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Coordination of Islamic Organizations Switzerland KIOS



KIOS - Coordination of Islamic Organizations Switzerland

President: Farhad Afshar, Dr. rer. pole.

Interlakenstrasse 79, 3705 Faulensee

Telephone 033 654 28 42/078 830 82 80

Mail: [email protected]



From the statutes:

«The KIOS was founded by Dr. Muhammad Tufail founded in Eggerkingen in 1978 as a unified association of Muslims. KIOS is the first Islamic National Association of Muslims in Switzerland. From the beginning, KIOS introduced a modern concept of the organization. Organizationally, it is a network - a coordination - and not a hierarchical super association that stands above the cantonal associations. This national association is a coordination between the cantonal associations and individual clubs. The KIOS is multiethnic and multicultural and it unites all legal schools of Islam. It is resolutely committed to gender equality in the religious community and has both collective and individual members. She does not represent the Muslims of Switzerland, but the Islamic interests:

- Unity of Muslims in Switzerland

- Recognition of the Islamic Faith Community under public law in the equivalence of Islam with the other religions of Switzerland

- Democratic structure and organization of the Islamic community through the creation of the «Islamic Faith Community - UMMA»

- Development of an Islamic infrastructure: burials, training centers, old people's homes, charitable Waghf Foundation and care institutions such as pastoral care in hospitals, prisons, etc.

- Active interreligious dialogue with all religious communities and the public and the authorities and monitoring of racism, Islamophobia and religious discrimination to promote peaceful coexistence. "


The organization founded by Tufail was called at the beginning «Society of Islamic Organizations in Switzerland - GIOS».

Since 2000 the Shiite and sociologist Dr. Farhad Afshar President of KIOS. He is also a board member of the "Swiss Council of Religions (SCR)."


Teaching and goals


"The main concern of KIOS is to form a democratically representative and uniform association of Muslims, which enables all Muslims, women, men and young people to participate actively and responsibly in all matters of the religious community by exercising their active and passive right to vote."

“The KIOS considers the formation of a democratic, grassroots religious community to be a prerequisite for recognition under public law. To this end, an order was given to the Institute for Religious Constitutional Law at the University of Lucerne to prepare a legal opinion, which should clarify the constitutional requirements in the cantonal constitutions and in the Swiss constitution.

The report will be published as a book by the University of Lucerne in March 2014.


- Ecumenism

The KIOS is committed to religious peace and interreligious dialogue. The KIOS is a founding member of the following interreligious organizations: "Swiss Council of Religions (SCR)", "Islam" working group of the Swiss Bishops' Conference (AGI), House of Religions, Community of Christians and Muslims in Switzerland and Round Table of Religions, Bern.


Organization, finance

The KIOS sees itself as a network that coordinates concerns and tasks and represents Islamic interests. It is not classic, hierarchical, but rather grassroots democracy. The clubs should primarily represent and present themselves. In contrast to FIDS, KIOS also has individual members. FIDS and KIOS are identical in their objective - the representation of Islamic interests in Switzerland - but they differ in their structure. Both national associations together form the working group “IVS - Islamic Associations Switzerland”. This working group (IVS) organizes the planned founding and establishment of the “UMMA Switzerland-Islamic Faith Community”. The UMMA is supposed to represent all Muslims in Switzerland in a religious “parliament” through democratic elections on a national, political and legal level, including those who are not members of an association.


The members and cooperations of the KIOS network currently include, in addition to individual members, the following organizations:

- Islamic Cantonal Association of Bern (UMMA)

- Basel Muslim Commission (BMK)

- Fondation de l'Entre-Connaissance Genève

- Centro Islamico Emam Ali, Ahle Beyt Lugano


The board consists of two representatives and meets once a year. The presidium consists of the presidents of the cantonal associations. The presidential elections take place every four years.


The organization is financed through voluntary, partly project-specific donations.


Meeting place, offers, appearance in public

The KIOS office is located at Interlakenstrasse 79 in Faulensee in the canton of Bern. Members' meetings are also held there.


«Thanks to the founding of KIOS, we have succeeded in presenting the point of view and the point of view of Islamic fellow citizens in Switzerland in the media and making them familiar to a wider public. The KIOS works primarily through its member organizations and therefore has no webpage. »


The media presence is the President, Dr. Farhad Afshar, a concern. Otherwise, the KIOS does not organize any public events. This is the task of the cantonal associations and grassroots associations, which hold cultural and religious events in their mosques, prayer centers and in the local communities.