What is now considered obese in pounds

Fat Britons are said to lose five pounds to relieve the burden on the health system

London - The British capital has a weight problem - and so does the rest of the UK. More than 60 percent of Britons are overweight or obese, according to government statistics. This becomes a problem especially in the Corona crisis. Obesity is considered to be a risk factor for severe disease and is related to several other risk factors: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes. A study recently showed that if you are obese - i.e. a body mass index over 30 - the risk of death from a corona infection is 40 percent higher than the reference value.

The British government therefore presented a major program on Monday to get the problem under control. This includes Health Minister Matt Hancock's request to his fellow citizens to lose five pounds (around 2.3 kilos) if they are overweight in order to relieve the NHS. If all overweight people in the country were to lose 2.3 kilos, this could save the NHS health care system 100 million pounds (sterling) over a period of five years - around 109 million euros.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson highlighted his own medical history when introducing the program. When he was brought to the intensive care unit with his corona disease, he was "massively overweight": "Well, I was too fat." Now that he has overcome the illness, he takes more care of himself, including by losing weight and running briefly in the morning to recharge his batteries for the day.

Bonuses for weight loss programs and bikes

So that all affected fellow citizens can do the same as the head of government, an app is now to be presented, among other things, which is supposed to monitor weight loss over a twelve-week period and thus facilitate it.

But there should also be restrictions when it comes to tempting people to eat excessively, as the British media reported at the weekend: In future, sweets will no longer be allowed to lie directly at the till, where they are often taken away quickly. In addition, supermarkets will no longer be allowed to offer the "two for one" campaigns, which are popular on the island. In addition, the government wants to extend the requirement for calorie information to include menus - as has already been the case in Australia, for example. In addition, junk food may no longer be advertised on television or online before 9 p.m.

In addition, there should also be incentives for doctors. They should be increasingly encouraged to persuade their patients to cycle instead of driving. In some pilot areas the government wants to subsidize bicycles. In addition, doctors who refer overweight people to weight loss programs or online courses on weight loss should receive cash rewards. (red, 7/27/2020)