How unhealthy are East Asian fast foods

Fast food: to be consumed with caution

Fast food also includes pizzas and ready-made salads. All of these dishes are prepared in no time and fill you up quickly. In addition to the ingredients - usually a lot of fat and salt, little fiber - and the way of preparation, the way in which you eat is typical: a fast food meal is not enjoyed in peace, but rather quickly consumed, often while standing, walking or in front of the computer . Fast food has gained in importance, especially for working people during the short lunch break. But children and young people also love the uncomplicated form of food in addition to the taste.

Deficiency symptoms from too much fast food

The "classic" fast food is usually lacking in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Fat and salt content are usually particularly high. That is why fast food is held responsible, among other things, as a contributor to deficiency symptoms. Those who only eat fast food are eating too one-sidedly and can suffer from deficiency symptoms in the long term.

A scientific study also showed that frequent consumption of fast food for four weeks not only led to weight gain (energy intake increased by an average of 70 percent). The enzyme serum aminotransferase (ALT) was also greatly increased, to levels that are otherwise only measured in people who drink high amounts of alcohol. ALT is an indicator of liver damage. A moderate approach to fast food therefore seems appropriate.

Fast food is not necessarily unhealthy

But not all fast food is the same as fast food. Ingredients and quality can vary greatly depending on the product and method of preparation. It is therefore very difficult to make a general statement. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) advises - if it has to be fast - to use fast food products that contain as much grain as possible, such as bread or pasta, fresh vegetables, fruit or salad and little fat. There is little objection to a baguette topped with not too fatty cheese, tomatoes and a lettuce leaf. A Chinese vegetable and rice pan or a doner kebab with turkey, vegetables and yogurt sauce are also acceptable as high-energy main meals. Fast food meals that tend to be low in vitamins should always be balanced out with a vegetable snack, fruit or fresh juice.

Tip: If you can almost never eat in peace at lunchtime, you should make time for a leisurely meal in the evening and on the weekend. Because slow, enjoyable food is healthy and contributes to relaxation.