What does a subgroup mean in statistics

DESTATIS - Federal Statistical Office

The breakdown into product groups and product subgroups of the food and commercial sectors (EGW 2002, 2016 edition) is a national classification of goods and has a long tradition in the publications of German foreign trade statistics. It divides the goods according to their origin into goods of the food industry and the commercial economy. The food industry is divided into four single-digit product groups according to the origin of the products and the commercial economy according to the degree of processing of the products. This allows an observation of the foreign trade in live animals, food of animal or vegetable origin, luxury foods, raw materials, semi-finished goods and finished products (primary and final products). These eight product groups are subdivided into a total of 203 product sub-groups, which are defined by product numbers in the list of goods for foreign trade statistics.

The current version of the EGW 2002 has been in effect since January 1, 2002. At this point in time, the grouping of goods, which has remained almost unchanged since 1936, was adapted to the current economic and technical conditions. Breaks in the long rows were unavoidable even in the eight product groups. In the 2016 edition, minor additions were made (in product group 9).

Breakdown by product groups and sub-groups in the food and commercial sectors (EGW 2002) (PDF, 23KB, file is not barrier-free)

A Juxtaposition the structural unit of EGW 2002 (Edition 2016) and the commodity numbers of the current edition of the list of goods for foreign trade statistics WA 2021 is available for download here.

Comparison of the EGW 2002 and the goods numbers of the list of goods for the foreign trade statistics WA 2021 (XLSX, 167KB, file is not barrier-free)

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