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Facebook Messenger vs. WhatsApp Business for companies - which messenger do I use for what?

In Germany, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, two messengers that are also attractive for companies, dominate. What are the biggest differences for companies between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger? Which messenger do I use for marketing, customer service or for personnel management? What about chatbots, advertising or the topic of data protection? We took a look at the Facebook Messenger vs. WhatsApp Business for companies and let both messengers for companies compete against each other!

Interview with Martin Theinert, Client Partner at Facebook.

61% of people prefer to send a message than pick up the phone "

Martin Theinert, Client Partner at Facebook

At our WUMMM Weekly Talk in March 2021, we spoke to Martin Theinert, Client Partner at Facebook and Messenger Pioneer. Even in his previous job, Martin had a lot to do with Facebook Messenger and, among other things, developed the Elvis ChatBock for klarmobil.

Martin sees these advantages with Facebook Messenger:

  1. Easy access for customers to the Facebook page
  2. Peak loads in customer service can be better distributed
  3. Customers can be targeted via Facebook advertisements & the messenger can be used as a landing page for pre-qualification.
  4. More options than WhatsApp
  5. Fewer technical requirements, no messenger software required
  6. Free customer chat plug-in, which works like a live chat on all websites
  7. Newsletter still possible, but only for journalists who have the so-called News Page Index

Tips on Using Facebook Messenger for Business:

  • Companies should respond within 24 hours
  • A chatbot at the beginning of the dialogue should already narrow down the topic of what it can be asked
  • NLP technology can help the bot recognize the language
  • Every bot should have a human escalation path - that is, a possibility to pass it on to a "real processor"
  • Before companies build a chatbot, it is advisable to think about what customers actually expect from this channel (sales of products vs. service vs. news?)


Comparison: WhatsApp vs. Facebook Messenger for Business

WhatsApp Business

A business solution for larger companies, the official one, has existed since August 2018WhatsApp Business API. This realizes the sending and receiving of messages for companies. The WhatsApp Business API comes into play in two situations during the interaction between customers and companies, namely in the context of customer service (customer contacts a company) and in the context of notifications (company contacts customers).

  • WhatsApp is by far the most popular messenger in Germany. 60 million daily users.
  • The focus for companies is on the topic of conversational: it is about dialogue for advice and customer service.
  • There are no advertising spaces, direct advertising in WhatsApp is not possible, you have to advertise your WhatsApp channel via other channels to build up users.
  • It's still a very intimate, of course, very private channel and companies should be careful about how they communicate on WhatsApp.
  • Although WhatsApp chatbots are now also available, the options are very rudimentary. There are only very limited options for designing such a chatbot, even if WhatsApp buttons recently introduced (initially only for users of the WhatsApp Business API).

👉 Everything about WhatsApp Business for companies


Facebook Messenger for Business

Facebook Messenger is the second most popular messenger in Germany with around 31 million daily users.

  • There are various ways to advertise the Messenger on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Of course, you can also book your advertising directly in Messenger. That means, you have no media break from advertising and lead the users directly into the chat.
  • There is a very good infrastructure for creating chatbots. Allegedly over 200,000 chatbot developers are already on the systems.
  • And the chatbots themselves have a lot more options, be it pictures, be it buttons, graphics, whatever you can do there.
  • So for the topic of chatbot communication, Facebook Messenger is definitely the more suitable channel.
  • Companies no longer need their own live chat via the customer chat plug-in from Facebook Messenger! The Facebook chat plug-in can also be used by users without a Facebook account!

👉 Overview of Facebook Messenger for Business


  • Whatsapp is the channel where long-term customer loyalty is important, the topic of dialogue.
  • Facebook Messenger is particularly suitable for campaign-based marketing and lead generation with chatbots

Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Business? No matter! With the "Messenger Communications Platform" from MessengerPeople you can use both messengers in one software!

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