What makes people ruin their lives

10 warning signs that your partner is ruining your mental health

When dealing with someone who is toxic, you may not even be aware of all of the ways they can endanger your mental health.

They are masters of manipulation, they gradually ruin your self-esteem, they pull you down so they can control and manipulate you.

It won't be a problem for them to convince you that you are to blame for everything and to accuse you of being responsible for their abusive behavior.

Look at the signs, and if you find your partner in them, get away from them as soon as possible before it's too late.

1. You apologize for his behavior

He treats you badly when you are in other people's company and it gets worse when you are alone; yet you always find excuses for him.

You justify his shitty behavior by saying that he's usually not like that, that he's just had a bad day, etc.

First, you can't fool anyone - well, maybe yourself, because you see something in them that isn't there.

Second, by doing this, you are sending him the message that his behavior is tolerable, so he will just keep doing it.

2. He deliberately pulls you down

You can't remember when you had a happy moment that it didn't ruin.

Every time you feel overjoyed to meet your friends, or when you are totally excited because something good happened at work, he'll do his best to cut it short.

He can't stand that you are happy and that is why he will make fun of your successes and try to reduce their importance.

He just brings negativity into your life and you really don't need that.

3. It destroys your mind

Lately your emotions have been more down than up. You cry a lot, you are sensitive, and your insecurities are heightened.

If you're trying to find the source of the problem, look at your partner.

He might be the one who makes you feel down, even though he should lift you up into the stars.

Furthermore, if he doesn't notice or care that you feel down, there's no doubt about it - he is the source of your troubled emotions.

4. It is a closed book

He had so hard to open up to you and let you into his heart that over time he stopped trying at all.

You never know where his thoughts are or what he's up to, and it makes you lose the sense of security in the relationship, which makes you angry or even anxious.

5. He's a micro-cheater

He doesn't have to have sex with someone else to make you think he's unfaithful to you.

He could flirt with other women, keep in touch with them on social networks, confide in them, or do something else that constitutes micro-cheating.

All in all, you will feel like he thinks you are a fool and is completely disrespectful to you.

You will feel unnoticed and stressed out for no good reason.

He should pay more attention to how you feel or no longer be part of your life.

6. He often describes you as too sensitive or unreasonable

He's pretending that you never understand him and that you're exaggerating and making a big deal out of nothing.

In his head, attack is the best defense, so he'll prefer to devalue your feelings than admit he's the one making you feel bad about yourself.

It's like he's denying you the right to feel what you are feeling.

Be careful, as this can really damage your overall sanity, lose track of your feelings, and it can drain you emotionally.

7. You feel pressured to change

His behavior makes you feel like you are not good enough. So you do your best, you change, you keep silent when you should talk just to keep him around.

Remember, change doesn't always lead to the better, especially if you don't initiate it yourself.

Be careful not to get lost in your efforts to keep him around.

The other person should treat you as their equals and accept you for who you are, if he can't, then he doesn't deserve a place in your life.

8. Your self-confidence is gone

If you met your old self, you would not recognize it.

Ever since you started the relationship, you've questioned every step you take and you're scared of coming out of your shell.

If you are with someone who makes you feel like you are not good enough, who blames you for everything, and who silences you, you need to get out of there ASAP.

In the worst case, such men will convince you that without them you are worthless.

This type of behavior is manipulative and very toxic and you should go as far away as possible.

9. The whole situation with him is damaging to your physical health

Your mind and body are intertwined and influence each other.

The stress you have with a toxic partner will ruin your immune system.

You will be more prone to colds, headaches, or stomach cramps.

Remember that no one is worth compromising your wellbeing, either mentally or physically.

This is concrete evidence that your partner is not right for you, regardless of how you feel about them.

10. Feelings of guilt engulf you

Take a really good look at your relationship. Is it possible that you are always the culprit and your partner is oh-so-innocent, or is he trying to control you?

Even if you always stand behind him, he will say that you weren't there when he needed you most, that he lacked your support and understanding.

You know this is not true, so don't let him convince you otherwise.

He's got big problems so you should let him deal with it on his own and not allow him to contaminate your life.