What are Austria's most famous cakes

Cake Recipes - Austria

Viennese Sachertorte

The Wiener Sachertorte is one of the most famous specialties of Viennese cuisine. With this recipe, the cake turns out just like the original.

Sacher-style cake

Sachertorte is a classic of Viennese cuisine and is known almost worldwide. This recipe creates a juicy, Sacher-style cake.

Chocolate icing with whipped cream

The simple chocolate glaze gets very soft with this recipe and doesn't break when cut. The ideal glaze for pies and cakes.

Fast Sachertorte

This quick Sachertorte promises epicurean pleasure. With this recipe, the classic from Vienna is guaranteed to succeed.

Juicy Sachertorte

A great dessert can be made with this simple recipe from Austria. This Sachertorte tastes juicy and good.


With this recipe the classic Sachertorte succeeds. This is particularly popular on festive occasions.

Sacher cake Viennese style

With this recipe for Sachertorte Wiener Art, the cult cake from Austria turns out like the original.

Sachertorte with oil

Sachertorte is a classic cake creation from the Viennese bakery. With this recipe for Sachertorte with oil, the cake is very easy.

Sachertorte from Vienna

The Sachertorte from Vienna is a classic and a sweet specialty. Here is the right recipe for re-baking.

Original Linzer Torte

The Original Linzer Torte is one of the most famous cakes in the world and is considered a classic of Austrian cuisine. Here is the recipe with shortcrust pastry.