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On this page you will find an overview of all countries in the world and their capitals. First and foremost, I created this for myself and for a very simple reason. It should be the starting point for me to deal with all the countries on earth in the run-up to our world tour in 2024. At the same time, however, they will also be a great starting point for your own research.


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Why this page exists

My plan is to create a brief profile of a country every two to three weeks. This will reveal the most important facts of the respective country plus all the things that are important for me to know. And that is a very important point. These overviews do not claim to be complete. You will just serve myself first and foremost, a first anchor point for all of them Countries and capitals of our earth to put. Because which route we are on our World Travel will take is not yet final.

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However, these profiles are deliberately topics like that political or economic situation aside to let. After all, our trip around the world is still a long way off. Until it starts, things like that can change. My profiles will therefore primarily contain points that characterize, define and characterize a country for me, completely independent of security aspects, forms of government or economic situations.

If you look at a profile, it will contain things like typical dishes, famous sights, the most exciting cities or scenic areas - mind you, always from my very subjective point of view. If we have already visited the country, then of course our experiences also flow into the profile of our own travels with a.

In this way, in the course of the next few years, a complete overview of all countries and capitals this earth arise. This has the nice side effect that I deal a little with each country in this way in order to get a feel for whether the country will be a candidate for our world tour or not. Whenever a new profile of a country and its capital appears, I will of course link it to the corresponding country on this page.

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