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Magnetic Motors and / or Free Energy

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You only have to read through one of the first hits and you quickly get the feeling that there are some unworldly conspiracy theorists at work again. My favorite section:

Ford was attacked by industry at the time. Why is unclear. It would be possible that it was other car manufacturers, or the oil industry, who sensed a danger here. Any further guesswork here is speculation.
Oh yes, of course, the angry oil industry was able to estimate what kind of market this could become right at the beginning of motorization. If the alternator was such a great thing and could have powered the car itself, why not give up all the trouble with the internal combustion engine and just use the alternator? Well, it doesn't matter, what it says is just nonsense anyway.

@ Sherman123: yes, nothing would happen. When the moving part of the "motor" is at rest, it also remains at rest or arranges itself in such a way that a force-free position is achieved. Nothing turns by itself.

I put people who believe in such repulsive things in the same drawer as people who believe in Grander water and such rubbish, and with such people you just can't (unfortunately) argue sensibly. For some, belief stands for knowledge (science), and religion is no different.

And again something against the popular "The bad oil industry is trying to keep it a secret!" Argument: If we had something that even remotely resembles an infinite source of energy, then we would give a shit and install it in our cars first. That would mean, in the first place, roughly all solved our energy problems, not just how we get from A to B without bad oil. And then maybe you can worry about whether we can use it for personal locomotion. So why should the oil industry of all things have an interest in keeping something like this secret? Or any industry in general? New technologies can usually be used profitably ...
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