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Announcement: BigBlueButton version 2.3 - availability and important innovations
From the 20th week, users of the HSZG will have the new BigBlueButton version 2.3 to disposal. The server will be changed over between May 10th. and 14.05.

Details on the new features and improvements can be found at: https://zfe.hszg.de/das-zfe/aktuelle-entwicklungen/bigbluebutton/bbb-23

Update from 02/28/21: BigBlueButton version 2.2.32 - important innovations
1) surveys
In surveys in BigBlueButton, there is now an "abstention" option for YES / NO questions.

2) audio
Microphone filters can be deactivated via the user settings.

Update from December 18, 2020: BigBlueButton version 2.2.31 - important innovations
1) Mirror webcam
Every active webcam (your own webcam and that of the other participants) can be mirrored. The setting is made by each participant himself. To do this, click on the "-" symbol next to the name and select "Mirror".

2) Position webcam images freely
You can see the webcam picture at one Now position the active webcam freely. To do this, click on the picture and drag it to the area in which the picture should be displayed. The upper or lower area is provided as a standard for all images.

Update from 12/10/20: Greenlight version 2.7.11
Search function
If there are more than 6 of their own BigBlueButton rooms, a search function is now displayed above the representation of the rooms, which users can use to search for their own virtual rooms using a keyword.

Update from 10/15/20: Greenlight version 2.7.6
Copy the access code
With version 2.7.6 (online since October 15, 2020), moderators can copy the access code for the virtual room with a click. Previously, the dialog for creating a room had to be opened for this.

Update from 08/10/20: Greenlight version 2.7.1
1) records
In the room settings, room creators from Greenlight version 2.7.1 (online since 08/10/20) can activate and deactivate the recording function.

When the function is activated, the participant must give their active consent when entering the room.

Important NOTE: Please note: for rooms that have already been created, the function must be activated in the room settings. Otherwise it will no longer be possible to record events in BigBlueButton.

From Greenlight version 2.7.1 (online since 08/10/20), the room URLs change when virtual rooms are set up. At newly created rooms For security reasons, additional characters are added at the end of the room address.


  • old: bbb.hszg.de/b/vor-abc-def
  • new: bbb.hszg.de/b/vor-abc-def-ghi

Important: Existing rooms remain unaffected! I.e. you need the links to the rooms NOT adapt and the participants too NOT send again. The new function only takes effect when new rooms are created.


3) Presentation slides
Up to now, a standard background slide was automatically loaded in BigBlueButton, but organizers could upload their own slides / presentations. When the conference ended, however, these own slides were automatically reset to the standard slide. From Greenlight version 2.7.1 (online since 08/10/20) you can define your own background film for each room or upload your presentation file in advance of your event. To do this, call up the room options in your personal start area and select "Add presentation". Note: only one presentation file can be stored at a time.