Scorpios are stubborn

Scorpio: what you should know about this zodiac sign

Brooder with a sting - this is how the scorpion can be described. People of this zodiac sign like to get to the bottom of things and show perseverance. Don't worry - the sting is only used in an emergency, otherwise people with the zodiac sign Scorpio are straightforward, even if a bit stubborn at times.

When do people with the zodiac sign Scorpio have a birthday?

Scorpio people were born between October 24th and November 22nd. This corresponds to the period in which the sun was in the constellation of Scorpio when the zodiac signs were determined. As the spring equinox shifts, this is no longer the case today. The sun is in the zodiac sign between November 23rd and 30th.

Mars is assigned to Scorpio as a planet. In some cases the planet Pluto is also assigned to it. Like fish and cancer, the scorpion belongs to the element water. Besides Aquarius, Taurus and Leo, he is one of the four fixed signs.

What are the characteristics of people with the zodiac sign Scorpio?

What is the most striking thing about Scorpio? The sting, of course. But it shouldn't necessarily be interpreted negatively. He rather speaks for the strength and assertiveness of the Scorpio. Halves, they say, are nothing at all for the Scorpio. After all, it has a hard shell, even if there is a soft core hidden underneath - which you have to reach first.

The scorpion fearlessly goes on his way as he sees fit. But that doesn't mean he's a gut person. People with this zodiac sign are considered individualists who first analyze, then energetically and resolutely take action without being deterred. Talk about what will you achieve? Scorpios don't need that. The main thing is that you are satisfied with yourself.

But be careful: with all the integrity there is of course still the sting, and it can be tough, after all, the scorpion is a fighter. However, he really only uses the sting when he feels threatened.

Professionally, the Scorpio likes it demanding. He wants something to ponder, secrets to fathom. Scorpios make good detective agents, but are also happy as journalists or in the artistic field.

What are positive traits in the Scorpio?

Determined but analytical: the Scorpio has a strong will, but is not a hothead, but acts carefully but consistently. This zodiac sign exudes strength and has many typical characteristics that make it popular and desired by others.

  • Analyzing - Getting to the bottom of things is something Scorpios love to do. You jump into tasks with vigor and have fun getting to the heart of things. Scorpio is a born detective. Nothing puzzles him - because he has the stamina to really explore what's behind it.
  • Integer - What do the others think? That really doesn't matter to the Scorpio. He forms his own opinion and acts accordingly. Peer pressure and Scorpio - they don't go together. Its hard shell prevents it from yielding under pressure. Anyone who tries to change their mind can only achieve this with objective arguments and a lengthy discussion.
  • Reliable - Admittedly, the scorpion has a hard shell that has to be penetrated first. But if you can do that, you have a real friend in him who stands by you and with whom you can steal horses.
  • Creative - The Scorpio not only likes to get to the bottom of things, he also thinks about what can be made of them. That makes him someone who thinks outside the box and comes up with great ideas.
  • Involved - The scorpion burns for what he does. And his enthusiasm for topics can be sweeping.

Negative traits of the zodiac sign Scorpio

There it is again, the sting: as fascinating as the scorpion can be, as much as one can appreciate its determination, just as much it can drive others to white heat. He's an individualist who consistently pursues his goals. Which can also lead to problems.

  • Straightforward - Scorpio-born people really can't be accused of being cunning. They say exactly what bothers them about their fellow human beings and, thanks to their analytical skills, have the gift of knowing exactly where the strengths and weaknesses of others lie. Scorpios think less about the fact that others don't always want to hear this, or at least not so directly. This can lead to them inadvertently hurting their friends or partner.
  • Stubborn - The scorpion has a mind of its own. As nice as it is that he does not allow himself to be influenced by others, it can also be difficult for others if the Scorpio refuses to change direction. This zodiac sign is said to be a bit dogged and sometimes opinionated.
  • Uncompromising - What the Scorpio finds wrong, he finds wrong. And if he doesn't want to do something, he doesn't want to. He wants other people to follow him instead of insisting on compromises.

What do you need to know about Scorpio women?

