How can I double my bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin Stock: How To Benefit From Cryptocurrency / Stocks

Investing in Bitcoin is risky. Bitcoin stock can be a sensible alternative.

There are several thousand cryptocurrencies worldwide. Many are very volatile. As a result, you can win a lot of money - and lose a lot - very quickly by buying Bitcoin and other digital currencies. An alternative: buy a Bitcoin share. These are stocks of companies that are benefiting directly or indirectly from the Bitcoin boom. It's a bit like the gold rush in the 19th century. It actually made only a few prospectors rich. In contrast, it was mainly the mine operators and the manufacturers of shovels and pickaxes that benefited.

For the cryptocurrency industry, this means that it can be just as interesting for investors to buy Bitcoin stocks - as those of the chip manufacturer AMD or the Bitcoin Group, which operates Europe's largest Bitcoin marketplace. Below is an overview of which Bitcoin stocks you could buy if you don't want to invest your money in Bitcoin directly.

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What are Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. The first transaction with Bitcoin took place on January 12, 2009. Since then, several thousand different cryptocurrencies have emerged with a total market capitalization of more than 340 billion US dollars. The largest cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin by a large margin ahead of Etherium and BNB.

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The demand for Bitcoin fluctuates extremely strongly - and with it the price of the digital currency. Bitcoin reached new highs in 2017: US $ 5,000 in October, US $ 10,000 in November and finally the annual high of US $ 20,000 on December 17, 2017. Then the bubble burst and the price only slipped at the top The turning point came a good 3,000 US dollars. But volatility remains high. On March 12, 2020 alone, the price of Bitcoin fell 37 percent in one day. However, that was in the middle of the Corona crisis, in which stocks and bonds also crashed. Bitcoin is currently just under $ 60,000. Bitcoin is nothing for investors with the faint of heart.

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What are bitcoin stocks?

If you don't want to invest your money directly in Bitcoin because of the high risk, but still rely on the megatrend of digital currencies, you can invest in a Bitcoin share instead. These are stocks of companies whose business is either exclusively about Bitcoin. Or companies with a different core business that, for example, provide equipment for crypto mining or hold patents.

German Bitcoin share: Bitcoin Group

The Bitcoin Group, based in Herford, is a holding company that focuses on innovative and disruptive business models and technologies in the fields of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Via its subsidiary Bitcoin Deutschland, it operates the platform, the only approved trading platform for digital currencies in Germany. There traders trade the digital currencies Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Ethereum. In addition, the Bitcoin Group has a 50 percent stake in Sineus Financial Services and holds 100 percent in the securities trading bank Futurum Bank. The aim of the Bitcoin Group is to build up a portfolio by acquiring additional investments that offers investors a good compromise between risk diversification and potential returns.

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The Bitcoin Group share peaked in 2017 at 90 euros. Then it went down to 13.48 euros. With the rise in Bitcoin, the price of the Bitcoin Group share rose again. For a long time the share hovered around 30 euros, around the turn of the year it rose to over 70 euros, and is currently around 51 euros.

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Nvidia benefits from Bitcoin mining

Nvidia is one of the largest developers of graphics processors (GPUs) and chipsets for computers and game consoles. Nvidia originally developed these graphics cards primarily for gamers. Today, the GPUs are also used in robots and self-driving cars to meet their huge demand for computing power. Specialized GPUs are also used to process transactions on the blockchain when mining cryptocurrencies. However, since this is currently not the main source of income for NVIDIA, the Californian company can benefit from a future boom in cryptocurrencies, but is not particularly dependent on the Bitcoin exchange rate.

The stock broke record after record in the second half of 2020.

Square processes payments in Bitcoin

San Francisco-based financial services company Square has two businesses. One, it specializes in processing mobile payments for merchants and small businesses. For this purpose, the company of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey markets various software and hardware products. On the other hand, Square has also developed the Cash App payment service, which private individuals can use to send money to one another using their smartphones. There are already more than 24 million active users. Square is a Bitcoin share in two ways: Users of the Cash app can quickly and easily buy and sell Bitcoin using the included Bitcoin wallet. With Bitcoin sales of more than $ 500 million on its platform in 2019, this is a significant part of the business. Also, Square has its own team of Bitcoin developers known as Square Crypto who have several interesting projects of their own.

Square's stock has risen sharply since May 2020, though there have been the occasional setback.

