How can I get a Chinese girlfriend

Experience report: I have a Chinese girlfriend + tips for Chinese relationships

I also find it striking that many couples wear the same outfit. This is how lovers in China make it clear that they belong together.

This phenomenon didn't stop at me either, so it wasn't long before I was strolling through the streets of Hefei with my girlfriend, hand in hand, dressed as a partner.

I don't know where this trend is coming from, it's kind of strange but also interesting. There is a huge range of this tandem clothing in the shops, from T-shirts to full outfits.

Of course, there are also downsides. Many Chinese parents have the “first you build your life, then your love” attitude, which means that many Chinese students are not allowed to have a girlfriend or boyfriend because it is supposed to distract from their studies.

Unfortunately, this is also the attitude of my girlfriend's parents. But we both believe that you can build your love and your life at the same time. Another problem is that many marriages are not made out of love, but out of false dependency. Therefore, unfortunately, many Chinese women (also due to social pressure) are very materialistic. Many marriages are arranged by parents. A well-known example of this is the marriage market in Shanghai.

Of course, every person is individual, but one can say that women in Shanghai, for example, are more open and have in some cases already adopted the western lifestyle. The further it goes to the country and the cities get smaller, the more traditional the women are.

Christian's conclusion on the experience with his Chinese girlfriend

I will keep all these wonderful memories of the past six months in my heart like a slide show and I hope there will be many more!

Now I could only report on my experiences and impressions.
So to find out what Chinese women really are like, the best thing to do is to hop on a plane to China and travel to this wonderful country. In addition to nice and pretty women, it has a lot more to offer in terms of landscape, culture and food. Because Chinese food in China cannot be compared with Chinese food here.


Okay dear Christian, thank you very much for your China report. I also have a few friends who have a Chinese partner, so I am adding practical tips and short interviews to the report.

So what should you pay particular attention to in relationships with a Chinese partner?

Overcome social pressures.

There is a set process in Chinese society that I am now deliberately introducing to youvery clichéd describe. This system is also being discussed more and more in China:

After completing their studies, young Chinese women quickly find a rich man and marry him. Shortly afterwards the son is born. However, the young mother does not raise her son herself, because she is supposed to have a career. At the age of 50, she will retire and raise her daughter's children.

This traditional cycle developed in such a way because social security was not so stable for a long time. The Chinese were therefore always forced to take care of their own pensions and security.

So it's no wonder that Chinese people are led to support their parents from an early age.

And in the 21st century there is suddenly the western influence that is rocking the whole system. The higher-paid fathers now have a few hours off at the weekend and the modern mothers prefer to raise their children themselves. No wonder why this new situation is a real problem for many in-laws. They always had to do what their parents told them to do themselves.

I have observed this strong tradition of thinking and "obeying" in many young Chinese women. Therefore it is very important to talk about this topic in the partnership. It is best to present your point of view to your partner so that she can get to know and understand your Western background. This exchange is sure to come up with a few good ideas for the relationship.

Get along with the in-laws

As a foreigner with a western face, you certainly have some advantages over your in-laws. Fortunately, Germans and Americans are seen in a benevolent and positive light among the Chinese. It is of course optimal if you can also offer material security. You can really score with a well-paid job, a fancy car and, above all, an apartment.

Furthermore, it is of course extremely helpful if you can communicate with your friend's family in Chinese. A few words in certain situations are often enough to earn sympathy points. With our Chinese crash course for travelers, you can do this from day one and without prior knowledge.

The cultural and geographical difference

Living together with a Chinese woman is anything but boring, because due to the school system and the in-laws, German-Chinese couples often move several times in their lives. Private schools in China cost a lot of money and state schools are often uninteresting due to the content and pressure. In addition, Chinese women often feel the obligation later that they have to be with their parents in order to look after them in old age.

What is your experience with your Chinese partnership?

Christian's film recommendation on the topic: A brilliant film is "The Joy Luck Club" German title "Daughters of Heaven"which not only gives insights into Chinese culture, but also about Chinese women and love then and now in China. I saw it in Chinese class in China and it has been one of my all-time favorite films ever since.

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