What are some cheap places to stay in Singapore

Singapore: Hotels and Accommodation

Are you finding it difficult to choose the right hotel for your stay in Singapore? You ask yourself: which district? Are all hotels that expensive? Here are tips and recommendations for the best places to stay in Singapore.

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The city-state of Singapore is a vibrant and extremely modern metropolis. It is one of the cities with the highest cost of living in the world.

Singapore is a popular tourist destination and is a popular stopover when traveling to Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia. The airport is an important hub in Southeast Asia.

The number of sights is high. Here you will find tips for three days in Singapore.

Incidentally, the attraction also includes a luxury hotel. We're talking about Marina Sands Bay, which has already become one of the city's landmarks due to its futuristic design and the pool with its fantastic view:

With room prices of 250 euros per night, the hotel naturally blows most travel budgets. But you can also enter parts of the roof terrace as a guest. Tickets cost between € 11 (children) and € 15 (adults). Unfortunately, it is then not possible to use the pool.

But there are plenty more Hotels in the city. Here is a little guide:

Hotels in Singapore - tips and recommendations.

The city is huge and has a wide range of accommodation. In presenting the hotels, I will limit myself to four popular districts in the center and the offshore island of Sentosa.

Hotel prices are significantly higher in Singapore than in neighboring countries. If you want to get by on little money here, you have to be prepared for a bed in the dormitory.

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Popular districts:

  • Chinatown
  • Little India
  • Marina Bay
  • Bugis & Orchard
  • Sentosa

Note: After each paragraph you will find a table with the hotels mentioned above. You can use the links to quickly and easily check the current prices on Agoda and Booking. In my experience, these are the best hotel search engines for Southeast Asia (largest selection, cheapest offers).

Hotels in Chinatown

There is also a Chinese Quarter in Singapore. There you will find loads of hotels and restaurants. The area is very popular with travelers because of the many attractions in Chinatown, nightlife and central location. There have been many luxury renovations here in recent years. Nevertheless, inexpensive accommodations are still waiting for their customers.

Cheap hotels in Chinatown:

You won't find really cheap overnight accommodation for less than 10 euros, as you are used to from many other countries in Southeast Asia, in Chinatown. There are still a few inexpensive beds in the mixed dormitory. That could be mentioned here, for example Backpackers Inn (from € 12 per night), that Fernloft City Hostel (from € 12 per night), that 5footway.inn Project Chinatown (from 13 € per night) and that Beds and Dreams Hostel (from 13 € per night).

Other cheap accommodations are The Bohemian Chic Hostel (from 19 € per night), that Chic Capsule Otel (from 25 € per night) and that Wink Hostel (from € 26 per night).

Mid-range accommodations in Chinatown:

In the middle price range between 30 and 100 euros there is a relatively wide selection of hotels. However, many hotels that are priced between 30 and 50 euros were rated very negatively. For this reason you will mainly find accommodations in the price segment from 50 to 100 euros.

Regularly good reviews have, among other things Porcelan Hotel by JL Asia (from 50 € per night), that Santa Grand Hotel Lai Chun Yuen (from 65 € per night) and that The Southbridge Hotel (from € 70 per night). All rooms are very nicely designed and modernly furnished.

Other mid-range accommodations are, for example Bliss Hotel Singapore (from € 77 per night), that Nostalgia Hotel (from € 81 per night, with pool) and that Naumi Liora Hotel (from € 94 per night).

Luxury hotels in Chinatown

There is definitely no shortage of luxury hotels in Chinatown. If you are willing to spend more than 100 euros a night, then you definitely get a lot on offer here. Above all, that has excellent reviews Wangz Hotel (from € 149 per night), that New Majestic Hotel (from 151 € per night, with indoor pool), as well as that AMOY by Far East Hospitality (from 154 € per night). As it should be for this price, all rooms are really beautifully designed.

Other luxury hotels in Chinatown are for example The Club (from 158 € per night), Charlton City Hotel Singapore (from € 164 per night) and The Scarlet Singapore Hotel (from 158 € per night).

Hotels in Little India

Like Chinatown, Little India offers a piece of culture from another country. The quarter looks a bit like »India in clean«.
In addition to cheap accommodation, you will find first-class restaurants there (especially around the mustafa Center shopping mall). If you love Indian cuisine, you have to stop by here! The transport links with the subway are also good.

Here you will find the best sights in Little India.

Cheap hotels in Little India

Although the cost of living in Singapore is really high, you can find some inexpensive hostels in Little India. The price always refers to a bed in a mixed dormitory. They were rated good to very good Footprint Hostel (from € 8 per night), that Mori Hostel (from € 10 per night) the Adamson Lodge (from 10 € per night) and that Clifden Hostel (from € 11 per night).

Other cheap places to stay in Little India include this The InnCrowd Backpackers Hostel (from € 13 per night), that 60s hostel (from 15 € per night) and that Vintage Inn (from € 20 per night).

Mid-range properties in Little India

It's similar to Chinatown here. There are many accommodations between 30 and 100 euros. Above all, that has good reviews Kam Leng Hotel by JL Asia (from 39 € per night), that Marrison Hotel at Desker (from 42 € per night) and that The Noble Hotel (from € 47 per night).

Other mid-range accommodations in Little India are, for example Perak Hotel (from 68 € per night), that The Daulat Hotel (from 85 € per night, with swimming pool) and that Moon 23 Hotel (from € 84 per night).

Luxury hotels in Little India

The selection of luxury hotels in the district is significantly smaller than in other districts. To be mentioned here are among other things One Farrer Hotel & Spa (from 122 € per night) with its large pool and chic rooms, the Wanderlust Hotel (from € 133 per night) and that PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road Singapore (from 145 € per night, with pool).

Hotels in Marina Bay

Marina Bay is one of the most famous districts in Singapore - and also one of the most expensive in the world. Here the Singapore River flows, observed by the guests of the countless bars and restaurants on the shore, first into a lagoon and then into the sea. The well-known »Singapore Flyer« ferris wheel is located here, and there are a number of other sights here.

You will not find cheap accommodation and hotels in the middle price range here. Instead, there are some of the best luxury hotels in the world. Those who take a hotel here can afford it, want to treat themselves to something or are on their honeymoon.

One of the "cheapest" hotels is the The Residence at Singapore Recreation Club. You can get one night here from around € 100. As it should be for the price, the rooms are very modern and there is also a pool. The ratings are also correct.

The price range is then wide open at the top. You can go to the Pan Pacific Serviced Suites stay. in the Parkroyal On Pickering you then already pay 212 € per night.

From € 248 per night a booking would be in the world famous Marina Sands Bay recommend that it became known for its special architecture and arguably the best infinity pool in the world. A very special experience for sure.

The traditional one is in the same price range and only marginally cheaper at € 245 per night The Fullerton Hotel.

And if you want it to be really high-priced, you will find the The Ritz Carlton Millenia Sinapore (incredible view / from 334 € per night) as well as in The Fullerton Bay Hotel (from € 353 per night) the highest possible luxury package.

What all hotels have in common are the many great reviews, beautiful rooms and hotel complexes, and great pools. Anything else in this budget would be very disappointing.

All tips for your Singapore trip

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Hotels in Bugis and around Orchard Road

Another district that is very popular with tourists is the Bugis shopping area. You will find over 800 shops and a night market here. So perfect for shopping, especially since Orchad Road is not far.

Cheap hotels in Bugis:

In Bugis you will find a lot of hostels that offer beds in mixed dormitories and are priced between 10 and 15 euros. Among other things, that was rated particularly well Sleep Kiwi at Bugis (from € 10 per night), that 5footway.inn Project Bugis (from 11 € per night), that Adamson Inn (from 13 € per night) and that Five Stones Hostel (from 13 € per night).

Other cheap accommodations are Central 65 Hostel (from € 14 per night), that G4 Station Backpackers Hostel (from 15 € per night) and The Pod - Boutique Capsul Hostel (from € 26 per night).

Mid-range accommodations in Bugis:

If you're looking for a mid-range hotel, Bugis is sure to be the place for you. There is a wide range of properties with very good reviews. The Superb Hostel is still relatively inexpensive (from € 31 per night).

The Fragrance Hotel - Bugis (from € 61 per night) and the Hotel NuVe (from € 68 per night) are a bit more expensive, but they also have much nicer rooms.

Other mid-range accommodations are, for example Santa Grand Hotel Bugis (from 80 € per night), that The Sultan (from 83 € per night) and that Hotel quay (from € 93 per night).

Luxury hotels in Bugis:

In Bugis you will find a large selection of really high-class hotels. Large chains are also represented here. They are particularly expensive, but rated as excellent and of course extremely luxurious Hotel Vagabond (from 164 € per night) and that InterContinental Singapore Hotel (from € 231 per night, with pool). It is also excellent, but a little cheaper in terms of price Adonis Hotel (from € 131 per night).

Other luxury hotels in Bugis are, for example Rendezvous Hotel Singapore (from 161 € per night), that Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen Hotel (from 128 € per night) and that The Ardennes Hotel (from € 109 per night, with pool).

Hotels on Sentosa

The small island of Sentosa just off the coast of Singapore is an adventure world with film studios, shows, an amusement park and a casino.
There are only high-priced accommodations. Families are often found here because of the many activities for children. The connection to the city center is a little time consuming.

From 121 € per night that is Siloso Beach Resort Sentosa (with pool) one of the cheapest hotels in this area.

Already a lot more expensive, but they are also rated significantly better W Singapore Sentosa Cove (from 235 € per night) and that Shangri La Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa (from € 275 per night). To be highlighted are the beautiful rooms and the pools.

At € 299 per night and therefore very price-intensive Resorts World Sentosa - Equarius Hotel. The ratings are above average.

The very popular one is also in the same price category at € 322 per night Capella Singapore Resort. A night starts here from around € 322 and the rooms in particular look stunning.

And when money really doesn't matter anymore, you can also use the Resorts World Sentosa - Beach Villas Treat yourself to a night off (Attention, hold on!) € 1,113. There are even rooms that are below the surface of the sea, from which you can observe marine life around the clock.

Which hotel can you recommend for Singapore?

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