Swiss Frank traditionally refers to the tax nourishment of currencies or offshore zones with zero inflation and legally stipulated gold reserve reserves of at least 40%.

Switzerland uses a free floating mode exchange rate. From mid-2003 the Swiss franc rate stabilized at 1.55 CHF for the euro in relation to the euro, so that the Swiss franc, as well as the euro, rose and then fell in relation to the US dollar.

On the 10 Place is located. U.S. dollar.
$ 1 \ u003d 327.29 tenge

US $ - The dollar is one of the world's reserve currencies. Experts explain this to the dominant role of the dollar as a means of international settlement.

In the past decade, more than 50% of the world's total ZVL in US dollars were in US dollars. The US dollar also has the status of a national currency in some other countries (e.g. Marshall Islands, Salvador). The US dollar is often an additional currency in those countries where the national currency is not the only legitimate method of payment, including cases where their own currency is actually not used in cash and / or non-cash circulation (such as, in Zimbabwe).

It is believed that more than 80% of world trade turnover is calculated in the American dollar.

Currency is a commodity expressed in foreign money (cash, non-cash). You can buy a lot for the money we hold every day: groceries, clothes, tickets, services.

For a simple ordinary man, happiness is not in money, but they bring stability. So for the state: the more expensive and more stable currency, the more positive solutions for the economic situation. Let's talk about the impact on the cost of money and present the valuation of the most expensive currencies.

Factors affecting the world value of currencies

Economists separate the concept of "currency" from "money" because the latter term can be applied to goods if they are allowed to pay.

Mix three types of currencies:

  • strange;
  • collective;
  • national.

Collective currency is that which is used simultaneously by several states as national. The best modern example is the euro.

Many citizens follow the financial news from magazines, newspapers, currency rates. The cost of goods imported into Russia increases when foreign currencies grow relative to the ruble. Today everyone knows about it. But what is influencing the price increase?

The first system of currency conversions was in ancient times. They are based on:

  • issuance of national payments;
  • convertibility;
  • systems monetary surveillance;
  • gold reserve size;
  • regulate international calculations.

The main reason for changing course is a decrease or an increase in demand. An offer has an additional effect. These complex mechanisms work under the influence of the following factors:

  • activity or passivity of the balance of payments in the country (passive instructions to give debt in debt foreign currency, nationally sold);
  • inflation growth (increase cash);
  • specifications on forex markets;
  • demand payment tool in international markets.

No small role in changing the course plays political stability, economic development of the country. We present the top 10 most expensive currencies in terms of the dollar and other currency units.

Valuation of the most expensive currencies

To find out how stability affects the price of the payment element, let's find out which currency is the most expensive.

10th place - Singapore dollars

Singapore started producing its own money in 1967, they were pegged to the UK pound. Country, one of the poorest and dependent on Southeast Asia, today holds the first lines in the ranking of an economic freedom. The well-being of the citizens grows, they allow themselves love cars, real estate.

Interesting Fact: Can replace the Brunei dollar in a ratio of 1 to 1. This agreement remains in effect for a dozen years.

The inflation indicator is 1.2%. The Bank of Russia daily establishes the Singapore currency rate.

9th place - Brunse dollar

Banknote in 500 Brunse dollars is equivalent to 21,000 rubles

The official name is Ringgit, but this word is almost never used and the currency symbol is often replaced with the $ symbol. The main partner of Singapore was Brunei, its currency to the Singapore dollar. So far, citizens have the right to exchange 1: 1 and dozens of years.

Ringgit Brunei is the most expensive currency in Southeast Asia. It is noteworthy that both Singapore and Brunei are tiny states. The country has a developed economy based on the extraction and processing of expensive natural fossils.

8th place - Australian dollar

Australian dollars are printed on thin plastic

Despite Australia's rejection of major continents, the dollar is one of the strongest currencies in the world. They are not printed on paper but on plastic, which makes them expensive and recognizable. Modern banknotes. Have the highest degree of protection, convex signs for the blind.

Stably occupies one of the lines of dozens of the most traded currency units in the world economy. Australia is a stable and rich state. Purchasing power through parity The citizens exceed the population of Germany and the United Kingdom. The basic principle of stability is freedom of business.