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AMD builds chips for mining bitcoins

With the takeover of the graphics card manufacturer ATI in 2006, the chip manufacturer AMD positioned itself as a competitor of Nvidia. In theory, Bitcoin mining is possible with all GPUs, but AMD chips in particular have proven to be particularly efficient - also for mining the competing crypto currency Ethereum. Chips from other manufacturers such as Intel or Qualcomm are not considered here because they focus on the main processor (CPU). Recently, AMD and Nvidia have even been working together: AMD is delivering its latest high-performance processor to its direct competitor and market leader for AI systems.

The AMD share has been rising steadily for years. The upward trend was particularly steep in the second half of 2020.

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More than a Bitcoin share: the Bitcoin ETN

The crypto world has been waiting for this for a long time, the time has come since June 2020: A new financial product called BTCetc Bitcoin Exchange Traded Crypto (BTCE) can be traded on Deutsche Börse's XETRA trading platform. The share price has doubled since it went public. According to the British ETC Group, this is the "world's first Exchange Traded Cryptocurrency (ETC) with central processing". What sounds a bit like ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) is actually not an exchange-traded index fund, but a listed bearer bond (Exchange Traded Note, or ETN for short). BTCE maps the price development of Bitcoin and is 100 percent stored with physical Bitcoins. This structure is very similar to the already established structure of physically deposited gold ETCs. Since BTCE is traded on regulated markets, investors can buy and sell the product in the same way that stocks can be traded in normal trading. Investors do not have to deal with the technical challenges of buying and storing Bitcoin, for example not setting up a crypto wallet or trading on unregulated crypto exchanges. What remains, however, is the high volatility of bitcoin because it underlies the bond.

Costs, options & Co .: The depot comparison

If you want to buy Bitcoin stocks, you need a securities account. Only which one is the right one? In the table below you can see an overview of the eight most important providers, you can read more information in the large depot comparison.

Portfolio comparison for stocks and ETFs: portfolio fees, costs for orders and more


Order fees

Custody fees

Savings plan fees

Which trading venues are available?

Number of tradable stocks, ETFs, funds, savings plans, crypto assets

Stocks on weekends trade at Lang & Schwarz

What is the minimum order volume?

Web application / trading app

Demo account to practice




Suitable for

Button link

intuitive app (no desktop offer available)

Stocks, ETFs and derivatives are traded without order commissions; only third party costs of 1 euro


More than 4,000 stocks and ETFs can be saved permanently free of charge

LS Exchange; for ETFs: iShares

8,500 stocks and ETFs, more than 4,000 stock and ETF savings plans, 40,000 warrants, knock-out products and factor certificates

only app


attractively priced

no web application available, just a trading platform for stocks

Mobile phone users who also want to invest little money

Design is reminiscent of social media platforms with social trading as a core feature

around 2,000 shares free of commission; Spread fees 0.09 percent; Conversion fees, as it is traded in US dollars; Withdrawal fee five US dollars

no custody fees; only those who do not log in for twelve months pay 10 US dollars per month

no savings plans available

There are 17 trading venues for stocks, such as the US stock exchanges Nasdaq (511 stocks) and NYSE (825), Frankfurt (119), London (367)

2,000 stocks, many ETFs, other stocks and many other products as derivatives, 16 crypto values

$ 50; Copy-Value $ 500



Social trading: investors exchange market and stock exchange information on request; 16 cryptocurrencies; Minimum deposit when opening an account 500 euros

learning from others is easy; Exercise function

somewhat confusing price structure, which is only available in detail in English; relatively few stocks; no savings plans

Trendsetters who want to try modern investment techniques

new on the market, therefore modern and fresh design

Free of charge for orders with a trading volume of at least 500 euros via Gettex and for derivatives in direct trading with four partners; 1 euro with the same conditions at Lang & Schwarz; Order volume below EUR 500 and at other German trading venues: EUR 4

Free custody account management, but negative interest (0.5 percent) on the clearing account if more than 15 percent of the investment is available as cash over the quarter

280 ETFs eligible for savings plan free of charge; 351 ETFs eligible for savings plan with 0.2 percent (at least 0.80 euros) per execution

all German regional exchanges, Xetra, Tradegate, Quotrix, Gettex, Lang & Schwarz; another 16 partners for over-the-counter trading; 23 foreign stock exchanges

all stocks, funds, ETFs, certificates, leverage products, bonds that are listed on German stock exchanges; additional shares abroad; more than 600 ETFs are also eligible for savings plans

Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Sunday 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

web application only


Comprehensive range of securities with low order fees, some even free of charge

Fees for clearing account (0.5 percent per year) as soon as the total exceeds 15 percent of the deposit value

Bargain hunters who can do without trading via mobile phone

tidy application despite a large selection of products

commission-free; no flat rate for third-party costs

free custody account management, but negative credit interest of 0.5 percent

no savings plans available

Tradegate, LS Exchange, Quotrix; 4 over-the-counter partners

more than 500,000 securities, including 7,300 stocks from 52 countries, approx. 1,000 ETFs and ETCs as well as certificates, warrants, leverage products; also crypto values: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash

500 euro; 50 euros for cryptocurrencies



5 cryptocurrencies

free stock trading, cheap crypto trading

Minimum order volume, only three trading venues, negative interest on clearing account, no savings plans

Price-conscious investors who don't want to put any change

The app and desktop version are understandable and seem like a single piece

in the first year 3.90 euros per order on all German stock exchanges; then 4.90 euros plus 0.25 percent on the order volume (min. 9.90, max. 59.90 euros); plus trading venue fee (min. 1.50 or 2.50 euros) and third-party fees

free deposit for three years; then linked to activities; otherwise 1.95 euros per month

For ETF, share and certificate savings plans, there is no issue surcharge, but a commission of 1.5 percent of the order volume per security and execution

all German trading venues; 16 partners for OTC trading; 12 foreign exchanges

14,500 stocks, 1,500 ETFs, 32,500 funds, 629,000 warrants, 1,085,000 certificates and 62,500 bonds

Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Sunday 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.



free trading software (Pro-Trader); API interface for external software

many trading venues with a large product portfolio and extras

high order fees from the second year

Comfort-oriented investors who appreciate many options

simple and clear

no order fees in the first six months at Tradegate, L&S, Baader Bank, thereafter 5.90 euros per order plus trading venue fee (for the above 2 euros) and third-party fees; Minimum total costs on German stock exchanges between 7.90 and 11.32 euros per order

Custody fee of 0.1 percent on the market value of the securities in custody; negative credit interest of 0.5 percent

250 selected ETF savings plans free of charge; further savings plans per execution 1.50 euros

all German regional exchanges, Xetra, Tradegate, Gettex, L&S Exchange; another 16 partners for over-the-counter trading; 11 foreign trading venues

8,500 stocks and ETSs, more than 1,000 ETF savings plans, 5,000 funds (including ETFs); also derivatives and CFDs



Favorable conditions (0 to 3.90 euros per trade) for certificates and warrants from seven partners; many training videos

makes securities trading easy and understandable for beginners

Deposit fees, negative interest on clearing account

Fans of warrants and beginners who start trading cheaply

Easy to understand desktop application; App a little confusing because it is not a pure trading app

Stock orders EUR 3.95 in the first year when trading via Tradegate; otherwise at least 9.95 euros per trade, max. 69 euros; many funds and ETFs with no fees


270 ETF savings plans for free; all other ETF savings plans: 1.5 percent per savings plan execution; for equity funds: 1.5 percent plus mostly issuing fee

all German regional exchanges, Xetra, Tradegate; more than 20 foreign exchanges, more than 20 partners for over-the-counter trading

20,000 stocks and 7,000 funds (including ETFs); in addition, numerous bonds, currencies and commodities

Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Sunday 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.



free trading software (ActiveTrader); API interface for external software

many trading venues with a huge product portfolio and extras

high order fees from the second year

Comfort-oriented investors who appreciate many options

Understandable texts, airy design

4.90 euros plus 0.25 percent of the market value, a maximum of 69.90 euros


all ETF savings plans for 0 euros; many share and fund savings plans from 1 euro, otherwise usually 1.75 percent of the market value

all German regional exchanges, Xetra and Tradegate; Stocks can also be traded in the US and Canada; Certificates & Co. also over the counter with 12 partners

all stocks, funds, ETFs, certificates, leverage products, bonds that are listed on German stock exchanges; additional shares abroad (USA, Canada); Number of savings plans: 720 ETFs, 640 funds, 480 stocks, five commodity certificates



