Should politicians have a higher degree

Alois Glück, on the other hand, had to take over his parents' farm at the age of 17 because his father had died. There was nothing to do with studying. Nevertheless, he was later considered one of the most profound analysts in the CSU. The President of the Landtag, Barbara Stamm, also managed her ascent without an academic foundation. Before starting her political career, she worked as an educator.

For many politicians with a petty-bourgeois background, an academic education or a doctorate would probably have been a hindrance, at least it would not have suited his charisma. The social democrat Thomas Wimmer (1887-1964), for example, who was Munich's mayor from 1948 to 1960. He was the son of a blacksmith and had learned the carpentry trade.

With his apron and shovel in hand, he became a symbol of reconstruction in Munich after the war. And then there were also the rustic, shirt-sleeved types like the Franconian farmer's son Josef Müller, who went down in history as "Ochsensepp" and as a co-founder of the CSU. Or the late Greens chairman Sepp Daxenberger, whose political reputation explicitly arose from a non-academic career.

All in all, a whole squad of CSU politicians made it to academic heights from small backgrounds. The pride of having made a career in spite of a petty-bourgeois background often mixes with the Bavarian pride, expressed in many speeches, of having moved from the bottom of the league to the top of the German federal states.

This is precisely why a higher level of education or even a doctorate is becoming more and more important in Bavaria - as evidence of one's own political or economic potential. Many politicians - like Guttenberg - do their PhD in later years. Even if you wonder how they can manage their workload in the first place.

Sometimes there is real trouble. The State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Transport, the Passau CSU man Andreas Scheuer, got an academic title at the University of Prague, the PhDr .. The public prosecutor in Passau investigated against Scheuer for misuse of titles, but then dropped the case. He is now allowed to use the Dr. title and does not have to have the PhDr. use. But who cares?

By the way: the administrative specialist Seehofer now also has two honorary doctorates. One from the Ukrainian and one from the Romanian Sibiu.