Education is really important to make money

My secret

Good afternoon, dear readers. Those days existed when work for the uneducated was limited to options of physical labor. Talent, skills and activity are much higher paper and crusts. There is a possibility of receiving 10, 20 or 30 thousand per month on the main income. What the amount depends on and how you talk in this article.

A bit of history

Fourteen year old Ashley KINT for 17 years made his first million dollars. She proposed the world on which it was possible to download wallpapers for pages on social networks. The girl just loved to draw and here is the result.

Timothy Sykes at 21 in his own blog advising on games on the stock market and receives $ 150,000 a month. He's interested in politics and knows how to predict the future.

An advertising post on the blog of Sergey Loli Traveler, a photographer from Kharkov, costs around 150,000 rubles. And at least for the year of such publications there are not that many, around 10, the amount rollers are rather small. He travels all over the world. I hope you understand where he needs money for it?

About how I like people

There is a 10% rule. So that you haven't spoken or haven't spoken, 10% of people like it. What you do can make you love and become greater people.

See, a simple example, you're cooking borsch. No matter how you cook it, but 10 people out of 100 years have to taste it. With accelerated development, you can increase this figure. Thanks to the courses, schools, and self-improvement, you will learn secrets, learn from other people's mistakes, get your own experience, and see that you start so quickly that you ask for more servings.

What is needed for? To quickly bring the process to the result that will satisfy everything. Why did you spend years finding a bike when you can learn how to do it, and after a week to make a profit.
University training means nothing now. You cannot go to the couple and take the session thanks to a successful ticket.

People who read books independently find courses of advanced education and want to learn something new - that's what really works.

What to do?

Think about what you can tell people. Each of us is talented and interesting. What are you clearly
In one of the Hollywood films, the main heroine simply found an old culinary book and daily described one of the dishes on his blog. So she improved her discipline and accidentally became famous.
Try and you.

If you feel that you are not well developed literary skills, you can get free lessons for subscription at the copywriting school. Thanks to them, you can quickly achieve an average level of knowledge, which is already enough to work on the Internet.

Once you improve on that skill, start thinking about your own project. Thank you schoolblogger you will not only learn how to create your own portal, but you will also become the owner of your own project at the end of the course. It will only evolve. Seeing your own mistakes is more difficult than getting abstract knowledge. At school, you will be shown that you are not exactly interested in you. It helps to achieve more essential and faster.

When art writing isn't likely, video can be a cash source. Now the student and a person of a solid age can learn to make high quality clips and video stories in just a few weeks. How exactly? All answer here.

If you, your mother or your grandmother are into knitting, sewing or decorating handmade items, then it is possible to sell them very advantageously with the help of an Instagram, even abroad, where the prices are much higher! You don't need to create your own website for this, all you need to do is take a picture and click a few buttons on your own phone. The high quality service will help increase the chances of closing a profitable deal. Socly ..

BUT hereGet the skills to work with Photoshop. At the end of school, you can take a commercial snapshot of any photo: add sharpness, align light and shadow, remove unnecessary elements, and much more! You know it's very interesting. See how after several manipulations the picture becomes completely different.

On the importance of money

Free time can be spent with benefit. No better motivation than essential benefit. Even the most popular things are bored and one hobby changes another. Just money, even if small, will give you an additional incentive to develop and continue to create. One intelligent man said, "Work for free, it is to die young for a beautiful corpse."

In our life, so very interesting, why do you have to spend it on the unloved job or limit yourself in something? Give yourself a chance to earn what you know, how you are best taken as others or what.

Play your own role, do what you like, not just for pleasure. Even if you have no education but there is a talent or a desire - listen to yourself. Pay attention to your own unrealized needs, develop in that direction. You can get a lot more moral and financial satisfaction.

Good luck to you in your endeavors. I really hope that this article will be useful to you and that you will find yourself and then achieve great success. If you like this article, you can subscribe to the blog newsletter. Then I will send you information about my new and interesting publications.

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Readers' stories T-W

Not so long ago we asked readers T-j.,

Katya Prokudina.

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After the results of the discussion we chose several stories: How you decide to throw pointless studies at the university, as a diploma in IT-ENER-TERFERN, effects income and whether programmers can learn anything for a home computer.

"If we compare with vacancies for Chinese translators, I get one and a half or two times more"

Alexey Fayzulin.

Who studied: Chinese translator

Who works: Sound generator and sound industry

Income: 150 thousand rubles a month

I was programmed before childhood that higher education is extremely necessary to success. However, it's difficult to make meaningful choices after graduation: in my life I've seen myself pretty much like my parents, so I was just sailing downstream. Lots of friends went to enter Tomsk State University, but in Tomsk, I lived in Tomsk - in general, I'm from the small town of Yurgi Kemerovo region, "so I decided this was a good idea.

