Regret leaving England

This is how Berlin reacts to Brexit

It's the first time something like this has happened: on June 23, 2016, British citizens decided in one referendumthat Britain should leave the EU. The result was close: 52 percent voted against Brussels and the EU. There were major regional differences. In Scotland, Northern Ireland and the capital London, most voted for one Whereabouts in the EU. In the north of England and Wales, most were in favor of Brexit.

Many German politicians were horrified, as the report came from London. The EU without Great Britain? Barely imaginable. "A bad day for Europe," said Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel. Chancellor Angela Merkel had also hoped that the British would stay in the EU. The announcedexit she very much regrets.

First of all, there is a lot for politicians to do: there have to be many contracts negotiated become. The status of UK civil servants in the EU and residence rights of EU citizens in the UK and vice versa have to clarified become. agreement on the Tourist traffic are necessary. Also about that future Great Britain's economic relationship with the EU must be discussed. It will all take a lot of time and effort.

Nevertheless, one thing is clear: the EU will not exist without Great Britain go under - but she cannot continue as before. The Brexit is in Berlin as warning seen, but also as an opportunity for a fresh start. The course of the EU is to be changed. According to Merkel, how exactly must be analyzed calmly. First of all, she wants to make the advantages of the EU clearer again and, above all, to remind people that the EU ensures peace and freedom.


(m., only singular, from English) - a mixture of the English words Britain and Exit: Great Britain leaving the EU

regret something - find something sad

see something as something - mean that something is like something

Referendum, referendums (n.) - the vote; the choice in which the people decide something

Whereabouts (m., singular only) - the fact that someone stays in something / somewhere

horrified - very scared; shocked

Message, -en (f.) - here: the information; the message

imaginable - possible; so that you can easily imagine something

to announce something - say that something will be done soon

Exit, -e (m.) - here: the fact that one leaves something in order to no longer be a member of something

to negotiate something - Discuss something (e.g. a contract) until you have a result

Status, - (m.) - the location; the situation

vice versa - the other way round; in the opposite order

clarify something - here: solve something (a problem, a difficulty)

Agreement (f.) - here: the contract

Tourist traffic (m., singular only) - here: traveling to another country

future - soon; in the future

to go under - here: cease to exist; break down

Warning, -en (f.) - something by which someone is drawn to something bad

course (m., here only singular) - here: the political and economic direction

Questions about the text

1. What is the statement in the text?
a) In London, the majority of voters were in favor of Brexit.
b) Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel regrets the result of the referendum.
c) German politicians can easily imagine the EU without Great Britain.

2. Now ... must be clarified.
a) EU citizens' right of residence in the UK only
b) only British residents' rights of residence in the EU
c) both the right of residence of EU citizens in Great Britain and of British people in the EU

3. The German Federal Government sees Brexit as ...
a) Warning that something has to be changed.
b) an indication that the EU will go under.
c) Opportunity to think again about remaining in the EU.

4. Some politicians are of the opinion that Brexit is an opportunity ...
a) must be seen.
b) must be seen.
c) must be seen.

5. Also about residence rights ...
a) must be spoken.
b) has to be spoken.
c) has to be spoken.

Work order
Brexit will have many consequences, even if it is often not yet clear what exactly it will be. What do you think: How are you personally affected by Brexit? Does Brexit have any personal consequences for you and your everyday life?