How much does a gold ring cost

How much should the engagement ring cost?

Costs: Find out your personal budget - rule of thumb monthly salary

To determine the budget for the ring to the application, this is monthly net income a meaningful benchmark. At least half a net monthly salary should be invested. Those who have savings choose a full month's salary as Engagement ring budget. After all, it is the Buying an engagement ring a one-time romantic investment for life. The one-time costs for the ring are quickly forgotten.

Budget depending on income

Men who want to get engaged are often just at the beginning of their professional careers. We find that cost in one healthy relationship to income should stand and recommend a monthly income as a rule of thumb as a budget.

And here's another fact for all fans of romantic soaps from Hollywood: In Germany there are only a few men who buy rings at US level worth 5,000 euros and more for engagement. On average, German men stay around or even less than 1,000 euroswhen it comes to the ring for your loved one.

Take it with humor, it only costs 5 cents a day!

We also keep hearing from America that investing in an engagement ring should hurt a little. With an engagement ring that is expensive for 2-3 months, the man should prove the seriousness of his intention to marry to his future wife and her family.
Despite the fact that this is by far not handled as strictly in Germany, buying a good quality engagement ring is a real investment that needs to be carefully considered.

But look at it this way: You have found the woman for life! To show her that, buy an engagement ring for around 1,000 euros. Your partner says “Yes!” And you both experience 50 happy years together!

And now let's make a very simple calculation out of your love story:

Engagement ring price (one-time)Cost / 50 happy years are:
1,000 euros / 50 years20 euros for every happy year
1,000 euros / 2,608 weeks38 cents for every happy week
1,000 euros / 18,262 daysonly 5 cents for every happy day!

What do you mean? Is a happily radiant partner worth 5 cents a day for the next 50 years?