Since I really liked foreign languages ​​in school, I decided to add the specialty "Translation and Translation". I wanted to study English, but I was prepared for the introductory game and didn't get enough points. But in Chinese anyway - and there was again to convince him that he was promising, good money in the future and so on.

He studied there until the second course. I could not understand why the future translator from the Chinese to Chinese can constantly implement the offset in the ancient culture and mythology of ancient Greece or as the performance of physical education can affect further career.

It quickly killed the desire to learn in me even though the language turned out to be interesting.

I was still stronger than my hobbies - music. The education loan grew, and I decided that spending time and money would be enough that it didn't bring joy. So expelled.

Of course, my passion didn't immediately become working with a stable income. While living in Tomsk, I worked on the sawmill and on the construction site and on a construction site and a promoter in MTS, but there was not enough money there. Mom helped until the music started some revenue.

I moved to Moscow, had a family and felt very differently expanded. My unstable monthly income from music - 15-30 thousand rubles - are not allowed to live here. I had to get a job through a cashier outsourcing company in Auchanas, it was the highest paid vacancy from those allowed to work for me in all cheap graphics.

I started with the fact that I rebuilt my portfolio and honed the skills on my musical group, then I placed an advertisement about the information about the songs on the thematic forum. One person answered. Started working with him. His work heard someone else, turned to me - and so on the chain. The process was unprecedented, but the most honest thing I think. I have never used marketing tools in 8 years.

Now there are about 400 people in my customer base, the average income for another year is 150 thousand per month. And this is not the limit: in particularly successful months and now more than 200 thousand turns. You can also get into the adjoining sphere of audio production for videos - experience was already there - and money is completely different.

15,000 R.

brought passion for music in the beginning

As demand grows, I have a choice: either more or balance it to raise prices and get more on a lesser amount of work. Salaried employees are usually robbed.

In addition, I have no blanket income and a clear schedule.

If you compare to job vacancies from Chinese teachers and translators, I get one and a half or two times more. I think with such a specialty that you can only earn by tutoring. But then, in addition to knowing the language, you need another pedagogical skill. Of course, somewhere salaries are higher, but for them you need experience, luck and a lot more.

I believe that the best way to get knowledge is to be in a professional setting and in an experiment. At the university I paid to study for 5 years including what will never need. Here they pay me and I am Rasta with any fulfilled order, receiving only the necessary skills.

200,000 R.

and manage to earn more now in the successful months

I follow what's new in my field, I watch or visit our and foreign workshops and try to see what I find out. Now, if I learned to learn, it was not so much for the sake of knowledge as it was for the sake of connections. In my opinion, this is one of the undeniable advantages of higher education through self-organization: you communicate with people in our industry, you get acquainted with dating that can help you in the future. Maybe I'll still study, but in a different country. For example, my current specialty in the United States is well-taught. But it is expensive.

Of course there are professions that are impossible without proper education: doctors, engineers, architects, etc. In other cases I would rather hire a person with burning eyes, but without a diploma, than a graduate, but the misinterpretative specialist.

"If I had a diploma, I would probably work somewhere in the outback, in a challenging school for complex children."

Ksenia Kuznetsova.

Who studied: Chemist, economist and teacher

Who works: IT manager projects

Income: 120-150 thousand rubles per month

At school I was an excellent book, a book kid, but what is a profession and how to choose it in 16 years - had no idea. Of all the lessons, chemistry seemed to me the most interesting, so he entered the chemistry faculty for Lobachevsky in Nizhni Novgorod. He studied and worked in the evenings. The work was interesting and studying - no, so I stayed at work that evening while I didn't stop from not going to university at all. Revive less than three years.

The second time entered the correspondence department of some economy in Murom. Enough, it seems like a year. Finally I finally understood that for hours for five years, different Scarcs for five years for a crust have not been mine.

For the third time, I decided to really try, really try: the unrealized teacher in me fell out. I moved to Moscow and entered the pedagogical university. But alas, an interesting job from which I received money, leave the little one, and now come back, repeated the boring boring school. I may regret that I regret it: the conditions at work are allowed to appear for five years without any particular problems. Apparently, however, the motivation was missing: our pedagogical education is rather dead, and the diploma for me is still not sufficient.

I started working completely from scratch in a well known design studio where I was brought into beautiful eyes with no experience, a light head and proper understanding of what the design was put on the beautiful eyes. Then I switched a few more studios in registered web and mobile development, I tried to gradually increase the complexity of the projects - otherwise it was boring - and at some point I unexpectedly rested in the ceiling: I found that I couldn't do more can do complex projects, I just don't understand what people are talking about without a lack of programming or engineering experience or training.

It turns out that there is only so far you can travel to excellent communication skills and general discomfort.

