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Unknown and remote travel destinations in Germany and Europe

If you think about where your next trip should go, the classics come to mind first: City trips to the largest metropolises in the world, nature vacations in popular green areas, island holidays including bathing on the most overcrowded beaches in the country ... But why actually ? After all, there are also plenty of dreamy travel destinations that most holidaymakers have not yet heard of and are therefore wonderfully deserted. We have found the ten most beautiful unknown and remote destinations in Germany and Europe for you!

Unknown and remote places in Germany

1. Schrecksee, Bavaria

Idyllic tranquility in the midst of impressive mountains - and then the crystal clear Schrecksee as the culmination of the hike through the Bavarian mountain landscapes. Anyone who longs for peace and quiet far away from the everyday hustle and bustle, but also from large tourist crowds, should consider a trip to the Schrecksee near the Austrian border this summer. Camping is prohibited here in principle, but day trips are definitely worthwhile.

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2. Freudenberg, North Rhine-Westphalia

If you not only want to travel to remote places, but also want to take a trip through time, then we have a very special, unknown place in Germany for you: Freudenberg in Siegerland. The historic town center of Freudenberg is appropriately named "Alter Flecken" and with its wonderful half-timbered houses transports you directly to a rural town of the 17th century. But not only Freudenberg itself inspires, the surrounding nature invites you to take quiet walks in welcome solitude, for example to the Asdorfer Weiher nature reserve with its small waterfall.

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3. Bastei and Bastei Bridge, Saxony

You can also enjoy the untroubled beauty of nature in Saxony, especially in the Bastei. The imposing rock formation impresses with its towering rock peaks and can best be admired from the Bastei-Brück. Or on the way to the bridge you turn to the Ferdinandstein, an old fortified tower, and from there enjoy not only the view of the bastion, but also of the beautiful bridge.

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4. Lüneburg Heath, Lower Saxony

As an important local recreation and popular international travel destination, the Lüneburg Heath is not really unknown, but due to its sheer size, visitors get lost here, so that one could still get the impression that on the numerous cycling, hiking and riding trails alone on To be hallway. The Lüneburg Heath consists of several areas, from flowering meadows to an idyllic pine forest to exciting places such as the mound graves of the heath or the heather museum.

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5. Partnach Gorge, Bavaria

After the wide plain of the Lüneburg Heath, we continue to the rock-enclosed Partnach Gorge, which offers unbelievable sights of a different kind. Here you can walk along the river at the bottom of the gorge in gorges up to 80 meters deep over secured footbridges and become aware of how powerful the forces of nature are. The Partnach Gorge, too, falls into the “remote” rather than “unknown” category, but its unique atmosphere definitely takes you to other worlds, far from the usual daily grind.

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6. Morsum Kliff on Sylt

After all, pure solitude awaits you on the German island of Sylt. The Morsum Kliff is the ideal place to find peace in the lap of mother nature and to let go of all built-up stress. The cliff juts out of the Wadden Sea and is surrounded by vast heaths and sandy dunes. If you go for a walk here, one can expect magnificent views after another, even if the cliff itself is not allowed to be entered due to the risk of erosion.

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Unknown and remote places in Europe

7. Remote village: Saint-Amand-de-Coly, France

A place could hardly be more secluded from the hustle and bustle of the big tourist destinations than the cute little village of Saint-Amand-de-Coly in southwestern France. The historic place has just over 600 inhabitants, but is still known for its lively farmers' market, where you can try and buy regional delicacies. The town's Romanesque church and the nearby Grande Filolie Castle are a special attraction, while you can take relaxing walks through the rolling hills in the surrounding area.

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8. Unexplored underwater cave: Pozo Azul, Covanera, Spain

Brave water rats, who prefer to go exploring away from the tourist crowds, can pay a visit to the Pozo Azul on the Rudrón River in Spain. The beautiful spring leads directly into the deepest underwater cave in the country and has not even been fully explored due to its narrow structure. But not only under, you will also be amazed by the water: the turquoise blue water and the picturesque landscape all around invite you to take walks in the untouched nature or to relax on the banks of the Pozo Azul.

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9. Lonely island: Samothraki, Greece

Greece has over 3,000 islands and while countless of them are breathtakingly beautiful, most tourists are drawn to just a handful of them. On the other hand, Samothraki in the Thracian Sea is a lesser-known island that is still relatively spared tourism. The island is a true natural paradise with blue ponds, in which you can swim under small waterfalls, picturesque rocky landscapes and deep forests. And then there are the lonely beaches, ancient sites and picturesque coastal towns of the island. In short: a paradise on earth that is also suitable for holidays with the whole family.

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10. Forgotten waterfalls: Þjórsárdalur Valley, Iceland

If you long for seclusion on holiday, Iceland is generally the perfect holiday destination, but hardly any other place in the island state is as impressive and at the same time as little visited as the Þjórsárdalur Valley. While most travelers prefer excursions to Skógafoss or Seljalandsfoss, some of the most impressive waterfalls in the country can also be found in the Þjórsárdalur valley, including the Háifoss, the waterfall in the Gjáin canyon, which is also worth seeing, or the „jófafoss “thief waterfall”. If you prefer to stay away from others in your accommodation, you can also camp on official campsites in the Þjórsárdalur valley.

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