7th place - US dollars

Banknote at US $ 10,000 is valid to date, is considered a payment facility.

Is a monetary unit of states:

  • Salvador;
  • Zimbabwe;
  • Marshall Islands.

Additional function - reserve. According to the largest business agencies, the share of dollar operations between banks in the world is 41%. Today the hedging currency is not given. Central bank role Executes a federal backup system (FED). It does not operate on the basis of the laws of the country, but as an independent agency. It unites twelve Bundesbanks under one roof. The Fed gives loans to national banks of other countries below 1% (the last installment of the rates in March 2017).

Sami. large bill It has a face value of $ 100. 35 million banknotes are produced in the country every day.

6th place - Swiss Francs

Time flows, the world is experiencing war, revolution, and the Swiss francs are still very much appreciated. They are in circulation on the territory of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Switzerland stuck to the last gold parity. After the 1932 global crisis (Great Depression) hit, Frank fell 30%. After the end of World War II, he was tied to the American, but this measure was canceled in 1973. Since then, the US currency rate has decreased more than 4 times in relation to Swiss.

Less commonly used as a means of payment by banks than the Russian ruble, but the stability and stability of the economy allows the franc to be used as an expensive backup currency. The rate of inflation is so insignificant that it is accepted for zero.

5th place - euros

ECB stopped the problem of banknotes with a face value of EUR 500, but they remain a payment tool

The EU countries decided to introduce a single currency unit in 1999. Since then, it has shown stability, the inflation indicator is 2%. As a citizen in circulation in 28 countries, only 19 of them are included in the euro area.

The European Union is the territory of a stable result of citizens, economic growth. The introduction of a single means of payment made it possible to reduce the risks associated with convertibility. Due to the fact that the share of operations with the euro between the world's banks exceeds 30%, this is one of the reserves. However, the euro is not the most expensive currency in Europe.

4th place - British pound

British pound - the strongest currency in Europe

Despite the popular myth, the British pound sterling is not the most expensive monetary unit in the world. He holds the palm of the championship in Europe. Used as national banknotes throughout the Kingdom and its maritime areas.

Stability of the country's economy and low inflation (the last time the report was published in the spring of 2018, it was 1.2%) makes it possible to maintain its importance in the system of international calculations.

The pound sterling has been the main reserve currency for several centuries. Its popularity declined sharply after World War II when the era of the dollar came. Currency pair The pound sterling - The euro is exchanged at a ratio of 1: 1.11.

3rd place - Oman Rial

The course of the Rial Oman is not free. It is pegged to the American currency and varies according to changes in world markets.

Oman is a rich state on the shores of the Arabian Sea. It exports expensive oil, gas, metals. The population is small, lives stable, receives advantages. Currently, the tourist sector is paying attention to the economy in Oman. Rich Oman can take a loan for the construction of the hotel under a small percentage.

2nd place - Bahrainsky Dinar

In the late 50s of the last century, the Indian rupee went to the Persian Gulf countries. She held his position for a long time. Bahrain only released its own money in 1965.

Based on monetary policy. Most of the Eastern monarchy is pegged to the US dollar, which makes money stable. For them there is no concept of "the most expensive course". When the US currency grows, the dinar seeks out.

Interesting fact: the Jordanian dinar is actually tied to the dollar, but to the unit of the International Monetary Fund, special debt capital rights. This money only goes into circulation in the IMF, banknotes are not printed.

Bahrain is actively developing the offshore sector as oil reserves run out.

1st place - Kuwaiti Dinar

Banknote in one Kuwaiti dinar is approximately $ 3.3 US dollars

The most expensive currency in the world for 2020 - dinar of the state of Kuwait. The average rate to the ruble: 1: 220. It is three times stronger than the American dollar.

Kuwait has long waged war with Iraq and then releases new banknotes, and then invalidates them. Currently in terms of GDP country the hotel is ranked 7th in the world. The cause of the rapid recovery - oil exports. Kuwait took the US dollar as a peg, but after its two devaluations rejected that policy.

The dinar is tied to the monetary units of a multi-currency basket. It includes currency units from Kuwait partner countries. Financial policy allows you to maintain the dinar leadership.