What are your favorite Shopify plugins

A full list of the 29 Most Exciting Shopify Apps for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Advertising & Marketing Apps

7. MailChimp

Many dealers invest a lot of money in acquiring new customers, after all, this is a prerequisite for growth. What most of you forget are customers you have long won. Actions that are supposed to induce consumers to buy again in your shop are much easier. One of these measures is the Email Marketing and this is exactly where MailChimp comes in.

MailChimp automatically adds consumers who would like to receive information about your shop to your MailChimp list. Furthermore, e-mails can be sent to specific target groups. This allows you to tell customers about special offers or make product recommendations based on their purchases. Activate the link tracking function to see which numbers can be traced back to your email campaigns.

Costs for this app: MailChimp is available in the versions Free, Essential (US $ 14.99 per month) and Pro (US $ 24.99 per month).

8. Yotpo: Photo & Product Reviews

Trust plays a key role in generating traffic and increasing sales. The power of reviews and ratings is particularly evident in this area. It is therefore important that as many satisfied customers as possible submit reviews.

Yotpo's secret weapon is that Mail after the purchase. With the e-mail, the customer is asked to submit a rating, which will be sent automatically at the right time. Let off steam in the design, this is entirely up to you. Yotpo's success lies in the fact that the assessment can be submitted directly in the message, saving time, so that customers do not have to click one link after the other.

Costs for this app: Yotpo is available in a free version. The “Growth” version offers more functions for US $ 19 a month.

9. Wishlist @ $ 2

With this wishlist plugin you can increase your conversion rate quickly and significantly. With this plugin, visitors can put together their favorite products and later find and share them easily. There are several Shopify wishlist plugins, but this one is particularly easy to use. Use Wishlist @ $ 2 to create wishlists that perfectly match your shop design. As an administrator, you will receive a daily overview of the products that customers have placed on their wish lists.

Cost for this app: US $ 2 per month, free for the first 14 days.


Email is still one of the most powerful (and efficient) marketing channels. With pop-ups you can easily collect email addresses and provide discount codes for visitors who want to leave your online shop. Use the data from the forms visitors have filled out and automatically send emails to these addresses. A very efficient means of customer loyalty.

Cost of this app: Free for online shops with an average of 5,000 page views per month. Further options for online shops with 5,000 or more page impressions: from US $ 20 per month. You can also purchase the email package separately for $ 10 per month.


Firepush is one Omnichannel Marketing-Application for Shopify stores. Marketing automation is playing an increasingly important role in increasing sales. Firepush is a great app that you can use to increase sales in your online shop, improve the conversion rate and increase the customer life cycle. Use Firepush for marketing campaigns through various channels such as web push, SMS and email. Automatically send messages to potential buyers when they leave products in their cart. Inform customers when goods are available again, start targeted advertising campaigns with discount codes or countdown timers. Firepush has a positive effect on your social proof and with automated evaluation requests and order confirmations you also offer first-class customer service.

Cost of this app: free of charge up to 1,000 web push notifications.