It turned me into a terrible longing because I absolutely didn't want to become a tech, it always seemed to me that the best part of my talent was the ability to balance between tectacium and business. In this state of existential crisis, I found myself with my current employer. Now I have an ideal job: on the one hand a familiar and my home IT world, on the other hand I don't have to do what I can't be.

In order to work in a large IT company, a long-time friend called me, director of one of the departments, who deals with tailor-made development and implementation. Every director in such a work sooner or later, that he is mainly involved with money, has some time to take care of the current customer projects and does not have time to build and implement some processes. The internal infrastructure is moving, the regulations are morally out of date, no one really remembers why they decided in 2008 to take this indicator into account in this way, and otherwise not everything is unsuitable, everything is inconvenient, everything is inconvenient. You need a separate head that doesn't distract the customer - an important more important task, but few where such exist. We do this. Formally, my position is referred to as "Deputy Director", but in fact I am in fact an internal project manager.

My income is somewhere around 120-150 thousand now and then it has to grow. If I had a technical education - not just a diploma! - And if I were a technically Savvanian project manager, then the salary would be more.

I could now earn from 200 thousand and more: the market in this sphere is generous.

The most difficult, promising and highly paid programming is now associated with math: analyzing data, neural networks, robots, artificial intelligence, etc. At the same time, programming in the sense of coding is an applied thing, it can be learned on a home computer. But to master the house math at the level it is taught somewhere like the MCS MSU, it is difficult, and from a moment in a pure manner, technical capacity doesn't stop there. And it turns out, when you need a programmer to write code, you take an experienced, adequate, reasonable and not see where he studies and leans. And when you need a star to move you to the forefront of modern technology anywhere, use candidates for a very short list of universities and faculties.

I thought several times somewhere in education, but I miss a diploma: In education everything is very strict with formalities, especially in school. If I had a diploma, I would probably work somewhere in the outback, in a difficult school for difficult children, in some intern school: all this mobility in the spirit of the populists of the late 19th century very close to me. But no, it's already clear that I haven't trained, I'm not going to try for the fourth time.

200,000 R.

there would be a salary in the presence of technical training

"If I were offered to return in 2013, I would still go to university"

Nikita Trofimov.

Who studied: IT-specialist

Who works: programmer

Income: 175 thousand rubles per month

Around 10th grade, I thought I was going to be an economist, as many in my family worked in the financial sector. I was actively preparing to pass math, I had an experienced teacher. He recommended going to this because, since you received training in computer science and mathematics, you will find a use in any field.

Choose a university, given not only history and importance, but also modern trends in education, cooperation with large companies such as Yandex or Mail-Ru. Considered Plekhanovka, Macy and Rowhighs, but there was a tower in priority - as a result, he entered the budget in MIEM HSE at the Faculty of Applied Computer Science. But I did not study very responsibly, we have learned a lot, and after the first course I was excluded for the impossibility.

Even so, I didn't like it very much, and I studied website layout on various tutorials on the internet.

Then he was overwhelmed by Plekhanov at the Faculty of Mathematical Economics, Statistics and Computer Science (FMECI). He studied well, started working in the sophomore year. First of all, Avito found a person who had to support the online store and keep new ones. He worked with him for three months with him: the relationship did not hold down, as he paid less than the amount we discussed, and we worked without contracts on an honest word.

Then I joined the team that worked on website development. Work was remote so it was easy to combine with studies. They paid responsibly, a month came a thousand 10-15 - it was just right for me considering that I lived with my parents and didn't spend much.

After two courses in Plekhanovka, I decided to move to Krasnodar: my girl lived there, now the woman is now. Close supports me, and I was transferred to Kuban State University on the faculty of computer technology and applied math math for 3 course. For this it was necessary to rent 17 disciplines.

He continues to work remotely with the same guys and of course hasn't cleaned up to pick up his skills: already programmed on JavaScript.

My first official job, with the workbook, is a front-end developer in the BREFPHI group developing information solutions for medical companies. I found a vacancy on the "My Circle" platform, passed the test task, talked to thymlids - and they took me. The salary was 50 thousand rubles after tax, which was excellent for a 3-year-old student.

10,000 R.

paid a month to develop websites at the beginning of a career

I decided that technical skills are important in admission to work, and education doesn't play that big a role, and ditched the university to focus on practice and focus on a reputation in IT more secure.

Although the decision wasn't easy.

All colleagues continued to learn, expressed the opinion of others.

Since then it has been working again in several places. For example in a German start in the field of gastronomy and food supply. The salary in foreign companies is much higher. At the same time, it is also beneficial to work with us: in Europe, the average level developer gets about 18 euros per hour, and I paid 10 euros, it is 115-120 thousand per month, which is very good for the middle -level- Developer in Russia.

