Why am I not satisfied with eating fruit?

7 tips to eat more fruit

Fruit is part of a healthy diet. Here are our 7 tips to increase your fruit consumption:

1. Always fruit in the office

You should always have the office “within reach” and that is where fruit in the office is best, because we spend a lot of time at work. Because once the offer is there, it will be used. We therefore recommend having at least 1 piece of fruit ready for each employee per day.

2. Always cut the fruit into small pieces, so it's nice and "bite-sized"

Even in the office there are employees who don't like to bite into the whole apple but prefer to eat cut fruit, i.e. prefer bite-sized pieces. If the offer is not correct, it will not be accepted. But if you put a cut fruit plate ready in the office kitchen, you will see how quickly it can be cleaned empty.

3. Fruit salad

We love fruit salads and to make it quick, we use the Genius Nicer Dicer Chef in the office (Affiliate link). We simply add some lemon juice and, as toppings, for example, nutritious nuts.

4. Cook with fruit

Yes, that works particularly well. We really like salads with fruit, for example the carpaccio of beetroot with lamb's lettuce, pears and pumpkin seed brittle or the autumn salad with fried pumpkin, caramelized pear, blue cheese and walnuts.

5. Fruit for breakfast

Every morning in the office we eat fruit for breakfast or we make a berry smoothie bowl or the smoothie bowl. But also some fruit with yoghurt and nuts is always good.

6. Fruit smoothies

We're not big fans of fruit smoothies, but before you're not fruit, it's better to drink fruit. But here you often take in more calories and sugar than if you bite into the piece of fruit. We can highly recommend the “Stay healthy” smoothie SuperNova: simple & delicious.

7. Cold pressed juice

Cold pressing does not generate any heat and therefore no loss of nutrients. We have it in the office Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L501KXE juicer (Affiliate link) and are very satisfied.