What makes a man really happy

The little things count: THAT makes us happy, men!

Our men can be best friends and wonderful lovers - we know that. But sometimes they could really put a little more effort into everything.

Sentences like these pop in the head: 'He never tries hard enough', 'He hangs out so much with his buddies', 'He doesn't pay any attention to me'. The lords of creation have a very simple explanation for this: men are men. So we decided to do things differently so that our men understand each other and have put together the ultimate women's wish list. Who knows - maybe it will change our lives forever ...

It is not a lesson in how to treat women, but it lets you see what we women really think. Men, if you've read our wish-list, you'll just know what to do.

1. The little things matter.

Some men think that they have to surprise us once and be safe for the rest of their lives. But honestly, we're not stupid. Why don't you get us our favorite good mood guarantee on your way home (hint: it's either wine, chocolate or cheese) or buy us the new book that we talk about all the time? It's going to be worth it.

2. The B word.

Effort (a word men don't know too well) is always key. Take out the trash, ask us how our day was or come up with something special for our anniversary. We are worth the effort ...

3. Self-confidence is hot, arrogance is not at all.

Women love men who feel comfortable in their own skin. We feel safe and protected and nothing feels sexier. But arrogance: GO! AT ALL! NOT!

4. Long live chivalry!

Don't be afraid to be a bit old-fashioned - we love it. Paid on the first date, be respectful and accompany us home safely. Respect has nothing to do with old-fashioned and dusty role models. We are emancipated and we return the favor with you with the same respect - and an invitation on a second date.

5. Don't be crybugs!

Yes, we are happy to take care of you. We love to take care of you and help you when you feel bad. But if we feel like your mommy, that's total failure. Most men are still boys at heart, but if we do more than pamper you guys (e.g. start chopping up your food) then that's sure to be a problem. And a big one!

6. Listen and be interested!

After a stressful day, we just want you to listen to us. It's no secret: we love to talk and let our feelings out. We share with you because we trust you. We believe that you can help us to get better. So turn off the TV, put your beer down and just listen for ten minutes!

7. Be honest.

Honesty lasts the longest - this is more than a phrase, because what better insurance than the true words of your partner? Does a little lie sometimes seem like a brilliant idea to you? Nothing! We'll find out everything and then it won't be nice for you. So very important: Don't cheat and lie. This is just a crap.

8. We want to be your priority.

Women want to feel like they are more important than a Playstation. Of course, you're supposed to be hanging out with your pals and getting down there, but being third doesn't feel good at all. If your wife doesn't feel like number one, then you're doing something damn wrong guys.

9. Pay attention to the little things.

Everyone wants to be noticed by their partner. New hairstyle? New dresses? New bra? Say something so that you will notice that we are making an effort, because after all we will do that for you too!

10. Take it slow.

There is hardly anything worse than a man who has already crossed the finish line when we haven't even started properly. We just need longer to reach the climax. And what is the magic word? Foreplay! So take your time and don't be in such a hurry. Thanks!

11. Refusing sex is not a big deal

Men, please read carefully now: If we don't want sex, it usually has nothing to do with you. We all have bad days - we are exhausted, stressed or worried. These are real lust killers, but they do happen. So please don't take it personally.

12. Help us.

There is hardly anything worse than a lazy man. Try helping us with housework, running errands, or driving to school. It is your responsibility as well as ours.

13. We need some time to ourselves sometimes.

Most of the time we talk without a period or comma, but sometimes we also need quiet time and time for ourselves. If your wives seem a little worn out and say that everything is okay, then just be it. So relax, men.

14. Learn to apologize.

Don't be so stubborn! If it's your fault and you're wrong, then it's your turn to approach us. Come on and say the magic word. It's part of being a team.

15. Sometimes we just feel like shit.

Yes, men think that most of the time we women seek attention, but some days we just feel puked. Cramps, headaches, PMS - it can really be hell sometimes - just give us a break then. The energy comes back.

16. Tasteless jokes.

In all honesty, there is nothing worse than bad humor. If it doesn't fit there, it doesn't fit anywhere else either.

17. Personal hygiene would be nice

Teeth cleaned? Showered? Used deodorant? You are grown men so just do it!

18. Know who you are.

When a man knows what he wants and is convinced of himself, that's not only sexy, but then he usually has less need to look for confirmation elsewhere. For example, if you regularly crash with friends and flirt with other women.

19. Never forget: Anniversaries and birthdays

The year has 365 days and you only have to remember exactly two of them! That's why it's annoying if you don't get it baked. Set an alarm on your cell phone or let your mother remind you, but do something so that you don't forget under any circumstances!

20. Respect us.

Some men don't value their partner the way they should. Love her like it's your last day, acknowledge everything, and be grateful for everything she does. Think about it.

21. We want romance!

Never ask a woman if she likes flowers. The answer is YES. Of course we love flowers. Especially in connection with attention, delicious food, wine and and and ...

22. Cook for us.

God, what could be sexier than a man who knows how to conjure food for a woman?

23. What matters is the heart.

If you've ever thought about giving us something homemade, like a handmade card, a memory book or a mix CD, but thought it was too cheesy, then watch out now: something like this is NEVER too cheesy! It is probably the best way to show us that you love us dearly. Mainly because men don't like words. We will love it. Guaranteed.

24. Our best friend is the key.

Our best friends or sisters are the door to our dearest wishes. They know us and our tastes, we confide in them. So be nice to them. And if you want to make us happy - ask her!

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25. You cannot do without us!

Men often take women for granted, but seriously: What are you without us ?! Who would take care of you? Make a better man out of you? Just stand by it.