inexpensive savings plans, all ETF variants free of charge

Trading on stock exchanges outside of Germany is limited to a few trading venues

Savings plan lovers and shareholders without exotic country preferences

somewhat dusty design, the owner Commerzbank looks much fresher

5 euros for all securities on German trading venues plus 2 euros trading venue fee (plus costs for Xetra and regional exchanges); for US trading venues 10 euros plus 5 euros trading venue fee

negative credit interest of 0.5 percent for more than 250,000 euros on the clearing account

all available savings plans (around 200) for an execution fee of 1 euro; 50 to 500 euros savings rate

all German regional exchanges, Xetra, Tradegate, Quotrix, Lang & Schwarz; another 14 off-exchange partners US stock exchanges NYSE, Nasdaq, AMEX

all stocks, funds, ETFs, certificates, leverage products, bonds that are listed on German stock exchanges; additionally all securities of the three major US stock exchanges

web application only


simple price overview, comprehensive range of securities

no trading via app

Onvista fans who have cherished the website for a long time

is more aimed at professionals and offers many analysis tools

Usually 0.1 percent on the order volume with a minimum (examples: Tradegate 2 euros; Frankfurt: 5 plus at least 2.52 euros), shares on US stock exchanges cost 1 cent per share (at least 2 US dollars, maximum 1 percent of the trading volume )

only in the case of inactivity for more than a month and a deposit value below EUR 1,000: EUR 1 per month

Savings plans only through partner ebase (registration required)

Xetra, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Tradegate and around 130 foreign stock exchanges; over-the-counter trading on the US stock market

More than 1.2 million tradable securities, stocks, ETFs, futures, options, warrants and many more exchange-traded securities and derivatives



expandable with external software; Minimum deposit when opening an account 2,000 euros; only one payment / month free of charge (otherwise 1 or 8 euros), no automated tax transfer

extensive security selection; various tools and order options for professionals

Real-time prices are chargeable, no separate savings plan offer, over-the-counter trading is very limited

Ambitious investors and professionals

also manageable for beginners

Gettex: EUR 0.99 per order or flat rate from EUR 2.99 per month with an unlimited number of securities purchases and sales as well as ETF savings plan executions; 3.99 euros per order for Xetra trading


if you opt for the flat rate fee of 2.99 euros per month, you will receive all savings plans free of charge; otherwise only one savings plan is free, each additional one costs 99 cents

Gettex, Xetra

4,000 stocks, 1,300 ETFs and ETF savings plans, 2,000 managed funds

Gettex only: 250 euros; Savings plans from 25 euros per month



low costs, attractive price model for active traders (only Gettex)

Minimum order volume at Gettex, only two trading venues, no derivatives

Cost-conscious high-volume traders who limit themselves to traditional investments

renounces design finesse, the focus is on the information

4.99 euros plus 0.25 percent of the order value (min. 8.99 euros to max. 54.99 euros); plus EUR 0.99 trading platform fee in Germany; Discount depending on the number of annual transactions from ten percent for 100 transactions to 80 percent for 5,000 transactions

Free custody account management for at least one transaction per quarter or assets of at least 10,000 euros, otherwise 11.97 euros per quarter

Many Deka ETF savings plans and 16 UBS ETF savings plans free of charge, all others and share savings plans: order fee of 2.5 percent per savings plan rate

all German regional exchanges, Xetra, Quotrix, Tradegate, Lang & Schwarz, L&S Exchange; another 17 over-the-counter partners; 29 foreign stock exchanges

9,000 stocks, 12,000 funds, 2,000 ETFs, 20,000 bonds, 1.3 million leverage products, plus stock savings plans, ETFs eligible for savings plans, funds and certificates

Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Sunday 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.



Discount model for order fees

Trading on numerous stock exchanges

relatively high order fees, expensive savings plans

Sparkasse customers and users who appreciate many options

slightly outdated optics

10 euros per domestic order up to 10,000 euros, above 25 euros; for foreign execution venues, the cost per order is EUR 20 or EUR 35; Third-party fees are added to orders that are not processed via the Tradegate trading center


1.50 euros per savings plan execution, less or free of charge for special offers for a certain period of time

all German regional exchanges, Xetra, Quotrix, Tradegate; another 12 partners for OTC trading; 31 foreign stock exchanges

more than 1.5 million tradable securities including 22,000 funds and 2,000 securities savings plans, including 115 ETF savings plans



Trading on numerous stock exchanges, simple fee structure

high order fees

DKB customers and users who appreciate many options

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