What is the best Bengali wedding menu

Parwaneh in India


There must be exactly 5 married women who prepare the turmeric paste.

In the meantime I've found out a lot that I didn't know during the ceremony. Of course I want to share these new findings with you immediately. In order not to make the whole thing sound like dry, ethnological theory, I'll garnish everything with new best-of pictures. I have now fought my way through 7 GB of photos ...

Reis uff’n Kopp

So first of all, Gaye Holud doesn't actually take place on a different day than the reception ceremony. The bride and groom only decided to do so in order to be able to offer the well-traveled European guests different "program items" on different days. A Bengali wedding with all the traditional pipapo lasts three days and is really exhausting. So everything "only" lasted two days and was still kind of exhausting. But also very, very beautiful. Whenever you have the chance out there to attend an Indian wedding, do it!

Detail view

In addition, the turmeric paste must not be made by just anyone; it must be five married women, preferably relatives. In this case, some women who were just friends did it.

Another correction concerns the "Gaye-Holud outfit". When looking at the photos, the bride's mother just said very dryly: “Oh, is that the Arafat style?” In reality, the checkered scarves are not wrapped around the head at all. I don't know who was responsible.

Detailed view of the "turmeric mess" without Arafat style

And I forgot to mention the great sweets that were served in the early afternoon. Really very tasty, but Bengali sweets are very sweet and you have to know how to eat them. Otherwise you will have that terrible experience with them that I had as a child: completely put the sugary ball in your mouth, poured out water, what remains is a styrofoam-like, dry-sweet mass in your mouth that you really don't want in your mouth!

Bengali sweets - those in the bowl are to be eaten with care ...

But as a child people eat well and so there remains an eternal distrust and a small trauma of Indian sweets ... This stay in India allowed me to overcome the sweets trauma as well as the one that affects coriander ... Hooray!




the ceremonial wedding "cutlery" with all the necessary ingredients for a Bengali wedding

The pre-wedding dress sewn by the bride herself was only for practice ... and was only worn briefly in front of the Gaye Holud. Amazing!

Really everyone can get their turmeric away! EVERYONE!!!