Which is the best brand of cigarettes

The top five best-selling cigarettes

As always, we have researched for you and have the top five best-selling cigarettes picked out.

Non-smokers can't deny how cool someone looks when they smoke a cigarette. Just think of Clint Eastwood in "Good, Bad and Ugly" and how they made some of the most iconic scenes in the movie while smoking cigarettes.

Lots of musicians like Jimmy Page, Janis Joplin, Kit Richards etc liked to smoke during their live shows and there are definitely more examples below Writers, diplomats, and even athletes.

It exists many different types of cigarettes, these can also be of different sizes. We have the so-called Women cigarettesthat are narrower and longer than normal, these manufacturers often use words like slim or thin in their names.

Besides, they can also be with different flavorswho are the most famous of them Menthol cigarettesthat were recently banned in Europe due to the new EU directive.

An important criterion for almost everyone Smoker is additionally whether cigarettes with or without a filter are. In the end, all brands have their own guidelines, so customers can quickly identify theirs Favorite cigarette packs.

The popularity of different brands of cigarettes can vary from country to country. So must be the best-selling No cigarette brands in India necessarily the best-selling Zbe cigarettes in Germany.

Brands with a high awareness sell better. Beware of smokers who only smoke to meet their nicotine needs rather on price. Passionate smokers pay more attention to taste. The The brand of cigarette is usually decisive, and the price usually plays not a big deal.

Passionate smokers often go for the cigarettes that taste best for them. ZCigarettes are among the best selling products in the worldt, in the last More than 6 trillion cigarettes were sold in 12 months.

The top five best-selling cigarettes!

5th place:

Davidoff with 69,200,000,000 cigarettes sold!

A Swiss tobacco company is behind this brand. Davidoff is consumed by many smokers, it is probably the one characteristic taste that cigarette that made it famous and that although the Davidoff are quite expensive and apply to the more luxurious cigarette brands. Consumers who smoke this brand definitely agree that they have this taste cannot be compared to any other brand.

4th place:

Winston with 90,300,000,000 cigarettes sold!

The Winston brand was introduced in 1954 and by the 1960s this brand was number 1 in the cigarette industry. Today the Winston cigarettes are one of the best-selling cigarette brands in the world.

Place 3:

Pall Mall with 99,500,000,000 cigarettes sold!

This brand of cigarettes is famous for its unique size and is one of the longest cigarettes on the market. Pall Mall is also famous for its blend of the finest tobacco that offers a deep and rich flavor. This brand is considered to be one of the best brands of cigarettes in the world and it also has a very affordable price.

Place 2:

Lucky Strike with 107,200,000,000 cigarettes sold!

I am sure that not a single person in the world does not know this brand. Lucky Strike is the second most famous American cigarette brand and is known for the use of roasted tobacco, which gives the cigarettes an extraordinary taste. This brand is also one of the most popular brands of cigarettes among women.

1st place:

Marlboro with 472.7 billion cigarettes sold!

Philip Morris International is behind the Marlboro cigarettes, they have been the most popular and best-selling cigarette brand in the world for years. Marlboro is known for its billboard advertising and the famous Marlboro man, as well as for sponsorship in motorsport. At first, Marlboro cigarettes were only intended for women, but today this cult brand is the most popular among all smokers because it is the creamiest and strongest cigarette at the same time. Marlboro cigarettes are literally sold all over the world.

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