The Scorpio woman has high demands, not only on others, but also on herself. What she does, she does one hundred percent, she expects no less from her fellow human beings. If someone gets crooked, the sting can also be extended. But she is there for her friends and uses her analytical skills to help them with problems.

In love, the Scorpio woman is passionate and makes the partner feel like she is really loved with heart and soul. The downside: She tends to be jealous, after all, she wants her partner to be entirely to herself.

What do you need to know about Scorpio men?

He knows what he can do: The Scorpio man does not value the spotlight, someone else should stand there while he calmly - and quite successfully - shifts and rules. Scorpio men enjoy tactics, but they are also prone to brooding. If they are too busy trying to get to the bottom of things, they can complicate things in the process. After all, he likes it complicated. The trickier the tasks that are given to him, the more satisfied the Scorpio man is. But his profundity can also be a pitfall for him - he tends to blackmail.

When it comes to love, he also likes tricky things. He is attracted by mysterious things - and it suits him, as he also appears mysterious. But be careful: under the hard scorpion shell is the soft core. And then the male Scorpio is no longer the serene detective, but rather sensitive and, above all, passionate. However, if you want to get there, you need patience, because if the Scorpio man is good at one thing, it is self-control.

Which partner is best for the Scorpio zodiac sign?

Between coolness and passion: Anyone who loves a Scorpio loves intensely. This zodiac sign doesn't do things by halves, not even in love. People with the zodiac sign Scorpio also give their partners the feeling that love is especially great for them. The nice thing about it: the feeling of being really loved with skin and hair. The downside: jealousy. Because the Scorpio does not want to share his great love with anyone. Living together with Scorpio can be demanding - and there are zodiac signs for which this is exactly the right thing.

  • cancer - Hard shell, soft core, this is not only found in the Scorpio - and therefore it is probably no wonder that it is a perfect match for Cancer. Both belong to the element water, which makes them emotional people. Cancer gives in and has no problem letting Scorpio get away with his stubborn head. And he has the necessary diplomatic skills - something that the Scorpio absolutely lacks. With this he can tell the Scorpio if he has gone too far - and the Scorpio even listens. Nothing stands in the way of love.
  • Virgin - What do they have in common? Very little. But how does the saying go? Opposites attract. Virgo is impressed that Scorpio is so single-minded. And Scorpio feels fully understood by Virgo.
  • bull - The attraction between Scorpio and Taurus is almost palpable. What unites them? Both are ambitious and can bite into things. What makes them different? What they are striving for. While the Scorpio likes to dig into dark secrets, the Taurus is drawn to life with all its beautiful sides. This can sometimes lead to problems, especially since both zodiac signs are stubborn. But if they come towards each other, the Taurus-Scorpio combination can result in a long-lasting love.
  • lion - These two zodiac signs often come together. On the one hand, both are ambitious, on the other hand they complement each other: unlike the scorpion, the lion is not afraid of the public - and can represent it here. He has the feeling that he has the full attention of his partner. Only the jealousy of the Scorpio can become a problem for the affirmative Leo.
  • Scorpio - It can be great love - or it can go horribly wrong. The two complement each other and think alike. That can inspire them. However, since this zodiac sign tends to be pessimistic, what should be intimate togetherness can also end with the two pulling each other down.

But would you prefer Capricorn, Gemini, Aries, Pisces or another zodiac sign? Even with zodiac signs that don't look so good at first glance, people with the zodiac sign Scorpio can have a fulfilling relationship. And who knows - maybe the stars are better than expected, because the ascendant can also play a role here.

What are the characteristics of a Scorpio ascendant?

It is said that the ascendant appears more and more in the course of life. What does this mean for people who have a Scorpio ascendant? The older they get, the more they are surrounded by a mysterious aura. They can also be passionate about topics. The Scorpio ascendant also has a tendency towards perfectionism and idealism. Professionally, people with a Scorpio ascendant enjoy doing research. You want to fathom things.

Incidentally, the ascendant is calculated based on the date and place of birth and the time of birth. The ascendant is very important in astrology because it shapes the personality as well as the zodiac sign. So it is worth looking not only for your own zodiac sign in the horoscope, but also for the horoscope for the ascendant.

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