Do narcissists ever say they are sorry

12 things narcissists often say and what they REALLY mean

Anyone who has ever been in a toxic relationship with a narcissist or other manipulative, toxic person knows perfectly well how to use language differently.

Narcissists lies

The phrases that most people use in everyday conversations have an entirely different meaning when used in the context of an abusive relationship with a narcissist.

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If you are in a relationship with someone who lacks empathy and who has a sadistic need to expose other people, then your conversations become problematic and they cause psychological terror on you.

To decipher a narcissist's language, one needs to pay more attention to what he does than just listen to his words.

When a narcissist's words are translated into their real meaning, the results are quite unsettling. In this regard, here are twelve common phrases that narcissists often use and what they actually mean.

12 things narcissists often say and what they REALLY mean

1. "I love you."

Meaning: I love to own you. I love to control you. I love to use you. It feels so good to love you, to shower you with love, pamper you and humiliate you whenever I want.

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If I flatter you, then I know very well that I can have everything I want, because you trust me completely.

You open up to me so easily, even if you have already been abused. Once you fall in love with me, I'll do anything to see you suffer. That's the way I am!

2. "I'm sorry you feel the way you feel."

Meaning: Better said, I'm not sorry at all. Let's finally get this argument over with so I can continue my abusive behavior in peace and quiet. I'm not sorry for what I did, I'm sorry that I got caught.

I'm sorry you thought you could count on me I am sorry that your emotions are so strong. Because your feelings are not important to me because I have the right to get whatever I want, regardless of how you think about it.

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3. "You are too sensitive."

Intentional meaning: You react normally to my bad behavior, but all I see is that you get angry for no reason. Let me give you a little more gas so you can question yourself. In order to keep your interest in me, I have to weaken you emotionally.

Because as long as you don't trust yourself, you'll work all the harder to rationalize, minimize, and deny my abuse.

And while you are fighting so hard to grant my desires, I just take advantage of this situation without any consequences for my behavior.

4. "You are totally crazy."

Intentional meaning: I am a master at creating chaos to provoke you. 'Cause I love it when you react That way I can tell you clearly to your face that you are totally crazy.

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After all, no one would listen to what you say about me if they think you have mental health problems. Forget the fact that I am the one who is really angry and irrational and destroys anything that threatens my sense of superiority.

5. "My ex-girlfriends are crazy."

Intentional meaning: I drove my ex crazy and it was so much fun! All I had to do was provoke and irritate her until I got a bad reaction from her.

When I finally got what I wanted, I took advantage of that reaction against her to show everyone how crazy and confused she is. And soon you will be the "crazy ex" too.

6. "She's just a good friend."

Intentional meaning: I keep this person as a substitute in case you get bored in the relationship. She can always replace you if you leave me. Maybe she is already an important person in my life.

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If it only crosses your mind that you're complaining about my flirtation with this person, I'll make it seem like you want to be in control of everything. And that makes you look crazy too!

7. "You are so jealous and insecure."

Meaning: God, these love problems are really fun. I love how you fight for my attention. I feel so desirable and powerful when I flirt with other women in front of you. Because that makes you angry.

It is particularly interesting to watch how insecurities develop inside you by pointing out defects that do not exist or how I hurt your wounds that already exist.

The weaker you feel, the less likely you will try to get away from me. The truth is that everything you think about my flirtations and affairs corresponds to reality.

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But I don't feel like having to keep reminding you that I have a right to everything in life.

8. "You have big trust problems."

Intentional meaning: I am an unreliable person, which I have shown again and again by betraying you. Your gut feeling is right, but I'll never admit that.

The best thing you could do is trust yourself and run the other way, but of course I wouldn't enjoy that at all.

9. "It's not all about you."

Meaning: The world only revolves around me! If you should ever try to bring attention back to your own needs, then I'll show you that I am much more important than you.

I will make you feel guilty and ashamed for even having these needs because I will never be able to meet them. I just don't have the emotional ability to do it and I don't want to because it takes the focus away from the person who is really important. From me!

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10. “Why can't we stay friends?”

Intentional meaning: I really don't like losing members of my personal harem. I would prefer to keep you around in case I am allowed to take advantage of you in the future. In addition, “collecting” ex-girlfriends is a hobby of mine.

It's so convenient to be able to always call the ex when I'm feeling particularly bored. Who would have thought that friendship could be such a great way to keep valuable sources of supply from being so easily lost?

11. "Nobody believes you."

Intentional meaning: I have isolated you from your loved ones so much that you feel that you no longer have any support. I've told people so many lies and bad things about you that they become suspicious.

Because of this, some people will not believe you. Especially those who still consider me an amazing and kind hearted person.

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But there is the other group of people who will believe you and because of that I can't risk getting caught. To protect my reputation, I need to make you feel alienated and alone.

This is the best way to shut yourself up and never tell the truth about who I really am and what I really did to you.

12. "You will never find someone like me."

Meaning: If you never find someone like me again, that's a good thing. Because there are empathetic people out there who could treat you much better than I've ever done.

But I would never want you to find them or discover your true worth. Because I like it much better if you keep chasing me.

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