What are the Marketing Certificate Courses

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Certificate Course Marketing, Advertising and Purchase Decision Processes (ECTS)

What does consumer behavior mean in marketing?

Well-founded marketing strategies are necessary, especially in today's fragmented attention economy. Basically, the job of the marketing department is to Purchase decisions based on certain influencing factors to steer. This also includes the distinction between economic and psychological marketing goals as well as knowledge of their mutual dependency. However, this is only part of a larger marketing plan, which can look like this:

  • Analyze market and customer opportunities
  • Analyze competition
  • Set goals to make a profit
  • Develop suitable strategies in marketing in order to achieve the targeted goals
  • Apply marketing strategies within a so-called marketing mix
  • Monitoring the progress and success of the analyzes, objectives and strategies applied

Expert tip

In modern times, in which more and more media and platforms are vying for the attention of customers, you are in great demand with this in-depth knowledge in the world of marketing and the modern work environment. Because for new products it is also important to constantly create new analyzes and apply or even develop strategies.

Content in further training for marketing and purchase decision-making processes

After only four weeks and a successfully passed exam, you will receive a from COMCAVE.COLLEGE University certificate from the Deutschland.University-Netzwerk. This is a globally recognized marketing certificate that gives you a total of 6 credit points (ECTS). You can have these credit points recognized at European universities. With the so-called Certificate Supplement you will receive proof of your application portfolios in English and German and you can even shorten the period of your bachelor's or master's degree if necessary. Whatever your goals, ours experienced lecturers support you in this. The following scientifically founded knowledge and marketing tools will be provided to you during this time:

  • Marketing concepts
  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing strategies
  • Marketing research
  • Product policy
  • Pricing policy
  • Communication policy
  • Distribution policy
  • Marketing organization
  • Marketing controlling

With the help of an education voucher from the Employment Agency (SGB II), the Job Center (SGB II), the pension insurance company, the European Social Fund and the Soldiers Promotion Act, you can take part in further training in marketing promote up to 100% to let. In order to be able to take part in further training for marketing, you need a (technical) university entrance qualification, high school diploma or completed vocational training in a commercial profession with at least three years of professional experience in this area. After a personal technical discussion you can start the training.

What chances are there after further training in marketing?

The work areas of marketing experts can look very different after further training for marketing and purchase decision-making processes. Classic PR work and offline campaigns are still in demand. Other products or services, in turn, require effective online marketing strategies. In most cases, however, it is an effective one Mixture of different methods only successful. That said, you could work on creating any kind of content or organize various events to market your product or service.

But also a position in the Market research is possible. All industries are always looking for well-trained and qualified marketing specialists. That applies to Start-ups, small, medium or large companies and corporations, who want to market their products or services and make a profit.

Further training in marketing will make you one attractive employee or self-employed for customers and employers to whom you can offer your well-founded services. Our lecturers will help you with professional tuition and in-depth specialist knowledge in preparing for exams in marketing in order to prepare you for this exciting and promising path in the marketing industry.

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