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Dating and Corona: And it did Zoom

Analog flirting, dating, sex with strangers - all of this is too risky due to Corona. So what do you do with online dating and how does video sex work? A how-to for everyone who feels like it.


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Random meetings in a dim bar or in a pretty café around the corner are a thing of the past. You can neither fall in love with the nice people sitting next to you in the cinema nor with the sweet grin of the woman in the subway. Instead, everyone is banished to the couch at home by Corona.

For singles it is the perfect time to install Tinder, Zoom and Co. For the first time or the repeated time - it doesn't matter. Because just because a meeting in real life is no longer possible does not mean that you have to forego flirting, dating or sex. Everything is possible, just different than usual.

Why is online dating worthwhile right now?

The apps help against boredom, maybe also against loneliness. It feels kind of exciting to have good conversations and to build closeness without seeing and knowing each other. With so many portraits flying across the screen, it almost feels like you're not hanging out alone on the sofa. And if social distancing is maintained in one form or another, it is worth thinking about dating online as well. And to learn it again. Because for getting to know, flirting and more fun in the virtual world, one thing above all is needed: practice.

Is there anything going on online at all?

But hello! Dating apps have been booming since the beginning of the corona pandemic. In the US, there are ten to 15 percent more Tinder messages than in the weeks before the quarantine. In Italy and Spain, which have been badly hit by Corona, there is a digital flirtation increase of 25 percent. The dating app Bumble, which also has its own video chat function, is also flirting more; 87 million people around the world are currently clicking their way through the world of dating. Tinder is now global too and has a function integrated into the app that users can even use to match each other worldwide - what used to be a hot vacation flirt once or twice a year is now possible from the sofa without limits.

What else has changed?

Profile descriptions on dating portals mostly live from seasonal peculiarities, in winter many are looking for someone "to warm up for the cold season", in summer for "an ice cream in the sun". Toilet paper is now offered in the form of bouquets in the profile descriptions. They brag about a supply of pasta, face masks, gloves, disinfectants - of course with a photo to increase their own market value for a right swipe. Ciao spring, Corona is now in high season.

"Can you come to terms with the isolation?" Pops up as a flirtation entry. An exchange of quarantine strategies follows: work, sports, reading, painting walls. Corona brings a little variety to the same, superficial small talk chats, at least for the first match.



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However, where a meeting normally follows after a pleasant chat, you now have to stay at home. That is why it has to go digital for the next level: a date in front of the screen.

What can a creative online date look like?

Even if you don't actually have to shower or brush your teeth due to the lack of physical proximity, that's exactly what enhances the dating atmosphere. So let's show the best, spruced-up version of ourselves online too.

You can't choose a super cool bar to impress, but you can choose a recipe for the fancy drink that you later mix together at Zoom. The same goes for an online dinner date dish. Cooking together at a distance is a great way to conceal a lack of cooking skills, after all, it just has to look nice, and seasoning with garlic is also no problem.