I didn't ask about higher education: they were interested in the projects I was doing and my work experience on the team.

In general, I had a lot of interviews and many of them were unsuccessful. But I consider it one of the self-study articles. Therefore, I was interviewed at other companies even if the work wasn't going to change, and I tried to choose higher positions. This made it possible to understand where the qualities and skills are needed, to draw up a list of requirements and to identify their weaknesses. I have asked questions about myself very seldom, and then more for the sake of interest, it did not affect the result. Mostly a diploma is required in state-owned companies, the rest is still. This is a big advantage of IT -FFS: skills are more important than education.

Now I'm moving to Moscow, I will work at Ay-Teko in the position of "Senior Developer at Javascript". There my salary will be 175 thousand rubles. It is several times more than the colleagues who received a diploma.

Many colleagues now study in the magistrate and earn 40-50 thousand rubles.

But if I were offered to return in 2013, I would still go to university. First, preparation for the exam and the desire to do it. Second, only there, only because I understood how education works, what is its main problem and why I can achieve more without him and for a shorter time.

From the mines: Most universities teach outdated technologies that no longer apply. However, the problem is also in the fact that those who are actively developing, actively developing, do not try to stay in universities to train others and go to big companies for a higher salary. That problem is solved online and offline courses - not only in programming, but also in marketing, business and so on.

18 ‎€

a developer in Europe earns one hour

Not only did I have to master the final ball on my own, I also had to learn. Basically, I studied everything about video time as there are many of them and they are free. True filtering of the good teaching is difficult, there were many amateurs. Video tutorials I reinforced articles by Habrahabr and Mittel, just Googled questions that demanded answers. And of course you have to try to find work as soon as possible, since it is very difficult to give yourself tasks. Real projects require high quality execution, while the team is always helping and challenging. But the main thing is the ability to see the result of work in real life and quickly fill in the portfolio.

After moving to Moscow, I want to have a rest in Plekhanovka and learn, if possible, to combine with work. It's hard to say why I want to do it. Of course, I missed my studies at school.

It is believed that higher education graduates are more in demand on the labor market and have higher wages. After graduation from the university and several years of work in the specialty among graduates, there is the possibility of filling managerial positions. But not all school children can get a higher education. Causes can be different: financial, personal. The student can enter technical school, school, receive primary or secondary vocational training. Therefore, questions often arise as to how to ensure a decent existence without higher education.

It is possible to make good money if you have mastered the technical specialties. We just need to properly appreciate and choose the direction in which experts are asked. For example, qualified welders receive a relatively high salary. A construction ball develops at a faster pace, so that no construction specialties, drivers with special devices are completed. Such specialists are important to improve the quality of education and regularly confirm their qualifications.

In the presence of vocational training, you can start a business in the service sector. The services of the hairdresser, the massage therapist, the suturing stations are always required. Machines often fail and need maintenance. You find such a new idea that will generate income. Of course, to start your business you don't need to have higher education. However, among entrepreneurs there are people who know how to get a second higher education.

Before discovering his business, it is necessary to participate in self-education and acquire minimal laws about laws, entrepreneurship. There are courses for beginner entrepreneurs that are well worth a visit. In addition, the beginning of business must begin to start capital. Unfortunately, it can be a lot of time before the business starts generating tangible income and improving the quality of life. If the resources are lacking in opening up your affairs and training, then you can try to find out how to get free education.

There are many avenues for good income without education on the internet. To date, you can earn a decent life without leaving home. If you want, you can find many websites detailing how to get you there. To be more successful, you just need to have the right speech and be competent. You can upload videos as young Roma Roma who became famous thanks to the internet. Writing and selling articles for magazines, keeping blogs, and leaving feedback on any topic, like how to get a medical education, isn't bad making money.

Nadezhda Davydovas's blog welcomes its readers! For anyone interested in how to find a good job without education, I suggest good advice. It often happens that a person did not have time to attend to his education on time, a family appeared, there was no time to learn it, there is no money. Or you want to work faster to work faster, there is no desire to spend years studying. Another option: education is, but working with a special day with fire is not found. What to do in the current situation

If you're confused about how to get a good job without education, half the job is done. After all, the main thing is a strong desire. The first thing to consider is what level of income will be arranged per month.

Second working conditions. Preferably, of course, are options in which there are no heavy physical, mental and other burdens. Standardized working day, social guarantees.

Third - consider personal preferences. It is best to go through several free tests to determine temperament, natural abilities, predisposition to a particular occupation. Once you find the optimal orientation, brave the search for vacancies.

In a big city there is no problem with it, hundreds of ads have plenty of interesting suggestions. The small town offended, however, does not undertake brave, hardworking. I dare to assure you that not every profitable vacancy requires confirmation of compliance with official educational documents.

