What do watchmakers think of Apple Watch

The “mechanical Apple Watch” from Switzerland

Such watches are some of the few items for which I can still understand relatively high prices. There is really a lot of know-how, craftsmanship and a lot of very precise manual work in it. So you really pay a service and not just some fantasy price.

Of course, that also has its limits. You just have to stroll through the “noble streets” of Munich, Düsseldorf and Co. and look at the displays there to see that a watch for EUR 25,000 is still cheap. There are also models for 5 or 10 times.

Of course, I can build any number of diamonds, gold and other gadgets into every watch to make it as "valuable" as possible, but it is only about asking the highest possible price so that the exquisite buyers can find themselves particularly important.

I think even a watch for 25,000 EUR is ridiculously expensive. Maybe it really took so much highly specialized working time to build the watch that the price is arithmetically correct, but that way you can inflate any product senselessly.

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