How to redirect to Blogspot

Set up redirection on Blogger

In this guide you will learn how a redirect (301 redirect) is set up on Blogspot.
What does "301 Redirect" mean? 301 redirect is a redirect from page A to page B.
When a visitor opens page A, they are automatically redirected to page B.



What is 301 redirect necessary for?

Suppose you have a post with a URL (permalink) published on your blogspot blog. This page is indexed by Google and brings you visitors.
You later changed the URL for whatever reason, e.g. to

This leads to the following negative effect: the visitors and the Google bot will visit the old URL, on which there is no content (you changed the URL from the post). Neither visitors nor Google will be happy about that. To avoid it, you can install the 301 redirect from the old to the new URL on your blogspot: from on /cool shoes.

Then the visitors and Google-Bot are redirected to the current URL of the post.


How do I set up 301 redirects on Blogger?

You can find this option in the settings of your blog:>> Settings> Search settings> Custom redirects> Edit> New forwarding

The forwarding is entered as follows:
From: / 2016/11 / I-have-cool-shoes
To: / 2016/11 / cool-shoes
Permament: put hoes

Then save and test. Simply enter in the web browser for the test. If everything has been set up correctly, you will be redirected to


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