Private entrepreneurs often make it easier to accept inexperienced, young but apprentices than the "old hardening" experience of specialists. Even locked in the internship, after you shift the well-known proportion of perseverance in the development of the profession, you can easily and quickly get a place with more favorable terms.

Use psychological techniques

Anyone who doubts you can find a good job without education, I'll tell you: it is necessary to have a knowledge of the basic principles of work of stereotypical thinking.

It doesn't matter, if you have significant experience and knowledge, graduated from college or nine school grade, you need to remember the main thing: self-confidence is the main factor with an external assessment of the registered vacancy. Of course, to ensure that confidence, to replenish the tapping of knowledge, and reading the necessary literature.

Don't be afraid to take risks: after all, after getting a new job for myself, you can learn enough to learn all enough. Try to choose the appropriate dress form: for an office worker - a classic suit, for the seamstress - the original cut dress, etc. Try to maximize the stereotype of the chosen profession.

Exceptional solutions when looking for a good job without education

One option to get a good job without education is to create a job yourself! To get started, you can take a loan. Those registered in the employment center are provided by state subsidies for business development, self-employment.

Make your business plan, protect it, act! Make the smallest dream come true! The benefit that there is on the internet is there is a lot of information about business opportunities and how you can actually write a business plan. However, this option is only for those who are not lazy to get their heads thinking :). After all, I would like to wish everyone that they can only do one favorite activity and earn good money at the same time!

    In general, the material is quite interesting, but the subject of the missile is superficial. Find a good job for uncles - it's anything that finds a green oasis on the far side of the moon))) In my understanding, good work has three mandatory components, money, pleasure and personal development. If the job doesn't have at least one of them - it can't be good anymore. Well, let's not forget that the word "work" comes from the word "slave" and that doesn't inspire optimism. The best job is doing this for yourself. Thanks to the development of the Internet, it is now an open opportunity for everyone. Those who look for independence - they find it, those who are looking for a job - who at the same time look for excuses and excuses for their own laziness. : Grin: Well, something like that)))

    Well-written about your own business is go and take. If everyone took, we would have some business people. Well, the person will open a person, remove the room for rent, and after a couple of empty months will be covered with a huge loan on the neck ...))

    • Vladimir, to do everything with the mind, to have a clear business plan, and not just rainbow dreams. Haven't gone any further to realize my plans, the baby in the garden will go I think in the summer to start. I will get subsidies for creating a business in the workplace. You need to write and protect a business plan. Time will tell. And I don't like loans myself, although they help many in business, they help.

      Everything is not needed in business, someone and in the service sector should work. And if you think badly at first, it will surely happen. Thoughts are material, especially about the bad

      For example, I understand that cheap labor is very big for the owner of the company. But why do the same service staff serve people to have their own business? All because a small business is being suppressed. There are monopolies and large corporations everywhere that they simply cannot survive alongside. Yes, of course a certain proportion of people are unable to not organize themselves, they are easier to be. It is a shame that even talented people cannot break through all of the barriers created by state policy. For example we have to open your business, you have to pay so much! And it doesn't matter whether you have an income or not, defeats in retirement and tax payments!

      We hope the same. It's easier to hide than legal work. The state appetite is growing all the time, and many have already passed into the shadows

      My husband had to issue permanent leave for the entrepreneur. To even close the entrepreneurship, you have to subtract the total amount! What's interesting? We are waiting for the end of a three year term for this entrepreneurship to free itself away :).

      I paid about 30,000 a year, which I did not even have a shop))) 3 years, do not wait for the option, with such debts abroad not released :(

      Well, it is clear that in this case it is not trained, you have to fall off. We're going nowhere, and it's a little shrites :). I would like to create 2 hectares of land free of charge (conditionally). I love berries, dream of his blackberry plantation, raspberries, strawberries. Baby gonna grow up I'm making this problem Here the state does not commit itself and even exempt from taxes. But what can not be happy :). Just here to get a fertile land is almost unrealistic, everything praised hundreds, and a simple person can no longer get what he has covered by the law!

  1. Hope i disagree with you. Of course, every specialist needs to make a list of the requirements for the future workplace.But a person with no education or experience, from this list, should create half of the items, or even more, and be prepared for the fact that the first year will be two experience, communication, and reputation.

    Of course, there are exceptions - it all depends on the person. For example, your husband has experience, he is trustworthy, you know, for sure, that he has not created, he himself has not studied a course / book / manual (after all, correct?). However, if a young man comes to the interview who knows nothing and does not know how and at the same time he believes that he deserves a high salary, the free job and a personal secretary, however no matter how naturally he will not get a job (unless (he doesn't care his father), and first because of the fact that he will miss this opportunity without reducing the bar.

