Which states require weapons registration?


Here's how to apply for a gun acquisition license.


You have studied the application carefully and informed yourself well about the restrictions and the legal basis. A weapon acquisition license can be issued for a maximum of 3 weapons. The gun acquisition license is only valid for one seller.

Weapons to be acquired with a weapons acquisition license:
- revolver
- Pistols with magazines up to and including 20 rounds
- semi-automatic handguns (cannot be shortened below 60 cm)
- semi-automatic center firearms with magazine up to and including 10 rounds
- Forend reptile rifles with magazines up to and including 10 rounds
- lever action rifles
- Foreign orderly manual repeater rifles which are not used for hunting

- Own orderly weapon, which is taken over directly by the army


Step 1

Print out and fill out the "Application for weapons acquisition license" form

step 2

Send the completed form with enclosures by post to:

Aargau canton police, SIWAS office, PO Box 3502, 5001 Aarau

Required Documents

  • Completed form "Application for a weapons acquisition license"
  • Enclosures according to the application (valid extract from criminal records, copy of ID)

Deadlines & Dates

Gun acquisition license: valid for 6 months, extendable by 3 months


Extract from criminal record Fr. 20.-
Weapons acquisition license Fr. 50.- (invoice will be issued)
Extension Fr. 20.-

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