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From an economic point of view one can say without a guilty conscience that China has reached the top of the world. As a trading partner, there is no getting around the Asian country. That is correspondingly high Translation needs for the Chinese market. Translate Trade is your translation agency for excellent translations from and into Chinese.

Welcome to the Middle Kingdom

The 'Middle Kingdom' and the 'Land of Smiles' - this is how the most populous country in the world is called. With over 850 million native speakers, the language is also breaking records. But not all Chinese are the same. Although this term is usually used to refer to Mandarin, many dialects coexist in China.

Chinese is a complex language and not only because of the multitude of dialects or the 3500 different characters that are necessary to decipher a large part of the written language. China is also the land of conventions and traditions. Anyone who deals with Chinese business partners would do well not only to make the language accessible to themselves and their team through translation, but also to make them accessible country and people to understand more and more. This is made possible by a translation agency that can simply do more.

Chinese specialist translator

Understanding is essential for a high quality translation. That is why our specialist translators work too exclusively in their mother tongue. And especially for the Chinese language - or should the plural be used here? - the mother tongue principle is extremely important. It is not just transmitted word for word here, it has to be Considered the overall picture and questions are answered like:

  • In which Chinese dialect do you translate?
  • Which politeness formulas have to be observed?
  • Is it high-level or simple language?

These are just some of the questions our language experts ask. They also know that linguistic customs in Chinese are simply different than in German and also take these aspects of language into account when translating, so that a translation does not appear strange under any circumstances.

The native speaker language feel of our professional translators is complemented by a solid education. All of our translators have completed a language course or trained as translators and interpreters. In addition to their many years of professional experience, they are also characterized by specialized knowledge in one or more subject areas out.

Translations from and into Chinese

Anyone who gains a foothold in the Chinese market holds the key to the entire Asian continent in their hands. All the more important are in economic area high quality translations that are clearly understandable and precisely worded.

The German-Chinese cooperation concerns above all economy and trade from the automotive industry to the energy industry and environmental technologies. Also in terms of things Research and science China and Germany work closely together. Know-how and experience go hand in hand with the economic success of both countries. The types of text that translators into and from Chinese deal with day in and day out are based on these subject areas. Our translators are very familiar with texts such as:

Sino-German trade relations naturally also have a very practical effect on everyday life. And the more Manuals Translated from Chinese into understandable German, the better for the end consumer and thus also for the business. After all, we know all assembly instructions and the like, which simply remain incomprehensible.

Translate Trade: the competent translation partner for the Chinese market

We communicate internationally and interculturally and thus build bridges between different worlds. We distinguish ourselves through Competence and reliability at all levels:

Project management
Customer satisfaction is a declared goal for us. From the first contact through to invoicing, we are at your side with words and deeds in your project. Our customers benefit from our well thought-out quality management system for complete documentation.
Our quality is even excellent - with that Quality seal ISO 9001which relates to the quality assurance of products and services.
Professional translations
Our translators are experienced language mediators with extensive training who know exactly what they are doing. The balancing act between two languages ​​and, consequently, two cultures is not only a profession, but also a passion. And this is also evident in translations that are linguistically brilliant and do not leave any questions unanswered in terms of content.
Certified quality
The quality of our translators is below ISO 17100 certified. The catalog of criteria ranges from the linguistic skills that a translator must bring to our agency, translational tools (translation techniques, research skills) to the cultural and technical knowledge already mentioned.
We proofread every translation three times. Our meticulous linguistic, content and stylistic correction with a focus on technical terminology is not time-consuming, because we rely on simultaneous teaching. We are guaranteed not to overlook any errors.
Innovative use of technology
Project management, proofreading or translation - nothing works in a translation agency without state-of-the-art technology. That is why we always stay on the cutting edge of technology. The so-called CAT tools (computer-assisted translation) that we use are highly professional tools.
They are not machine translation tools like those used online, but contain a translation memory that can be used to suggest similar segments immediately. Another unbeatable advantage is standardized terminology for your company thanks to glossaries that clearly document the translator's research work.

Translation costs for your Chinese translation

We do everything we can to ensure that you receive a translation of the highest quality, so that the investment in a professional translation agency really pays off. Feel free to contact us with your text and let us have one non-binding cost estimate create.

What do the costs depend on?
  • Basically, you will be billed once the text has been translated. So you really only pay for the service you have in your hands. We calculate on the basis of Text length in standard lines (55 characters including spaces).
  • In addition, that will Area of ​​Expertise included in the calculation. After all, each specialist area poses different challenges for the translator and accordingly often has to be weighted differently in terms of research work and time expenditure.
  • Furthermore, we will create one together with you Time schedule. We would be happy to talk to you about a price reduction if you plan your time freely. It goes without saying that we are also your number 1 contact when things have to be done quickly, because we can provide you with excellent translations from and into Chinese.

Convince yourself of Translate Trade. Our advisors will be happy to assist you Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. available to discuss your projects. You can call us at +49 (0) 89 208 026 948 or via email to [email protected].