    Yes, I fully agree with you, knowledge (both practical and theoretical) is more important than the document. In addition, there are now many opportunities to improve their knowledge without formal confirmation.

    My blog has several posts just on this topic - when I was looking for a job in another person (at that time) for myself, the city and no valuable skills in the job looking for a wild desire to find the place im Break through life.

    You can find a job with no education. I agree with that. Finding good, loved work with a good salary is already more difficult. This is an example of life. My friend, let's call her Irina, there is no education. After school I worked for the salesman in a boutique, then I got married and got pregnant straight away to have a child. Here Irina understands how much she likes to do with children. I tried to get a job in kindergarten. She worked as a teacher for 1 month (during vacation time). She gladly took the case. Baby loved her. However, in a month, the administration of the sadik explained to her that Irina did not have adequate training, but can only offer the work of a nurse. Now Irina asked about admission to the university. This is just one example and there are many such life situations. Irina with funds, of course. Could open a private mini-kindergarten but a diploma requirement is required in this case.

    The educator's salary actually leaves a lot to be desired. If you only have a diploma, you can open a private garden. We are developing many children's centers in Kazakhstan with sufficiently high salaries and teachers, but the state garden, on the contrary, is not enough. As you raise your turn, the child is going to school.

    It's right before the end of university, it was kind of easier. And now in the specialty is not particularly looking for \ u003d (although there may be ecologists, we still need ...
    Brother's husband here is 26 years old, after school, 7-8 sat silly with parents at home from time to time, from time to time that the phones fixed (it knows how good, not take away) last year, he finally moved him to town. Now it works with banking machines, almost up to the boss. Education is only received \ u003d)

  2. Hope, in our time, with all the apparent unemployment, there is always work! The most important thing is the desire to work and earn! Like the one correctly spelled above, the one who seeks - he will always find.
    But I was more likely to lean over to open up my job. Hence I am in every way that I studied the business foundations, business ideas etc ...

    It seems from S. Jobs. "The only way to do things is really good - love what you do" ..
    I think it applies to work. Best to do your favorite thing!

    I have a girlfriend - a real example of the fact that without the education you can always find work with a good one.

    She knows how to prevent himself and says very competently. When she found a job after the decree, she had several sentences to choose from and everyone wanted to take it from them, even though she had two children, she even had an emphasis on making the children a priority.

    As a result, she chose the most comfortable conditions for herself, and the salary is not offended. :) The authorities appreciate her because she does his job well and even better.

    And at the same time I know other girls who have a higher education, but they cannot find work worthy.

    The diploma is good, of course, but not this main thing.

    Your main quality, self-confidence, the ability to present yourself and please present.

    And know more clearly what you want. And then everything will turn out! :)

    Recently fired from work. And for a long time I couldn't find a new high paying job. Everywhere they say you can make good money on the internet. And I decided to try. Many where they threw or didn't pay. Very often did not answer. And I started writing articles, comments, and reviews. I'm not going to promise hundreds and thousands of dollars a month. Do not believe all possible joy. After all, we all only know free cheese in a mousetrap. Work work and write articles that a person has in Russian in Russian, like me, like me, like me. Money is displayed on the online weaver wallet. Newbie will make $ 5 to $ 10 a day. Two months later, your result will be twice. In general, you can make $ 20-30 a day during normal operations. Work at the same time, somewhere for 8 hours. With WebMoney wallet, you can transfer money to a card or buy it from the online shop. Good luck.
    Incidentally, here is the reference for registration ADVEGO.RU/1YBFV53MGM.

    I have two formations, but somehow it happened that I worked in the specialty for a long time. Initially, first husband taught a talented film operator to share the camera and installation programs, and we have worked a private way with films and video products for TV channels, theaters, studios and home customers. Then, when it was necessary to leave the decree for the second time, it was difficult to carry the device that settled in the real estate agency.

Megacities give enough income opportunities, including easy and quick, compared to the settlements on the periphery. The higher the population, the more potential buyers, interested customers, and the number of places with good permeability, in which you can set a trading point that meets your needs, grows.

The leader among the CIS capitals is considered to be Moscow. Every year thousands of people flock here who were not lucky enough to be born in Belokamenny. Everyone wants to conquer the capital. So it was before, during the Soviet Union, so there is now. But how do you earn enough money in Moscow to have enough for a normal life? The prices in the capital are much higher than in the regions.

The speech will already be earning money on an apartment or a car for several months. How to make money in Moscow, know professionals, especially in certain fields, top managers, managers, business creators and changers with a developed ability to sell services and goods. Still - such a large consumer market with a good income.

