Why is wisdom so powerful

The Bible in the standard translation


The Book of Wisdom, chapter 8

White 8.1It unfolds its power powerfully from one end to the other / and rulers through the universe full of goodness..

Wisdom as a teacher of virtue

White 8.2I loved her and looked for her from my youth / I tried to bring her home as a bride / and took pleasure in her beauty.White 8.3In dealing with God she proves her nobility, / the Lord over all loved her.Know 8.4Initiated into the knowledge of God / she determined his works.White 8.5Is wealth a desirable possession in life, then what is richer than the wisdom that works in everything?White 8.6If prudence is at work, who on earth is a greater master than them?White 8.7If one loves righteousness / in their labors he will find virtues. For it teaches moderation and wisdom, / justice and bravery, / the virtues that are more useful in people's lives than anything else.White 8.8If someone strives for rich experience: / she knows the past and guesses what is to come, she knows how to form words beautifully and interpret puzzles; / she knows signs and wonders in advance / and knows the outcome of periods and times..

Wisdom as a companion in life

White 8.9So I decided to take her home as a partner; / because I knew that she would give me good advice / and comfort in worry and suffering.White 8.10With her I will have fame among the people / and in spite of my youth I will be honored by my old age.Wis 8.11I will be regarded as an astute judge / and astonish the mighty.Wis 8.12If I stay silent, they wait in tension, / if I speak, they notice, / if I talk longer, they put their hands on their mouths.White 8.13With her I will achieve immortality / and leave eternal glory for posterity.White 8.14I will carefully guide peoples / and nations will be subject to me.White 8.15Terrible tyrants will fear me when they hear from me; / in the people's assembly I will prove myself capable and in war I will prove brave.White 8.16When I come home, I will rest with her; because there is nothing bitter about dealing with her / life with her knows no pain, / only happiness and joy.Wis 8.17As I pondered this to myself and pondered in my heart, / that life with wisdom brings immortality,White 8.18the friendship with her pure joy / and the labor of her hands inexhaustible wealth, that constant fellowship with her brings wisdom / and the dialogue with her fame - / then I went in search of her in order to bring her home..

Solomon's great prayer: The rule of wisdom in history: 8.19-19.22


The prayer for wisdom: 8.19-9.19



White 8.19I was a gifted child and had a good soulWhite 8.20or rather: good as I was, I came into an unspoiled body.White 8.21But I realized that I could only receive wisdom as a gift from God - and already here it was prudence that made me realize whose gift of grace it is. So I turned to the Lord and said to him with all my heart: