What's the best bubble tea taste

Bubble tea put to the test: calorie bomb with artificial ingredients

Bubble tea is trendy. You will now find these small, colorful shops on every corner that sell the drink with the sweet globules. But what is actually in the current fashion drink? Are the ingredients really as natural as the name suggests? Stiftung Warentest investigated these questions and tested cold bubble tea drinks from the BoboQ and Boobuk chains, including a strawberry yogurt drink, a green tea with apple flavor, a mango milk tea and a black tea with milk and caramel flavor. The result: Whether you like bubble tea or not is a matter of taste.

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Bubble tea is full of synthetic colors and flavors

The fact is, bubble tea is one Calorie bomb. According to Stiftung Warentest, a size L cup (approx. 500 ml) contains around 50 to 60 grams of sugar. This means that the drink, which comes from the Far East, contains just as much sugar as the same amount of cola. In addition, the bubble teas with tea would have just as much caffeine like the black shower. The variety of colors of the bubble teas is obvious Additives traced back. The synthetic azo dyes tartrazine yellow (E 102) and allura red (E 129) were detected in the flavors green apple, yellow mango and red strawberries. These are among the azo dyes that are suspected of causing hyperactivity and attention deficits in children. Furthermore, the pearls can easily be swallowed when sucking in. This is very dangerous, especially for small children. Reassuring: Plasticizers or dangerous Germs were not found in any bubble tea.

Conclusion: Bubble tea is not a natural drink, but “an artificial soft drink with synthetic colors and flavors”, and the high sugar content makes the cult drink a real calorie bomb. You can read more information about the bubble tea test including bubble tea recipes online at test.de. How yourselfChildren's foods tested by Stiftung Warentest have beaten, check out this page.