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Rockstar Games: GTA 5 continues to run better than many new games

Of GTA 5, which has been on the market since the end of 2013, the development studio Rockstar Games is still selling more copies than most of its competitors of brand new blockbusters. In the meantime, around 135 million GTA 5s have been sold worldwide, with a further 15 million added since spring 2020. This was announced by Take 2, the publisher behind Rockstar Games.

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The 15 million new GTA 5 also include those that were available free of charge to end customers in the Epic Games Store. But according to the management, sales of purchased copies even increased afterwards - a phenomenon that can be observed again and again in such campaigns.

In 2021, GTA 5 is a new version of GTA 5 for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X with technical improvements. There will also be a standalone version of the multiplayer mode. According to the latest information, this version will be available for free on the PS5 for around three months, while it will have to be purchased on the Xbox Series X. But that has still not been definitively confirmed.

Things are also going well for other games from Take 2's portfolio: Red Dead Redemption 2 is said to have sold 32 million copies, NBA 2K20 around 14 million, Borderlands 3 around 10.5 million and The Outer Worlds around the 2.8 million.

The good numbers from The Outer Worlds should be particularly important for the subsidiary Private Division. She published the RPG, but is otherwise not spoiled by success. In any case, Take 2 said when announcing the business figures that the action game Disintegration had sold worse than forecast.

Other games from Private Division are also unlikely to have met expectations, such as the content-wise disappointing evolution simulation Ancestors. The Private Division is actually supposed to find, finance and publish particularly promising indie games.

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The exciting concept hardly works so far - and just The Outer Worlds comes from the development studio Obsidian Entertainment, which has since been taken over by Microsoft and which has actually had nothing to do with indie for a long time.

Business at Take 2 was very good in the months of May to June 2020. The company was able to increase its sales by 54 percent to 831 million US dollars - one reason for this is probably that customers are playing more because of the corona crisis. Net income increased from $ 46.3 million to approximately $ 88.5 million.