Below is an overview of some outcome methods in Moscow, both fast and more stable. The list is largely incomplete - if you think about it, it turns out that there are many and very many ways to earn an income. You can find a job with no experience in Moscow and make really big sums of money. Or you have to be content with enough to have enough needs but to engage your favorite cause. So where to make quick money in Moscow? Let's find out.

Work on the construction site

The easiest way to make money on food in Moscow is to make a construction site. Strong men who come to White-Named Build shopping and office centers and residential buildings, private cottages in the suburbs are well equipped in the suburbs. True, work is very hard. You can get a handyman or specialty when it's available.

Muscovites themselves are on a construction site, and this is a permanent process in the capital, they are in no rush. Too hard work anyway, and they pay a little by Moscow standards. Earn only skilled workers (painters, plasters, welders, plumbers, electricians) who earn decent money for services and work, usually individually or with brigades. Where they earn well in Moscow is on a construction site, but only qualified workers with Moscow registration. Non-vaults don't expect the same income.

How to make money on a construction site in Moscow, what can be an income? The amount of income venture capital is also significant, but compared to money that can be obtained for the same work in a small Russian town. The end result will depend on a number of factors including customer generosity, success, and loyalty. If you have a craftsman, then you can count on both twenty thousand rubles a month and a hundred thousand. Everything is very individual, but if it does not suit the salary, you can always go to another employer.

Participation in the TV show

In the capital, a lot of telecasts, films, talk shows and programs are removed daily that require spectators in the hall, a crowd or heroes. This is a good job with no experience in Moscow. The work is not difficult, especially when you get to your favorite program. True, on the set, the working day is long - up to ten or twelve hours. Although all the time you just have to watch the turning process and not carry on the construction site.

Such a long working day of the film crew and all those present on the site pay completely with the simple money earned and sometimes quite a pleasant pastime. At least it's interesting to see what's going on behind the scenes as the director and operator work, makeup artists, actors and leadership. And also a high chance of doing useful dating.

You can get a job on such work by contacting special agencies that win massive in the TV show or directly to the TV studio. If it turns out at the first shooting, you can agree with the director with the director to ask the experts the question from the hall or the presence in the next shot. You pay extra for questions and the text that is not required

To make money on film studios with no experience can be three hundred thousand rubles per day of shooting. For questions or active participation in the transfer (which, of course, set in advance with the director) for an extra five hundred rubles. For participation in the crowd in films pay about two thousand a day. There are vacancies also with the payment of seven thousand rubles in two days - because a resident of the Russian depth is really big money, almost the monthly salary of the usual worker somewhere in Tver or Ivanovo. In general, the results are easy, interesting, worthy, there is an opportunity to "catch" and get a permanent source of income.


Where else can you earn money quickly in Moscow? You can sell long hair, pass blood or sperm, or experience drugs and cosmetic products. They pay for it too, though not so much, and the body is not excluded.

Healthy hair, especially natural rare flowers (redheads, ash) in Moscow can be sold for 4,000 rubles per 100 grams. Where does curls go? In hairdressers. You can still watch ads on the pillars or public transport.

Five hundred and fifty rubles and a grocery store consisting of two liters of juice, 300 grams of nuts and dried fruits, hematogen, 0.5 liters of water, five packets of biscuits, 250 grams of solid cheese, 250 grams of CheRakefish sausage, milk cocktail, chocolates and packaging dragee. Instead of sausages, they sometimes serve ham or stew. When you enter the product, you pay money. You can get up to three and a half thousand rubles. The place where you can make money quickly in Moscow is precisely at the blood transfusion station.

From the "medical" ways to take part in research and sperm. There are several centers in Moscow where you can donate semen. You need to analyze, but then you can enter into an annual contract for a hundred and twenty thousand rubles. You have to donate semen somewhere for a week. You can take part in medical tests of drugs on the basis of research medics under the control of the doctors. Pay from 10 thousand to 100 thousand rubles and more.

Carry out stocks and leaflet distribution

Such a large consumer market creates good opportunities for the realization of various goods and services, but no one has canceled the advertisement. That is why many companies are willing to pay for shares, tastings of their products, exhibitions, expansion of leaflets. The workforce is suitable for young, sociable people. Such activities are easy to combine with the study or other occupation, since the working day usually lasts only a few hours (from 2 to 5).

How much do promoters earn in Moscow? The payment depends on the personal qualities of the employee: those who know how to sell, integrate, have a potential buyer are not afraid to talk to strangers, actively use Passierer products, smile and communicate politely - in priority . The payment depends on the type of work: for the distribution of sheets, a speed is applied to conduct tastings - completely different. Calculating hourly, the rate fluctuates from 70 to 130 rubles.

Provision of services

You can maintain cars, provide electrician or plumbing services, take kids off school and help them with lessons, hairstyles (including wedding and festive), manicures, nails and eyelashes. This is, in a sense, your own business. At least (of course, if, for example, you may already be able to do a manicure, for example, and not just plan to sign up for courses), the result will be quick to keep the client light, provided the service is qualitatively offered and too a reasonable price.

