Who is smarter than Albert Einstein

Ross-on-Wye -

Only three years old and already so smart: little Ophelia Morgan-Dew from Ross-on-Wye in England has an IQ of 171 - and is smarter than Albert Einstein (160) or Stephen Hawking (160).

Little Ophelia's intellectual ability is as great as that of children twice their age.

This makes it one of the smartest 0.03 percent in Great Britain and has recently become the youngest member of the world-famous network for gifted canteens.

Even as a baby she knew words and numbers

Mother Natalie Morgan-Dew told the British news site SWNS.com that her daughter was somehow different from other babies. Because the little one had already spoken her first word when she was eight months old - while other children at this age were babbling to themselves and maybe just learning to point a finger at something that they found exciting. Even a little later, she was able to tell colors, numbers and even the alphabet apart.

"Like talking to a 12-year-old"

In kindergarten it became clear how effortlessly Ophelia skipped all of her learning goals. So her parents introduced her to a psychologist, who then took appropriate IQ tests. She has an extraordinary memory and can even remember things that happened before her first birthday - while other people cannot remember events until after the age of three.

"She loves to work with numbers and letters," said Natalie Morgan-Dew. Ophelia knows a lot of words and understands what you are saying - even if you don't suspect it. "Talking to her is like talking to a 12-year-old," says the mother.

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Otherwise Ophelia is just a normal child

At the age of three, she already enjoyed working through preschool books for over 5-year-olds. However, the parents did not put any pressure on her. Ophelia should only do such demanding things when she feels like doing them. Schooling her earlier is also out of the question at first: "For social reasons, she would not be ready for it," says her mother, "I don't want to overwhelm her emotionally."

Because Ophelia is otherwise just like other three-year-olds. “She is an active, spirited child who always wants to do something. She likes to play with her cousins ​​and loves the park. "

"She deserves praise for being so smart"

People around them often have difficulties dealing with Ophelia's high intelligence. “It's not so common for someone to celebrate their child's intellectual achievement. There seems to be a stigma in this area. ”But actually it's no different than with parents who are happy when their child has won a gold medal in sports. "I think she deserves praise for being so smart."

How clever Ophelia is, on the other hand, does not matter to her as a mother: "I would be proud of her, no matter what she achieves, as long as she is healthy and happy." (Iwo)

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