How did you celebrate International Cat Day

10 tips on how to celebrate World Cat Day properly

Have you ever heard of International Cat Day or World Cat Day? Yes, that's right, a whole day dedicated to cats! 😍 On this day we celebrate our beloved cuddly tigers and their well-being. As pet experts, we believe that our velvet paws should be celebrated 365 days a year and we can hardly wait to open up new ways for you to further strengthen the bond with your cats or other pets.

So let's stop talking the bushes and explain to you how to celebrate International Cat Day!

Why do we celebrate World Cat Day?

The day of the cat was dated International Animal Welfare Fund (IFAW) brought to life. Since then, numerous organizations, individuals and nations have joined this beautiful tradition to celebrate our cats on this day. Why exactly is World Cat Day celebrated at all? Cat Day is there to

  • yourself Time for his furry friend to take
  • the special bond to become aware between humans and cats,
  • his and to celebrate all cats worldwide and
  • for the Welfare and the Safety of all cats worldwide to enter.

More reasons to celebrate your cat

Cats have been with us for 9,500 years and are currently that most popular pet in the world. Cats are beloved family members in many households around the world.

But cats are so much more than just a longtime companion at the side of humans. Studies have shown that interacting with cats is good for health and reduces physical responses to stress¹. Living with a cat can also provide emotional support for many people who suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, or loneliness.

What greater gift is there than a cat's love? - Charles Dickens

This quality of the cat, at the same time being companion and friend of humans, is one of the reasons why we celebrate our velvet paws.

What day is World Cat Day?

Many countries - including Germany - celebrate International Cat Day on 8th August every year. Some countries have their own national Cat Day, such as:

  • Japan: Cat Day, February 22nd
  • United States: National Cat Day, October 29th
  • Russia: National Cat Day, March 1st

Two friendly cats on spring

10 tips to celebrate World Cat Day

If you want to do something good for one of these beautiful animals on International Cat Day, get inspired by our tips here.

1. Adopt a cat from a nearby animal shelter

Of course, there is no better way to celebrate World Cat Day than to take in and care for a cat in your home. In this way you can offer a happy fur nose a life full of love and security and maybe also strengthen your own well-being. Before you adopt, however, you should become aware of your responsibility towards the animal and read our tips and tricks on how to get a cat used to a new home through beforehand.

2. Register as a volunteer at a nearby animal shelter

An animal shelter near you is likely to have lots of cats and other animals that can use your help and care. Offer to play with the cats given up for adoption, empty cages and litter boxes, feed cats or just lend a hand wherever help is needed. You can be sure of one thing: you will make many friends on four paws!

3. Bake tuna treats for your cat

Do you really want to pamper your cat? Then cook - or bake - something very special for her, such as these homemade treats for cats.

4. Invest in your cat's safety with a GPS tracker

Use the latest technology to keep your cat safe. Nowadays you can buy a GPS tracker specially designed for cats for under € 50. It is also the perfect gift to surprise a friend, colleague or family member with a cat. Here we also have the expert opinion on the GPS tracker from Tractive of the Instagram hedgehog Mr. Pokee for you:

You can buy the GPS tracker for cats here. If you have several cats, you can always keep an eye on them all at the same time with the easy-to-use Tractive GPS app.

5. Buy your cat a great new toy

Regardless of whether you pamper your cat with a new scratching post, bed, toys or the like, you will surely receive their purring thanks soon afterwards. We recommend the great and sustainable cat toy from Greenpicks.

6. Give your cat a fun change and put up some wall shelves just for her

Which cat doesn't enjoy climbing the walls in the apartment, climbing the tallest furniture and disappearing from view in a hidden place? It can also prevent your cat from getting bored and using your furniture as a scratching post. You can buy ready-made cat climbing racks, or get creative and make your own!

Do you want to know how active your cat is on a daily basis? Then use the Tractive GPS activity tracking feature.

7. Brush your cat's fur and remove unnecessary hair and tufts of hair

Oh yes, that's good! Take some time to brush your cat's fur and give it the care it deserves on International Cat Day (and any other day).

8. Buy your cat a collar and write your name and number on the tag in case it gets lost

If your cat isn't already wearing a labeled collar, it's time to put one on. A collar with a tag also prevents well-meaning neighbors from accidentally stealing your cat. You should also microchip your cat and consider buying a cat GPS tracker to keep them safe.

9. Do a photo shoot with a professional wildlife photographer

Real love is inseparable - what better way to show that than with a photo shoot on International Cat Day? Then you can share the photos with your velvet paw on social media and celebrate World Cat Day with other cat friends.

10. Have a World Cat Day party and invite all friends with cats!

Cat themed party day? A cat treat with tuna treats and toys? Where can you register for it ?! Celebrate this special day by tailoring it specifically to the needs of our furry friends. And be sure to send us a photo of it afterwards!

What should we say: cats are simply our favorite companions, where would we be without them? And in honor of our wise, loving and cuddly velvet paws, we invite you to watch this great video from the Soi Dog Foundation:

How do you celebrate World Cat Day? Tell us about it and send this article to other cat lovers like you!