It is enough to get yourself advertised properly to make money from your own knowledge and skills. Displaying advertisements through the Services may be on the Internet, on the Internet, on the street, public transport, social networks, and so on. When the first answers appear, it is important to keep customers as the successful business applies precisely to regular customers.

Another service is the work of a personal driver or in a taxi. The driver who will release the child to school and back home will pay about 30 thousand per month. If there is a private truck or special transport, it will earn even more - you can take out the trash, deliver building materials, school children on trips, and so on. If there is no right but there is a car (this also happens) then you can just give personal vehicles for rent.

How much can you make money in a taxi in Moscow? On the day it can be ten thousand rubles and more. But once, sometimes not. There are times when orders are a lot and it happens that after the entire day is wasted. Orders cannot be taken through the company, but in Yandex-Taxi or Uber. These are handy services that can help you make money with flexible graphics.

In order to avoid such situations when there are no people, you can only place orders on the orders in the "profitable" time - up to 9-10 am on weekdays all day on weekends. During the rest of the time, you can do additional work.

Resale for goods

Resale is a huge reservoir for a successful business. Buy cheaper and sell more expensive. You can buy something in the morning and resell it at the overestimated cost during the day, and you can organize an entire business on the matter. TRUE, with no official company registration, payment taxes, and other established deductions, some police issues may arise.

You can sell almost anything. Choice of electronics, small home appliances and computer peripherals (although the market is already crowded), clothing, cosmetics, household chemicals, household goods. When a small start-up capital appears, you can purchase a test batch of each product (at least 10-50 pieces) and sell it on the Internet.

How do I earn 5000 a day in Moscow when reselling? It's pretty easy, especially if there is already a trading point or at least a bit of an online store of promotions. You can move the merchandise through the bulletin boards - people are now actively buying various merchandise there.

Handcrafted goods sold.

You can sell what is done with your own hands through the bulletin boards or by putting the market in your trading point. In the latter case, business registration is required. In demand:

  • bake okay (cakes, cakes, sweets, gingerbread cookies with an original design, very tasty or natural - without dyes, preservatives and other unhealthy components);
  • converted t-shirts;
  • Jeans;
  • Shoes;
  • copyrighted decorations;
  • cosmetics made from natural components;
  • candles, soap and the like.

Tutoring and advice.

Where can you make money quickly in Moscow? Specialists in any field can be passed on to legal, financial, personal matters, relationships, healthy lifestyle, job hunting, job hunting and so on - the potential is just huge. A meeting with the client is often appointed in a cafe. For the hour of fruitful communication, you can ask a fee for a few thousand rubles. You can give advice through the internet, but help with face-to-face communication is valued much higher, especially in areas where a person needs to teach something by example and so on.

Students can give lessons in their field of study. Of course, a novice mathematician or philoloch cannot ask for the same amounts for tuition with the schoolchildren that a graduate of a university or a professional teacher earns, but a good increase in scholarships, but a good increase in scholarships quite real. The big money can be used to prepare for exams and Olympics. However, students should show good results, otherwise customers and revenues will not.

Skilled work and business

So where in Moscow you can earn 100,000 rubles, it is in a good position or in our own business. Organizing your business is easy - however, there are a large number of business ideas out there, but we need significant start-up capital. Therefore, you can work "on uncle" at first, especially if there is a popular specialty.

High-class specialists and successful businessmen get fabulous money in Moscow, but it is not necessary to count on a huge income right away - business takes time to promote, and I will not arrange the deputy director immediately after university. It is necessary to show yourself at your best, than to be professional, constantly looking for options to increase the level of income, and then financial consistency will not wait.

Visitors help.

One of the business opportunities in Moscow is a help visit. Whom, no matter how, know best what to go to the target customers of such a company. You can search for potential customers in train stations, it is also worth posting ads. There is also the Internet, because before conquering capital, many are looking for an apartment or work on the network. The range of services of such a company is to help with employment, for cheap but suitable housing, help with the design in Moscow and so on. Services should be offered for reasonable money, otherwise there will be no customers.

Such a business must be officially registered. It is also necessary to rent an apartment rental, vacancy (this is all in open sources), a smartphone and a laptop to look for offers, advertising, conviviality and desire to make money.

So is it worth going to Moscow to make money? If the situation in the hometown is critical, there is nothing to lose or want to try something new, it is definitely worth it. In any case, it is very good and useful in future experience. A businessman who did not train in the capital can always return to his hometown, where the new idea "shoots", and an employee of a Moscow company, in which relations with colleagues were not themselves, returned to a small town, boasts a new line on the resume.