What is the definition of an education


A trainee is shown how to control an excavator.

In an apprenticeship you learn something so that you can later do a job. In Austria and Switzerland they say apprenticeship. You get to know a lot of things, but also how to do something. The training is usually done after attending school.

An example of training is the auto mechanic. Auto mechanics are the people who fix broken cars. If you train to be a car mechanic, for example, you learn how an engine works and also practice how to repair a broken engine.

When someone is doing an apprenticeship, they are called a trainee. The word is often shortened to trainee. During an apprenticeship, the apprentices usually work three days a week in a company, workshop or shop and learn what one has to be able to do in the job and what tasks one has. The trainees also go to vocational school, mostly two days a week. In a vocational school they learn other things that are important for their profession.

An apprenticeship usually lasts three years. At the end of the training period, the trainees have to pass a major test. Often this exam has two parts, a practical and a theoretical. In the practical test, the trainees have to show that they can do what they have to do in their job. The theoretical test at the vocational school is similar to a class test at school beforehand. But it lasts longer and deals with more subjects. The trainees need to know what they have learned in the three years at the vocational school.

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