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Child allowance: entitlement, amount, duration

Families with low incomes are entitled to child allowance under certain conditions - in addition to child benefit.

If the income is not enough for the whole family, parents or legal guardians can receive child benefit in addition to child benefit. The Request however, child allowance must be submitted separately to the family benefits office.

As a rule, you will receive child allowance for 6 months. If the approval period has expired, you will have to reapply for child allowance.

You are entitled to child allowance if you meet certain requirements. How much child allowance you receive depends on how much income and significant wealth You, your partner and your child have.

If you receive child allowance, you must inform the family benefits office of changes in your personal circumstances and those of your family.

Requirements for child allowance

  • Your child lives in your household, is under 25 years of age and not married or not in a registered civil partnership.
  • You will receive child benefit (or a comparable benefit) for your child.
  • The gross income of your family is at least 900 euros (couples) or 600 euros (single parents).
  • You would have enough money to support your family if, in addition to your income, you received child allowance and possibly housing benefit.

tip: If you want to know quickly whether you can receive child allowance: Simply enter your personal data in the interactive video tool "KiZ-Pilot" and determine your entitlement!

Amount and payment of the child allowance

The child allowance is for every child individually calculated. You will receive a maximum of 205 euros per child. If there are several children, a total amount will be paid out. It is usually transferred to the person who also receives the child benefit.

Child benefit and child allowance will be on the same day paid off. The exact payment dates can be found on the page Child benefit 2021: Payment dates.

Apply for child allowance online

Apply for child allowance at your relevant family benefits office. This will then inform you in a letter (technical term: notification) whether your application has been approved or rejected.

You can apply for child allowance directly online put

Apply for child allowance

Answers to frequently asked questions about child allowance

Parents need her Income for the last 6 months prior to the application prove. For example, if you submit your application in October, you must state the income you received from April to September.

Parents' income is primarily the earnings of one self-employed or insurable employment.

In addition, parents' income includes, for example:

  • Short-time allowance
  • Unemployment benefit
  • Maternity allowance
  • Parental allowance
  • BAföG

Have the right to KiZ Low income families. Whether and in what amount the KiZ is paid is determined for each family individually calculated and depends on several factors - above all your own income, housing costs, the size of the family and the age of the children.

The following Examples show when families can receive child allowance (housing costs and salaries per month):

  • Pay in single parent The KiZ can be obtained if the gross income is around EUR 1,700 to around EUR 2,500 (around EUR 1,300 to 1,700 net) (child: 6 years).
    With a warm rent of around 800 euros, the gross salary may be around 2,100 to around 2,800 euros (around 1,500 to 1,900 net). Maintenance or maintenance advances are not taken into account (children: 6 and 8 years).
  • At a Couple family (double earners) with 2 children and a warm rent of around 700 euros, the joint gross income may be around 2,400 to around 4,000 euros (around 1,800 to 2,800 net) (children: 2 and 8 years).
    With a warm rent of around 1,000 euros, the gross salary may be around 2,800 to around 4,200 euros (around 2,100 to 3,000 net) (children: 2 and 8 years).
  • Pay one Couple family (single earner) with 3 children a warm rent of around 1,000 euros, she can earn around 2,200 to around 4,400 euros gross (around 1,800 to 3,100 net) (children: 6, 8 and 10 years).

Your assets will only be checked if they are substantial. Substantial wealth is available from the following amounts for the entire benefit community:

  • 2 people: 90,000 euros
  • 3 people: 120,000 euros
  • Increase by 30,000 euros for each additional child.

Wealth is that All goods measured in money at the time of the application. Here is yours own assets and also that Assets of relatives living with you in the household of importance, regardless of whether the assets are in Switzerland or abroad.

To the capital only realizable assets count, in particular:

  • Cash
  • Bank and savings balances
  • Securities
  • Home savings balance
  • Shares and fund shares
  • requirements
  • movable assets (e.g. household effects, works of art)
  • House and real estate as well as other rights to land (e.g. a mortgage)

Not assets include:

  • a self-used property (house or condominium) of appropriate size
  • an appropriate car or motorcycle for every employable person in the community of need

As soon as we have received your application, we will check your details and documents. If something is missing, for example a certain one proof, we will contact you.

If you after 6 weeks have not yet heard from us, you can telephone to ask about the status of the processing:

0800 4 555530

Good to know: The processing time does not change the period for which you receive child allowance. You will receive outstanding amounts at the earliest possible date.

example: You applied for child allowance in March. You will receive the approval notification at the end of April. If you pay out in May, you will also receive the additional payments for March and April.

At the end of a decision, you will be informed of your rights (technical term: information on legal remedies). For example, you have the right to object to the decision and to take legal action against it.

However, the first thing you should do is contact your local family benefits office. Your contact person there will be yours askanswer and the decision again check.

Around Contradiction You have one month after receiving the letter to appeal against the decision. Please send your objection to the sender of the notification.

If your objection has been rejected, you can submit a legal action submit against the decision. You will find more information on this in the information on legal remedies - for example, which court is responsible for your lawsuit.

Free daycare places and other help

If your family receives child allowance, you are entitled to further help and financial support. For example, if your child is attending a daycare center, you can benefit from the Exempt fees for the day care center to let.

In addition, your family can apply for benefits for education and participation (also called “education package”). For example, you can receive grants for your child's school needs or lunch in day care centers and schools. On the website of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) you can find out where to turn if you have any questions about the education package: BMAS website

Additional offers that you and your family can take advantage of, as well as special information for single parents, can be found on the Parental Allowance and Other Help for Parents page.

Tip: There is a wide range of state support for families in Germany. You can get an overview of all offers and services with the Strong Family Checkbook from the Ministry of Family Affairs.

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